A creaking of the heavy, oak door

September 29, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

  A creaking of the heavy, oak door Occasionally, on special occasions, you will meet, in Life, stout, heavy, oak, doors, that tend to start to creak open (or sometimes, shut). They do so at a time, seemingly, of their own choosing. Not yours. You might, in that distant, far-back Time, have thought they ushered in a chink of New Light. Fresh Understanding. It is only later in Life, perhaps, that you reluctantly start won-de-ring, if that creaking door?  Ushered in, not Light. But, in fact, a whole New type of Darkness. And Doubt. It’s hard to say. Ah, maybe you don’t follow me. Perhaps, some examples, a select handful, might help. Thus, in youth, many folk (by no means, all), pass into a state of Soaring Idealism. University students are classic examples. They may mean terribly well. In terms of kindness, charity, empathy and, Read More

Six Quotes from Six Men

September 26, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

Six Quotes from six Men                 Read More

The ghost of Rich Mountain

September 25, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

The ghost of Rich Mountain   On one of my many, long, solo, Harley motorcycle treks, away, far away, musing on quiet thoughts, I too, softly, walked this ancient cemetery. It is a beautiful place. The wind was soft that day. Just breathing Life Precious, through eager leaves. And my mind, already knowing the story of the little girl, moved back to ancient times. And the pioneer folk who, grieving, buried her there. I find such moments far from morbidly depressing. More, uplifting. Soaring, even. A moment in Time, when the often obscured Truth of our Human Existence? That strange mask that we (or others) impose upon our sight? Is gently peeled off for us mortals, to see, clearly, Read More

Galloping Jews

September 18, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

  Galloping Jews @SchrodingersKitty Funny how the keenest Joos positively, hate to lose a discussion on the Truth or Nay of the ‘Six Million Jews’ affray. Whenever I would like to see (polite and very sensibly) their answers to my simple quest they seem to quickly shirk the test. Whilst demanding that I must believe (and wail and sob, and deeply grieve ’bout all those Jews who all went ‘Poof!’) none will ever show me proof. Instead, with haste, they gallop off then at my questions, they all scoff they claim ‘no interest’ to discuss an issue ’bout which they all fuss. I believe there’s at least a little bit of flat-out, honking, Read More

A change in tactics

September 16, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

A change in tactics   Where the Holocaust is concerned? There has been a change in tactics of the ever-lying, ever-spinning #TalmudicMafia on GAB. I’ve noticed it this last while, and it’s centrally orchestrated & coordinated. The Tel Aviv massed ranks of basement dwellers. And the Bible-belters, with their Schofield Bibles, and their lobotomized, pro-Israel, frazzled-nuked minds. 1) they used to argue back, and claim the Holocaust was ABSOLUTELY TRUE, and bring up the weirdest reasoning and fake facts. We, collectively, in this group, would shoot ’em down. In flames. The ‘six millions Jews’ is logically indefensible, Read More

One pickled pork sausage

September 15, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

One pickled pork sausage I quote from another GAB member’s post: New Canadian Law: “Two Years In Prison If You Downplay The Holocaust“ I don´t think people understand how sick this is.  This new law says that if you condone, deny or even downplay the holocaust you can be sentenced to [up to] two years in prison. People are turning on the Jews all over the world. But make no mistake. This is the Jews panicking. To which, I replied: Really. Well, then one of the first things we might do, is respectfully point out that the Jewish management of Auschwitz seriously “downplayed” their own pet Ho-ho-HollowCaust, when they did THIS: The Numbers that were quietly changed (overnight, Read More

Promoting the ‘Holocaust’

September 15, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

Promoting the ‘Holocaust’ When a staunch defender Jew, vociferous protector of the creaking-tottering ‘Six Million Jews’ fable, later on gets unmasked, as just a nasty little, two-timing fraudster, rat and father of a sadistic child trafficker, what does the #KhazarianMafia do? Answer: Quietly expunge his name and memory. They are hoping we will slowly, but steadily, start forgetting the name Robert Maxwell. (and his creepy daughter’s). Of course thousands of his former life-long employees, whose pensions he ruthlessly stole? Cannot forget so easily. Did he accidentally drown, did he jump, or did he get help jumping? Who knows. But he joins the massed ranks of now dearly-departed Jews, who swindled & defrauded their employees and investors. Often, even fellow Jews. That odd little tribal, dog-eat-dog custom goes back centuries. I’m reading “Passovers of Blood” by Ariel Toaff. In great depth, well sourced, he talks about all the ruthless shenanigans of Jew against fellow Jew, Read More


September 13, 2022 in article about writing, Investigation & Articles

  Name-calling Name-calling is frowned upon, on GAB. You tend to have a much more sophisticated Gabber, and they know ‘ad hominem’ attacks simply do not advance the conversation. People who are intellectually under equipped, and unable to present their thinking in logical prose, lazily report to “You-are-ignorant” trivia. It’s a recipe for people losing interest in what you have to say, and even blocking you. A LOT of people in our Holocaust work group formerly believed in the ‘six million Jews’. I did, also. for decades. Eventually, one by one, we started to weigh the evidence. The rest is History. I’m slowly building up my own study notes, and you’ll find them at the link below. I recommend the ‘faithful’ (those who sincerely believe in the Holocaust) might like to look at the ‘Holocaust Normie Challenge List’. This is a list of Holocaust ‘sticking points’, (By no means exhaustive, Read More

This is the winter of your seething Discontent

September 13, 2022 in article about writing

    This is the winter of your seething discontent Another crop of ‘brand new’ GAB members, (alias identity number 27, 28, 28…) tirelessly re-cycling, over and over again, the same old same old. The long since debunked stuff of silly & nonsense. I really see no point in engaging with you, if you don’t honestly seek the truth. If all you do is spew hatred, and childish invective. When you demonstrate poor taste, limited grammar, and no class. When you try, so transparently, to project your seething cauldron of discontent onto me. I and mine are not ‘the haters’. Not even the ‘Jew-haters’. You are the haters. You hate honesty. You hate making the effort to study History. You hate thinking out of the box. You hate education. You hate gentle words, and compassion. You hate people who can calmly, politely, logically, surgically even, list page after page of reasonable, Read More

The 50 cent pocket calculator versus the ‘six million’

September 13, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

  The 50 cent pocket calculator versus the ‘six million’. The likes of Justin Fidel Trudeau, while he’s banning any diminution/lessening of the Ho-ho-thing, might as well go the whole hog, and ban that most terrible slur of all. You know. The damnable, anti-Semitic, hate-filled, um… 50 cent pocket calculator. (Free with five gallon of gas) Is it any wonder that you’re not allowed, under pain of societal excommunication, to bring one to Holocaust class? Consider: at Auschwitz, the Jewish management themselves, under pressure from Historians (and the hate-filled, neo-Nazi, 50 cent calculators), were forced to lower the death toll a fraction. Just a smidgeon. A tad. A butterfly’s butt width. From 4 million to ‘approx’ 1.5 million. At Majdanek, the Jewish Management themselves, under pressure from historians, etc, etc, were also forced to lower the death toll a tiddley bit. From from just under two million (1,922,000), down to just 78, Read More