Garden Gate

December 22, 2022 in article about writing

Beyond the Garden Gate “Words”, muttered the Scribbler, “are stupid things. Inadequate.” “They are frivolous. Annoying. Like dust. On a long pilgrimage.” He settled back to ponder the allegory. In his wonky mind, (tottering from triviality to insanity), (and back to mischief), he saw a long, winding, dusty road. On it, striding purposefully towards the distant hills, he placed an old man. The Seeker. Wearing a dark, flowing robe, a staff in hand. Dust particles swirled around endlessly, and had even made themselves at home on his robe, head, and beard. Sometimes they even thrust themselves, unwelcome, into his ears. Or they grated. Between his teeth. He often wished he could spit them out. The Seeker was pondering Reality. Something amazing. Or? The Great Nothing. The deep, deep Silence, of the Universe. The echo of Timelessness. An unwise pursuit, he knew. For he had met so many, Read More

A Man should love his Liberty

December 19, 2022 in Poetry (spiritual quest)

A man should love his Liberty A man should love his Liberty. As precious as his Life, itself. Whether he call himself a Seeker, a Dreamer, or a Patriot? A National Socialist? Or a Fascist? He should love his Liberty. A man should love his Liberty. He should guard it, vigilantly. Beware of those who seek brutal dominion, over his mind. He should love his Liberty. The way ahead is not always clear. In the blizzard of ideas, the daily overload, of competing claims, the staccato hammering, of false apostles. The lies presented as Gospel, the false smiles, of demons, armed, with hidden knives. I ask you not, to follow me or even believe, a word I say? I ask you, humbly, to cherish instead the restless whirring, Read More

Why do I write?

November 5, 2022 in Why do I write?

The Slave Gate Why do I write? Writing is a form of playing an instrument. Absently, plinking away on a guitar. Plucking at a violin. Except when you scribble-write? You are gently testing the lute strings of your heart. Soaring away, in your mind. Leaving the Harsh, False, Plastic Reality that ‘they’ methodically dish up, every day? Far, far behind. When I scribble, absently? I go far away. Sometimes my fingers tap away, in another Space-Time dimension. But I am standing, alone, on a cliff top, windswept. Gazing out to sea. Peering, apprehensively, Read More

The Soft Regret

October 11, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

The Soft Regret   I have had this type of personal attack, the harsh word? Many times. To my face, in person. And via Cyberspace. I have had it from family. From friends. Since experience shows a careful, measured response from me? Often means they quickly delete their post? Run? I shall therefore quote it within my text, as well.   Quote: “stop pushing these lies. I have personally known people who survived Dachau under Dr Mengele . It was real. You get to push this propaganda because there aren’t enough witnesses left to call you a liar.”   My first reaction is usually a slight ripple of indignation. The newcomer to our Holocaust group, is, after all, in their first post, not wasting time. They are going straight to the jugular, and impugning my character. I am a liar, Read More

Skating on thin Ice

October 8, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

    Skating on thin Ice I do not like to speak the harsh word. As much as I have always felt repulsed by crude, blustering speech-makers, strutting the cardboard stage, lo-ving that flickering lime-light, I have so often tried to couch my feeble thinking in the soft word. Stepping through Life, as much as possible, politely. On fairly rare occasions, this reticence has faltered, or even hopelessly failed. And a quarter of a mile away? Yes, that fluent flow of, um, colorful invective, that tsunami of Irish cuss-words and primordial, teeth-gnashing ferocity? Yes, that was me. Guilty as charged. Mad as hell, and fit to be tied. When I feel that quiet fury, welling up, as I do tonight, I draw a deep breath, and I try -so hard-  to let it all out, but gently, and reasonably. Whether I succeed or not, this time, Read More

The Judaic-Pavlovian Reflex

October 3, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

The Judaic-Pavlovian Reflex It’s not that so many millions start helplessly slobbering. In the physical sense. Like Pavlov’s dogs, obediently, when the (dinner) bell starts ringing. With the Judaic-Pavlovian Reflex, the ‘slobbering’ (on cue) is purely mental. It is triggered not by a BELL, but by KEY-WORDS. To wit: “Jew” (the slightest criticism thereof) BEEEEP! (mind goes to neutral) “Hitler” (the slightest praise thereof) BEEEEP! (mind blinks off, run-run-run away) etc, etc. This phenomenon appears to be inextricably linked to an obsession to get to Heaven, cost what cost, with the minimum of discernment, intellectual effort, or the (tedious) consulting of apparently boring History. “Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest. How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, Read More

A creaking of the heavy, oak door

September 29, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

  A creaking of the heavy, oak door Occasionally, on special occasions, you will meet, in Life, stout, heavy, oak, doors, that tend to start to creak open (or sometimes, shut). They do so at a time, seemingly, of their own choosing. Not yours. You might, in that distant, far-back Time, have thought they ushered in a chink of New Light. Fresh Understanding. It is only later in Life, perhaps, that you reluctantly start won-de-ring, if that creaking door?  Ushered in, not Light. But, in fact, a whole New type of Darkness. And Doubt. It’s hard to say. Ah, maybe you don’t follow me. Perhaps, some examples, a select handful, might help. Thus, in youth, many folk (by no means, all), pass into a state of Soaring Idealism. University students are classic examples. They may mean terribly well. In terms of kindness, charity, empathy and, Read More

Six Quotes from Six Men

September 26, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

Six Quotes from six Men                 Read More

The ghost of Rich Mountain

September 25, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

The ghost of Rich Mountain   On one of my many, long, solo, Harley motorcycle treks, away, far away, musing on quiet thoughts, I too, softly, walked this ancient cemetery. It is a beautiful place. The wind was soft that day. Just breathing Life Precious, through eager leaves. And my mind, already knowing the story of the little girl, moved back to ancient times. And the pioneer folk who, grieving, buried her there. I find such moments far from morbidly depressing. More, uplifting. Soaring, even. A moment in Time, when the often obscured Truth of our Human Existence? That strange mask that we (or others) impose upon our sight? Is gently peeled off for us mortals, to see, clearly, Read More

Galloping Jews

September 18, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

  Galloping Jews @SchrodingersKitty Funny how the keenest Joos positively, hate to lose a discussion on the Truth or Nay of the ‘Six Million Jews’ affray. Whenever I would like to see (polite and very sensibly) their answers to my simple quest they seem to quickly shirk the test. Whilst demanding that I must believe (and wail and sob, and deeply grieve ’bout all those Jews who all went ‘Poof!’) none will ever show me proof. Instead, with haste, they gallop off then at my questions, they all scoff they claim ‘no interest’ to discuss an issue ’bout which they all fuss. I believe there’s at least a little bit of flat-out, honking, Read More