One pickled pork sausage

Posted on September 15, 2022

One pickled pork sausage

I quote from another GAB member’s post:

New Canadian Law: “Two Years In Prison If You Downplay The Holocaust

I don´t think people understand how sick this is.

 This new law says that if you condone, deny or even downplay the holocaust you can be sentenced to [up to] two years in prison. People are turning on the Jews all over the world. But make no mistake. This is the Jews panicking.

To which, I replied:

Well, then one of the first things we might do, is respectfully point out that the Jewish management of Auschwitz seriously “downplayed” their own pet Ho-ho-HollowCaust, when they did THIS:

The Numbers that were quietly changed (overnight, in 1995) on the Auschwitz-Treblinka Monument
From 4 million deaths down to ‘approx’ 1.5 million.
See the attached before and after images of the Auschwitz-Treblinka monument AFTER ‘one famous night’ in 1995.
But the TOTAL WW2 Jewish deaths? REMAINS SIX MILLION…
The amazing Jew Abacus.

We might also point out that the International Red Cross (despite massive pressure from Israel) (we wonder why) “downplayed” the Ho-ho-thing, when they finally (2008) released War-time documentation, that indicates with crystal clarity, that the IRC had open access to all the German WORK camps (unlike the Jewish-Bolshevik Gulags), and NEVER OBSERVED ONGOING German genocide of anybody. Fancy that, eh.
Now check out the Jewish-Bolshevik Gulags. And Ukraine. The Kulaks. Armenian genocide. Katyn. Bio-Pharma. Eh?

The Numbers the International Red Cross (who had open access!) quotes for deaths from ALL causes in the camps.
(emphasis on: ‘ALL’)
272,301. Not ‘six million’. Or even 6,000,000.
Small difference?
Seems really suspicious that Israel moved heaven and earth to keep these documents SECRET for decades. Until 2008.

I could go on, but suffice it to say, Drama Queen, wannabe Julius Ceasar, Justin Castro-Trudeau, and his WEF minions, will all have their grubby hands full prosecuting Jewish dissent, and the International Red Cross.

And a million other perfectly upright, honest, studious researchers, respected Historians and archivists, who ALL say the Holocaust is as bu-bu-bogus, as a pickled pork sausage at a Jewish wedding.




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