Francis Meyrick

Strange Calm

April 2, 2022 in article about writing


Strange calm


Disembodied, I nonetheless exist – still. Surveying the smoking wreckage of my explosively downed, MI-28N attack helicopter. Ammunition going off, in the heat. Somewhere in that blazing, unrecognizable wreck?
My mortal, human, pilot remains burn.
But it doesn’t matter. Not anymore.

I saw it coming. The whistling blur, the fire, smoke. Seconds away. Then the sledgehammer. The G-forces nearly snapped my neck. Even then, I wrestled with the controls. Anti-torque pedals, cyclic, collective. Desperately, but my machine did not respond. Thrown around in my harness, I never quit fighting.
In those final, dizzying, pitiful seconds.
But it doesn’t matter. Not anymore.

It saddens me. Not my violent, yet insignificant passing. What saddens me is that you, the world at large, have mostly have lost your judgment, and your compassion.
How many of you will cheer at my passing? Or, grimly satisfied, just scroll on down your I-phone? Looking for your next momentary titillation?
As if I was just a pixel, in one of those savage video games you so delight in playing. You cannot, you in the West, you in America, see that you are next. You are next to be casually shot out of existence, militarily or existentially, because you do not matter. You are manipulated, deceived, by the same forces who cause the wars, killing millions of us, brothers, and then have the gall to advocate as your saviors.

You have good people trying to point the truth out, trying to warn you. But their voices are drowned out. Lost, in the cruel Media-inflamed, pack baying of the mob. You are back in the Roman gladiatorial arena. The players, down below, fighting bloodily for survival. While you cheer lustily, and boo, jeer at their pain, and casually look forward to the next unfortunates, to be forced upon the stage. For your cynical, shallow amusement. You are being led, by the nose, and amazingly, after all this time? You still don’t see the slave ring, piercing your nostrils.

They are coming now. I hear the whooping, and the laughter. They will stand beside my last battle, and high five one another. They will pose for photos and selfies, beside the smoldering corpse of their brother.
But it doesn’t matter. Not anymore.

The sun is setting. On the West.
I shall not wait for them, to mockingly poke my corpse with their bayonets. The frozen death mask upturned, eyes still open, staring at the sky.
I was a son. I was a father. I was a husband, and I was your brother.

I am walking away now, into the setting sun.
I grieve for me. My loved ones, who will miss me.
I grieve for you.

Those who I fought
I bear no hate.
If you will not mourn
your brother’s fate?
Instead, heap scorn
on all he sought?

Then know, you mock
so casually?
The Puppet Masters’ cherished goal
the focus of their cruel, dark soul
what they seek, the greatest prize

Your very own, abrupt, demise.

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Why the stupid Greed?

March 27, 2022 in Auto-biographical (spiritual quest), The Great Cosmic Kindness


Why the stupid greed?

In the autumn of my little life, I, a simple enough, not-terribly-bright, God-respecting man, marvel at the human race. I really do.
For decades now, I’ve regarded Life as a very interesting, albeit too brief, sojourn on a really cool little planet. A taster, kinda thing. Hopefully, I and others are correct, and Death’s just a door, on which we shall knock, timidly, (I imagine), at the appointed time.
With a few notable exceptions, to the ‘timid’, of course.

There was always this joke going around about the Reverend Ian Paisley. A Protestant Northern Irish politician, not famed for his reticence or quiet delivery. The joke was that you could be sitting in heaven, trying to string your stupid harp, and there would be this constant timid knocking at the door. Lots of humble little spirits, recently passed, all asking, humbly, to be let in.
Then, all of a sudden?
“Whallop! Bang! Crash!”
A terrible beating on the heavenly doors.
That… would be the Reverend Ian Paisley, himself.
“Open this door this very instant! And, Jesus, get the f**k outta my chair…!!”

And thus my fellow Man, reliably, seems to make a spectacle of himself, and me.
But given the admitted brevity of the human experience, the constant risk of accidental mishap, be it from crashing helicopters or a bad case of gout, what in the holy hell is the point of crudely, SO crudely, amassing vast fleeting worldly ‘wealth’? I just don’t get it. There’s ample evidence that Biden, Clinton, Romney, Pelosi, Kerry, etc, etc, are guilty of some astonishingly shady dealings, with epic conflicts of interest. Involving not just millions, but BILLIONS. And, seriously, to cover all that up, are you going to start a war???
You’re absolutely mad. Bonkers, woof-woof, howling-at-the-moon-time.

If you don’t have the basics, shelter, food, etc. Well, life is miserable. But quickly enough, beyond a certain point? You can’t spend it, you can’t take it with you, you’re worshiping it like it’s the Golden Calf and some Class Act Hooker rolled into one? Does that Calf also give lap dances? What!?

It’s nuts. Far better to see Life as a short-lived taster, and if you’re lucky and wise, you MIGHT, just might, be able to leave the poor planet a tad better, a tad happier, when you leave, hiding the Rum bottle, than when you arrived, yelling your lungs out.

Our ‘leaders’ (usurpers?) mostly set a truly terrible -and foolish- example.

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Interesting quote from the second trial (1988) against Ernst Zundel:

March 27, 2022 in Holocaust Stories, Investigation & Articles

Interesting quote from the second trial (1988) against Ernst Zundel:

No ‘Survivor’ Witnesses For The Prosecution

The judge asked the prosecutor if he would call any “survivors” to the witness stand. The prosecutor answered no. The experience of (the first trial, 1985 -Ed) 1985 had been too embarrassing. The cross examination had been devastating.
It is regrettable that at the trial of Klaus Barbie in France in 1987 and at the trial of John Demjanjuk in Israel in 1987-1988, no defense lawyer has followed Douglas Christie’s example in the first Zündel trial (1985): Christie had shown that by carefully questioning witnesses about the gassing process itself, one could destroy the very foundation of the “extermination camp” myth.

One could destroy the very foundation of the “extermination camp” myth…

The US Holocaust Museum cabal ignore all this, of course. They happily parade their “Holocaust survivors” on Jew-Tube, telling lurid anti-German stories & fables, with no fear of hostile cross examination. Only the  has the brass neck to simply ignore massively adverse legal verdicts (second Zundel trial, 1988) and shamelessly proceed to massively promote the same old lies, the same old tear-jerker way.
Confident that super gullible Americans? Will just swallow the warm, Holocaust pap.
Slobber it up.
“Please, Sir, I want some more.”

Source: page 31, “Did six million really die?”

See also my personal study notes, free to use:

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Charles Biedermann and the ICRC – an extraordinary betrayal

March 21, 2022 in article about writing, Holocaust Stories, Investigation & Articles

Charles Biedermann and the ICRC – an extraordinary betrayal
Charles Biedermann was called as the Canadian Government’s 4th ‘expert witness’ against Ernst Zundel, in his second trial, in 1988. He was there representing:
1) The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
2) The International Tracing Service (ITS), based in Arolson, Germany.
What came out of Biedermann’s testimony was both positive (for Zundel) and a stunning betrayal.
Positive: A) The ICRC (who were allowed open access to all Hitler’s camps) had never found any trace of the existence of ‘Homicidal gas chambers disguised as shower rooms’.
Positive: B) although a delegate of the ICRC did visit Auschwitz, in September 1944, specifically with the purpose of investigating alleged homicidal gas chambers? He failed to find any evidence whatsoever, and could only conclude that there was ‘a rumor’ going about.
Positive: C) he admitted that he had been wrong in stating that the expression ‘extermination camp’ was used by the Germans. Biedermann confessed he did not know that the term was, in fact, an invented one. Invented, by the Allies, at the Kangaroo Nuremburg Trials.
Stunning betrayal: 1) Biedermann claimed to know nothing of (existing) ICRC documents describing the appalling treatment of German civilians just before, and just after the conclusion of hostilities. He claimed to know nothing about the massive -forced- deportations of Germans from the East, the murders, tortures, and mass rapes.
2) He claimed to know nothing about the appalling, inhumane treatment of German POW’s after the war.
3) Nothing about summary executions and, in particular, the massacre by rifle, machine gun, shovels and pickaxes, of 520 German soldiers and officers who had surrendered to the Americans at Dachau on April 29, 1945 (even though Victor Maurer, ICRC delegate, was reportedly PRESENT).
How, we may ask, was this absurd testimony even possible?
Well, this trial was in 1988. Well, obviously, the ‘International Tracing Service’ should have been able to tell pretty well exactly, down to the last person, who was in the camps, what nationality they were, and who died, and what the causes were.
Small problem. Going back to 1978, the I.T.S. had CLOSED its doors to Historians and Researchers! You may ask why?! You could only gain access if you bore a special authorization from one of the ten governments (including that of Israel) which oversee the activity of the I.T.S. Very hard to get! Why?
Biedermann also confirmed a 1964 rumor: The Russians and Poles had captured 38 or 39 detailed German death registers of the camps. The Soviets kept 36 or 37. The Poles at Auschwitz, kept 2 or 3. But NOBODY wants to authorize RESEARCH into these Registers!
Is it because it would be the conclusive END to the R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S Jewish extortion MYTH of MILLIONS of ‘Jewish Dead’ at the WORK camps??
Source:  pp 28-31  “Did six Million Jews die?”
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Holocaust Prosecution witness, American Professor, Christopher Browning, screaming down – in smoke & flames

March 21, 2022 in article about writing, Holocaust Stories, Investigation & Articles

Holocaust Prosecution witness, American Professor, Christopher Browning, screaming down – in smoke & flames
1988, second trial, Canada versus Ernst Zundel  (continued)
Next up: (roll of the drums) Christopher Browning, Prosecution Witness.
P-r-o-f-e-s-s-o-r. Emeritus. See:  Wikipedia
In place of Raul Hilberg there came his good buddy, Christopher Browning, an American professor who ‘specializes’ in the Holocaust. Admitted as an expert witness, Browning tried to prove that the attempt to exterminate the Jews was…
a scientifically established fact.
(This is still claimed, to this DAY.
Well, read on)
He had cause to, um, regret the experience. During cross-examination, the defense used his own arguments to destroy him. Annihilate. Castrate.
In the course of those days, people saw the tall and naive professor, who had strutted while he stood testifying, seated, shrunken in size, behind the witness stand like a schoolboy caught in a mistake. With a faint and submissive voice, he ended up acknowledging that the trial had, um, definitely taught him something about historical research.
Following the example of Raul Hilberg, P-r-o-f-e-s-s-o-r Browning…
(world renowned expert on the Holocaust…)
(drum roll)
1) had not examined any concentration camps. He had not visited any facility with “gas chambers.”
2) He had never thought of asking for an expert study of the “weapon of the crime.” In his writings he had made much of homicidal “gas vans,” but he was not able to refer to any authentic photograph, any plan, any technical study, or any expert study.
3) He was not aware that German words like “Gaswagen,” “Spezialwagen,” “Entlausungswagen” (delousing van) could have perfectly innocent meanings.
(Meaning vehicles designed by the Germans to save inmates’ lives, by preventing infectious killer diseases)
4) His technical understanding was nil.
5) He had never examined the wartime aerial reconnaissance photos of Auschwitz. He was unaware of all the tortures undergone by Germans, such as Rudolf Höss, who had spoken of gassings. (Minor stuff, you know. Like crushed genitalia, threats to family members, including daughters to be handed over to the Russians to be gang raped & killed, etc)
6) He knew nothing of the doubts expressed about some of Himmler’s speeches or about the Goebbels diary.
7) A great follower of the trials of war criminals, Browning had only questioned the prosecutors, never the defense lawyers.
8) His ignorance of the transcript of the Nuremberg trial was disconcerting. He had not even read what Hans Frank, former Governor General of Poland, had said before the Nuremberg tribunal about his “diary” and about “the extermination of the Jews.”
9) As a matter of fact, Browning claimed to have found (drama, drama!) irrefutable proof of the existence of a policy of exterminating the Jews in the Frank diary.
In actual fact? That boiled down to the claim he had discovered…
(drum roll)
one incriminating sentence.
10) He did not know that Frank had given the Tribunal an explanation of that kind of sentence, chosen beforehand from the hundreds of thousands of sentences in a personnel and administrative journal of 11,560 pages. Furthermore, Frank had spontaneously turned over his “diary” to the Americans when they came to arrest him. The sincerity of the former Governor General is so obvious to anyone who reads his deposition that Christopher Browning, invited to hear the content, did not raise the least objection.
11) One last humiliation awaited him.
For the sake of his thesis, he invoked a passage from the well-known “protocol” of the Wannsee conference. He had made his own translation of the passage.
Fair enough. How-EVER.
That translation was seriously in error.
At that point, his thesis collapsed.
Smoke, flames, sparks, and much, much wailing.
12) Finally, his own personal explanation of a “policy of the extermination of the Jews” was the same as Hilberg’s.
Everything was explained by the “nod” of Adolf Hitler. In other words, the Fuhrer of the German people did not need to give any written or even spoken order for the extermination of the Jews. It was enough for him to give a “nod” at the beginning of the operation and, for the rest, a series of “signals.”
Telepathy, at its finest! The actions of thousands of people, over long periods of time, over widely scattered geographic location, 24/7, day and night, beautifully mass choreographed, with never a written order, paper trail, or trace left behind.
When everything ELSE, super efficiently, German style, was documented up to the neck, and down to the knees, in triplicate, pink-yellow-red copies, signed off, sealed, blessed, documented and ARCHIVED.
VERDICT: Bullsh*t. Absolute poppycock. Shameful. An absurd, crude, attempted Jewish rail-roading of an innocent man (Ernst Zundel), and a mighty slur on the fine German people.
Source: page 25-28, downloaded from “Did six million really die?”
Photo: Harvey Kneeslapper
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Raul Hilberg refuses to appear again

March 20, 2022 in Holocaust Stories, Investigation & Articles

Raul Hilberg refuses to appear again

Chick-chick-chicken, SQUAWK!

For the second Ernst Zundel trail, Canada, 1988, our great Holocaust scholar, Professor
hold-my-beer Raul Hilberg, the world’s foremost Holocaust expert (according to the Jews), simply went down the white-feather poultry road. He refused to testify again.
He’d taken a lickin’ the first time (see:, and he was damned if he’d risk another good hiding. Plus the acute risk of exposing himself to criminal perjury charges.

Robert Faurisson describes it thus:

“One misfortune awaited Prosecutor John Pearson: Raul Hilberg, in spite of repeated requestsrefused to appear again. The defense, having heard rumors of an exchange of correspondence between Pearson and Hilberg, demanded and got the publication of the letters they exchanged and in particular of a “confidential” letter by Hilberg which did not hide the fact that he had some bitter memories of his cross-examination in 1985. He feared being questioned again by Douglas Christie on the same points. To quote the exact words of his confidential letter, Hilberg wrote that he feared “every attempt to entrap me by pointing out any seeming contradiction, however trivial the subject might be, between my earlier testimony and an answer that I might give in 1988.”
In fact as I have already mentioned, Hilberg had committed perjury and he may have feared being charged with that crime.”


Source: page 25, downloaded from “Did six million really die?”

Note: he’s still holding his beer

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Holocaust witness & ‘author’ Rudolf Vrba, crashing, in flames

March 20, 2022 in Holocaust Stories, Investigation & Articles

Holocaust witness & ‘author’ Rudolf Vrba, crashing, in flames
Well, old Slovak Jew Rudolf here, he went one further. He’s been prominently featured in various movies, such as the hyper emotional ‘Shoah’, directed by Claude Lanzman. He also published an autobiography. “I cannot forgive”. I looked it up. Thousands of gushing 5-star reviews. Dramatic Excerpt:
April 7, 1944–Alarm sirens announce the escape of two Slovak prisoners from a heavily-guarded camp in Nazi Germany. The escapees, Rodolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler, succeed and flee more than one hundred miles to give the first graphic and exact descriptions of the operations at Auschwitz, which up to that point had only been heard about as unverifiable rumours. Their report, first published in Swiss and then in the western press, made the reality of Nazi annihilation camps explicit and unequivocal to Pope Pius XII, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt.
‘I Cannot Forgive’ gives a masterly portrayal of the human factors behind the initial report of the terrors of Auschwitz. Few will able to read this account of the gigantic and inhumane machine of death which the German Reich set up without feeling profound emotion. Many have found in it a remarkable and deeply personal story of heroism and determination in the face of seemingly hopeless odds.
Rudolf Vrba
Pretty good, huh? There’s just ONE teeny, wee, lil’ problem.
In the words of Robert Faurisson:
“Everything went well for him until the day at the Zündel trial in 1985 when he was cross-examined mercilessly. He was then shown to be an impostor. It was revealed that he had completely made up the number and location of the “gas chambers” and the crematories in his famous 1944 report. His 1964 book opened with a purported January 1943 visit by Himmler to Birkenau to inaugurate a new crematorium with “gas chamber.” Actually, the last visit by Himmler to Auschwitz took place in July of 1942, and in January 1943 the first of the new crematories was still far from finished. Thanks, apparently, to some special gift of memory (that he called “special mnemonic principles” or “special mnemonical method”) and to a real talent for being everywhere at once, Vrba had calculated that in the space of 25 months (April 1942 to April 1944) the Germans had “gassed” 1,765,000 Jews at Birkenau alone, including 150,000 Jews from France. But in 1978, Serge Klarsfeld,

in his Memorial to the Deportation of the Jews from France , had been forced to conclude that, for the entire length of the war, the Germans had deported a total of 75,721 Jews from France to all their concentration concentration camps. The gravest aspect of this is that the figure of 1,765,000 Jews “gassed” at Birkenau had also been used in a document [11] at the main Nuremberg trial. Attacked on all sides by Zündel’s lawyer, the impostor had no other recourse than to invoke, in Latin, the “licentia poetarum,” or “poetic license,” in other words, the right to engage in fiction. [12] His book has just been published in France (1987); this edition is presented as a book by “Rudolf Vrba with Alan Bestic.” It no longer includes the enthusiastic preface by Alan Bestic, and the short introduction by Emile Copfermann notes that “with the approval of Rudolf Vrba the two appendices from the English edition have been removed.” Nothing is said about the fact that those two appendices had also caused Vrba serious problems in 1985 at the Toronto trial.”
Verdict: Impostor, liar, fake. But his book and ‘report’ are still touted TODAY, as the GENUINE HOLOCAUST Jew’s knees. How sad is that.  “The right to engage in FICTION”. 
Reference: pages 19 through 21, downloaded from “Did six million really die?”
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Holocaust survivor, Arnold Frieman, crashing, in flames

March 20, 2022 in Holocaust Stories, Investigation & Articles

Holocaust survivor, Arnold Frieman, crashing, in flames

I did a search on this Jewish liar, and I found this tear-jerker:

“I headed back home, trying to save my family, but heard they were deported to a place I later found out was the gas chambers of Auschwitz,” he said.
He was captured and placed in a forced labour camp.
“In the camp there was an ever-present threat of impending death,” Frieman told CBC Manitoba in 2011.
“You felt your life was worth less than, I don’t know, a dog’s, and the hopelessness and the evil that came from your supervisors, and every day there were less of us, less and less, and the writing was on the wall.”
However, he made what he called a “miraculous escape,” and after the war he was taken to Norway, where he studied electronics.


Well, all was going well for him, until, I guess, he started believing his own lies. And agreed to serve as an expert witness in the 1985 Canadian Trial of Ernst Zundel. Big mistake. If you know you’re a fraud, the last thing you should do is expose yourself to cross examination. But that’s the pathology of the congenital l-i-a-r. They believe… their own lies.

Robert Faurisson documents the smoking wreckage as follows:

The prosecution counted on the testimony of “survivors.” These “survivors” were chosen with care. They were supposed to testify that they had seen, with their own eyes, preparations for and the carrying out of homicidal gassings. Since the war, in a series of trials like those at Nuremberg (1945-46), Jerusalem (1961), or Frankfurt (1963-65), such witnesses have never been lacking. However, as I have often noted, no lawyer for the defense had ever had the courage or the competence necessary to cross-examine these witnesses on the gassings themselves.

For the first time, in Toronto in 1985, one lawyer, Douglas Christie, dared to ask for explanations. He did it with the help of topographical maps and building plans as well as scholarly documentation on both the properties of the gases supposedly used and also on the capacities for cremation, whether carried out in crematory ovens or on pyres. Not one of these witnesses stood the test, and especially not Arnold Friedman. Despairing of his case, he ended by confessing that he had indeed been at Auschwitz-Birkenau (where he never had to work except once, unloading potatoes), but that, as regards gassings, he had relied on what others had told him.


Fancy that. Verdict: Bullsh*t.

Reference: pages 18 through 19, downloaded from “Did six million really die?”


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Raul Hilberg, world’s foremost Holocaust expert, and the day he crashed, in flames

March 19, 2022 in Holocaust Stories, Investigation & Articles


Raul Hilberg, world’s foremost Holocaust expert, and the day he crashed, in flames

 I am frankly appalled at the sheer mendacity and astonishing nerve, of the so-called “world’s leading authority on the Holocaust”, Raul Hilberg. Still widely revered and feted in Jewish circles today, as the author of “The destruction of the European Jews.” American professor, Jewish descent. His appearance at the first Canadian trial of Ernst Zundel (1985) was such an anti-climactic farce, that most ordinary human beings would have been relived to slink away and hide. You would think. Well…

Consider the events at the trial:

1)  (roll of the drums)  (dramatic entry) (whispers in the audience)    Enter Professor Raul Hilberg.

2)  The professor gives a long and detailed testimony about what happened to the ‘six million Jews’. The terrible fate that befell them, the homicidal gas chambers, the sub-human cruelty of the Germans. Who would even dare question all that?

3)  Douglas Christie, that’s who.  Ernst Zundel’s lawyer.

In the words of Robert Faurisson, French scholar, who was beaten up (at an advanced age) no less than ten times by Jewish thugs.

“Right from the start it was clear that Hilberg, who was the world’s leading authority on the Holocaust, had never examined a single concentration camp, not even Auschwitz. He had still not examined any camp in 1985 when he announced the imminent appearance of a new edition of his main work in three volumes, revised, corrected and augmented. Although he did visit Auschwitz in 1979 for a single day as part of a ceremonial appearance, did not bother to examine either the buildings or the archives. In his entire life he has never seen a “gas chamber,” either in its original condition or in ruins. (For a historian, even ruins can tell tales). On the stand he was forced to admit that there had never been a plan, a central organization, a budget or supervision for what he called the policy of the extermination of the Jews. He also had to admit that since 1945 the Allies have never carried out an expert study of “the weapon of the crime,” that is to say of a homicidal gas chamber. No autopsy report has established that even one inmate was ever killed by poison gas.

Hilberg said that Hitler gave orders for the extermination of the Jews, and that Himmler gave an order to halt the extermination on November 25, 1944 (such detail!) But Hilberg could not produce these orders. The defense asked him if he still maintained the existence of the Hitler orders in the new edition of his book. He dared to answer yes. He thereby lied and even committed perjury. In the new edition of his work (with a preface dated September 1984), Hilberg systematically deleted any mention of an order by Hitler. [10] When he was asked by the defense to explain how the Germans had been able to carry out an undertaking as enormous as the extermination of millions of Jews without any kind of plan, without any central agency, without any blueprint or budget, Hilberg replied that in the various Nazi agencies there had been “an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus mind-reading by a far-flung bureaucracy.”


Reference:  pages 16 through 18, downloaded from “Did six million really die?”



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10 Reasons the “Holocaust” never happened

March 15, 2022 in Holocaust Stories, Investigation & Articles

I give credit to Russell James. he posted this article here:
Where I add notes, this are clearly marked (” -Ed”)
Over the last 40 years or so, due to the efforts of a small handful of extremely courageous Real Historians (often called “revisionists” but that term doesn’t really apply, it more aptly applies to the Cultural Marxists who’ve lied to us about our history), the truth about the so-called “holocaust” has slowly come out. And that truth is simply that it never happened. It is the biggest of Big Lies.

I’m the first to admit I’m no expert on the topic but many of those, whom I’ve come to trust, are. During the last decade or so, after listening to many different people on the topic, I’ve come to believe the above statement that the “holocaust” never happened. The following are the 10 major reasons why I’ve changed my view on the topic. If you have proof that any of the following are wrong, please let me know in the comments.

10 Reasons the “Holocaust” Never Happened

  1. The World Almanac reported that the world’s Jewish population was slightly larger just after the war than it was just before the war
  2. No Bodies: Nobody ever found anywhere near six million bodies
  3. No Gas Chambers: Nobody ever found a single gas chamber capable of killing humans, never-mind six million of them
  4. No Crematoria: Nobody ever found crematoria capable of incinerating six million bodies
  5. No Written Orders were ever discovered ordering the deaths of Jews
  6. No Mention of a “Holocaust” in historical works like Churchill’s six-volume history of the war, The Second World War
  7. Camp Workers and Residents living near the camps can not recall anyone going missing
  8. Red Cross Representatives Were Stationed in the Camps and none ever reported a “holocaust”
  9. Jewish Elites Have Repeatedly Cried “Six Million”: After nearly every major European conflict of the 19th and 20th centuries, Jews cried “holocaust”
  10. Six Million is the Number of Jews That Were Transported to the Camps, yet the camps were full at the end of the war

Notes on the above

1. The World Almanac Reports: The World Almanac reported that there were roughly 15.3 million Jews in the world in 1933 when Judea famously declared war on Germany and a little under 15.8 million in 1948, just after the war. According to most sources, there are still roughly 15-18 million Jews in the world. And that number has held steady for over a century.

The world’s Jewish population in 1933 & 1948

ED:   For cross referencing, see also “the 5-fold Holocaust Numbers Conundrum”

2. No Bodies: No where near six million bodies were ever found. They say this is because they were burned in pits. Crematorium owners and other experts on the subject assure us that it is impossible to burn a human body to ash without specially designed incinerators. Even garbage incinerators won’t do it.

You’ve probably seen the photos of emaciated bodies piled high in huge mounds. Turns-out, none of those photos have ever been authenticated and are probably pictures from the Soviet camps (gulags and others) where mass murders did take place. All of the authentic photos of the Jewish camps show relatively healthy well-fed inmates.

Jews in camp

ED:  The Allies flew constant aerial, photographic, reconnaissance overflights.  None of those tens of thousands of photos reveal any evidence of rah-rah-rah tens of thousands of bodies being burned on gigantic funeral pyres, buried, dug up again, burned again, etc, etc.  All those endless, lurid, so-called ‘Holocaust Survivor’ stories.

3. No Gas Chambers: Although there were gas chambers at the camps, none capable of killing humans en masse has ever been found. The chambers found in the camps today were used for delousing the prisoners clothing and bedding. No one disputes this nor does anyone claim they were used for gassing people. Further, the Zyklon B supply was exhausted circa 1942-3 after which time most of the gassings were reported to have occurred. The Germans switched to steam for delousing purposes. Another important question: if they were in the camps to be exterminated why were the Germans so interested in their comfort and routinely delousing their clothing and bedding?

No Jews were injured during the gassing of their clothes

Ed: See also: “The Western Allies never found any homicidal gas chambers”

ED:   the statement that they ran out of Zyklon ‘B’ in 1942-43 i.m.o. is not correct. They only ran out completely in the waning months of WW2, when saturation Allied bombing of any and all targets, civilian or not, reduced the whole country to a shambles. It is a great irony of the war, that the LACK of Zyklon ‘B’ killed people, including Jews. For that LACK allowed the Typhus to take a hold.
ED:  the reference to ‘steam machines’ is not correct, i.m.o.. That’s news to me, anyway.


4. No Crematoria: There were crematoria in at least one of the camps, and they were used for cremating bodies — people did die in the camps from accidents, natural causes, and diseases like typhus and it was dangerous to bury them in camps that had high water tables, so they were cremated instead.

ED:  Put it this way:   there were absolutely no ‘homicidal gas chambers disguised as shower rooms’.  That’s their whole tear-jerker.  And yes, Auschwitz had a water table as high as only eighteen inches below the surface.  Which, incidentally, makes the lurid stories about open-air, burning, massive, deep, funeral pyres, um, problematical, to say the least.

5. No Written Order: No shred of a paper trail has ever been found. Given that the Reich was notoriously assiduous in matters of record-keeping and recorded every order in triplicate it’s hard to believe that something so important was accomplished with zero paperwork. Eventually, a document was submitted purporting to be proof of a written order but it was quickly dismissed as a Soviet forgery. Apparently, it was written with German vocabulary — but Russian grammar and syntax.

6. No Mention of a “Holocaust” in Historical Works. Winston Churchill authored a roughly 4,500 page, six-volume history of World War II called The Second World War — he never mentions a deliberate attempt to exterminate Jews. Other men who played a major role in World War Two, like Dwight Eisenhower and Charles de Gaulle, never mentioned a “holocaust” of Jews in their memoirs. In fact, the term didn’t even come into vogue until Kurt Vonnegut coined the term in his 1969 novel Slaughterhouse Five. He, of course, was writing about the very real holocaust (Greek for “burnt offering”) of civilians in the allied firebombing of Dresden.

7. Camp Workers and Residents around the camp don’t recall a “holocaust”. Although we’ve all heard the stories from Jews of having their friends and relatives killed before their eyes or having narrowly escaped death themselves, few, if any, non-Jews have ever corroborated these tales. As I understand, the Nuremberg Trials of “war criminials” used the same small number of Jewish “witnesses” for every case.

8. Red Cross Representatives Were Stationed in the Camps and None Ever Reported Malfeasance. Further, at the insistence of the Germans, the Red Cross often sent teams in to inspect the camps and they routinely reported that there were no violations of the early Geneva Conventions. As a side note, there is an apocryphal report floating around the web which states that roughly 275,000 Jews died in the camps, most toward the end of the war when typhus hit central Europe hard. Others, of course, died from natural causes.

9. Several times over the centuries Jewish Elites Have Cried Six Million in order to fleece their flock. Including a famous declaration of a holocaust after the First World War.

Some of the many claimed “holocausts” before WWII

10. Six Million Jews Were Transported to the Camps, yet the camps were full at the end of the war. This one is self-evident, if six million were interned and they were all more or less present at the end of the war (except for the natural number of deaths in a population that size over six years) then how can one accept the claim of six million dead.


Given the above, why does the establishment inundate us with the “holocaust” narrative? The answer is simple. The Western establishment is dominated by a relatively small handful of Jewish Oligarchs who are trying to destroy all opposition to the Jew World Order. The “holocaust” narrative is intended to induce guilt in Whites in an effort to prevent us from resisting Jewish Rule.

For those interested in learning more, see the Colchester Collection’s short (but growing) list of books on the subject of the “Holocaust”.

Also, I recommend Fredrick Toben’s excellent documentary, which gives a more thorough treatment of the topic: Judea Declares War on Germany

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