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Why do I write?

November 5, 2022 in Why do I write?

The Slave Gate

Why do I write?

Writing is a form of playing an instrument.

Absently, plinking away on a guitar. Plucking at a violin.

Except when you scribble-write? You are gently testing the lute strings of your heart.

Soaring away, in your mind. Leaving the Harsh, False, Plastic Reality that ‘they’ methodically dish up, every day? Far, far behind.

When I scribble, absently? I go far away. Sometimes my fingers tap away, in another Space-Time dimension.

But I am standing, alone, on a cliff top, windswept. Gazing out to sea.

Peering, apprehensively, out of the Slave Gate.



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The Soft Regret

October 11, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

I have had this type of personal attack, the harsh word? Many times. To my face, in person. And via Cyberspace. I have had it from family. From friends.
Since experience shows a careful, measured response from me? Often means they quickly delete their post? Run? I shall therefore quote it within my text, as well.
Quote: “stop pushing these lies. I have personally known people who survived Dachau under Dr Mengele . It was real. You get to push this propaganda because there aren’t enough witnesses left to call you a liar.”
My first reaction is usually a slight ripple of indignation. The newcomer to our Holocaust group, is, after all, in their first post, not wasting time. They are going straight to the jugular, and impugning my character. I am a liar, apparently. A black heart. I have evil intent. But they have arrived now, banner fluttering, pennants flying in the breeze, galloping in with the White Hats. You can almost hear the chorus of trumpets of the heavenly legions, blasting a fanfare.
My second reaction, as tonight, suffering from my usual searing insomnia, laced with ugly flashbacks, is usually much more calm, and measured. The soft regret. The quiet of the night often takes my mind back to places and times, events and violence, that I might wish I could forget. Knowing I cannot, ever.
I might address this person, this detractor, and millions of other kindred spirits to him? With the soft word, not the harsh.
But would they even listen, for a moment?
If I told them, that I too, once believed that ‘Schindler’s List’ was a fair representation of what terrible things happened in Hitler’s camps?
If I told them I too spent years with a strange guilt feeling about what happened to the Jews?
If I told them I was then, for years, reluctant to say (or hear) a single cross word about the Jews?
If I told them I mourned the children hiding in the latrines, and the scratches gouged in the cement/concrete, by dying, gassed Jews? The bodies piled up in Auschwitz, being moved along by bulldozer? In great, heaving, grotesque, moving mountains? Of dead humans, once feeling, once reflecting, once loving, and now staring unseeingly with hollow eyes, at a world uncaring?
No. I don’t think they would listen.
If I told them I started to do research, to better attack those awful Nazis? And that, slowly, slowly, my eyes opened wide? In an entirely different horror?
No, I don’t think they would listen.
And why is that, I ask myself?
Because YOU? Are like me. Weak. Easily led. Shallow. Unwilling to do the intellectual research. Eager to quickly ascend into the shining clouds of moral virtue, with the MINIMUM of effort.
You cannot (I struggle to, also) wrap your brain around a race of people (the Jews) ( I say it out loud), who are pathological, inbred, malevolent, calculating, systematic, 5th columnist, usurpers, usurers and hardened, outrageous liars. Who hate manual work, hard labor, but who know every stinking trick in their vile, demonic, un-holy books, of how to live off & exploit the aching backs of those who do. Work, in the sweat of their brows.
There are millions of you. Innocents, or alternatively. Paragons of virtue. Sitting in harsh judgment of the likes of me. And there are millions of us, who were formerly like you. Doing the research. Our tired eyes, slowly opening. Wide.
Who will gain ascendancy?
I leave the reader to ponder that.
But I make you a final comment. The observation of this fool’s life time.
I have tried. I have been sincere in many of my efforts, but also massively misguided. Fooled. Tricked. Through all the fog and war? The trickery and the intrigue? The broken promises? And worse, the cold treachery of our once-leaders? Men who we naively looked up to? Who, as it turned out later, betrayed us?
Through and past all that? I have watched my ancestral homelands increasingly invaded, and over run. The contributions of my forefathers? Their labors, their gifts to us? Vilified, mocked, denigrated, dragged off the white, marble plinth on which they once stood, with honor, in our memories.
And every time? When I did the research? When I dug deeper, to the best of my humble abilities? I encountered? The Jew.
Stirring. Destroying. Mocking.
The evidence, I submit, softly, is out there. It can be found, if only you would look. It can be discovered, measured, weighed, and proven true, by those pilgrims, who sincerely trek along Life’s brief, rocky path.
I close with my own, personal study notes. They are nothing grand, just my own amateur efforts. All you who so gloriously heap condemnation on my head? You NEVER look at them, or address even ONE of these MANY issues, that massively undermine & torpedo the ‘six million Jews’ extortion myth. It’s a scam. A political leverage ploy. It’s crude as hell.
It’s also a teeter-tottering house of cards. Grubby, marked, corrupt.
I predict, eventually?
It will fall.
(written, in reply to: )
@FrancisMeyrick stop pushing these lies. I have personally know people who survived Dachau under Dr Mengele . It was real. You get to push this propaganda because there aren’t enough witnesses left to call you a liar.
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Skating on thin Ice

October 8, 2022 in Investigation & Articles



Skating on thin Ice

I do not like to speak the harsh word.

As much as I have always felt repulsed by crude, blustering speech-makers, strutting the cardboard stage, lo-ving that flickering lime-light, I have so often tried to couch my feeble thinking in the soft word. Stepping through Life, as much as possible, politely. On fairly rare occasions, this reticence has faltered, or even hopelessly failed. And a quarter of a mile away? Yes, that fluent flow of, um, colorful invective, that tsunami of Irish cuss-words and primordial, teeth-gnashing ferocity? Yes, that was me. Guilty as charged. Mad as hell, and fit to be tied.

When I feel that quiet fury, welling up, as I do tonight, I draw a deep breath, and I try -so hard-  to let it all out, but gently, and reasonably. Whether I succeed or not, this time, I will let the reader judge. Suffice it to say, I am not pleased. The source of my frustration is an old one, that has bothered me a million times already. I will quote from a ‘holy’ detractor, a person clearly very comfortable with his seating at the right hand of God. This person has chosen to speak down at me, pat-patting me on my sinful, obstinate head. Which is apparently lost, in his stern Judgment, in the sea of Sin. A millstone around my neck.

His comment was placed in the Holocaust group on GAB. I’m so used to it. I’ll let you read it for yourself. I had asked the gentleman if he believed, from his previous comments, that ‘six million Jews’ were murdered by the evil German people. The gentleman dodged my question initially. I repeated it. And this is what he wrote:

“I absolutely do. Was I there? No. I’ve seen the photos and videos. But – more important – I read God’s Holy Written Word. And in there HE tells us that He will cause them to be scattered to other nations – and they were – the holocaust was part of God’s punishment on Israel for them not obeying Him.
And – He tells us that in the end days the hatred for Israel/Jewish people will be increasing once again – until all nations are surrounding them – to wipe them off the map. Humans much like yourself are helping that prophecy come to pass.
Once Israel is surrounded by all nations and they are about to destroy Israel – – that is when Jesus returns – – to destroy all evil – including those who tried to destroy Israel and the Jewish people.
Do what “you” want – but – if I were you? I”d be pondering if my hatred for Israel was really worth my being destroyed by Christ Jesus…”

I sigh to myself. I think “Oh, Dear Lord. Can I smack him? Please? Around the head? Until his ears glow in the dark?”

(“Probably not.”)

“But, Lord, it would feel so good.”


I sigh, again, and try to marshal, discipline, my furious thoughts. I need to reply to “CeeGee 42” politely. Using the gentle word. My fists stuffed in my pockets. Here we go. Bear with me.

“Dear CeeGEE42”

(folks, I’m trying to be nice, here)

Sir, I respectfully, but firmly, dismiss your reasoning and word as that of a newborn babe, freshly plucked from the womb. Blinking in the unaccustomed Light. You are sadly and pitifully misled, misinformed, and wallowing in naivety verging on pathological retardation.  You remind me of a massively over-confident ice skater, confidently turning-spinning doughnuts on a broad lake. The ice measures barely a half inch thick. Below it lurk, unseen, incredibly dark, depths. And there you are, spinning away, even a vertical pirouette or ten, crashing back down. Oh, so confident.

I have met, and listened to a million plus of your Holy Joe, super religious, “I’m saved and you ain’t”, types. Crammed into church pews. Or fulminating grandly from the pulpit. Driving me to drink. Bumping your gums about world issues you don’t have the foggiest real clue about. Lots of wise nodding, and dutiful, choreographed ‘Amens!” , on cue, at the appropriate intervals. Puffed up you are, in your delusions, clueless, that in actual fact? You know nothing. How can you know everything about the Holocaust just from ‘photos and a video or two’? Do you know the Ashkenazi so-called Jews, (the vast majority of Jews today), were the result of a politically opportunistic 7th and 8th century conversion? Of the Khazars? A people living nowhere near today’s Israel?  With no significant ancestry at all to the Jews that wandered about in the time of Jesus? Do you know what Jesus said about the Synagogue of Satan? Do you know what all disaster was evilly inflicted upon the German people by the #TalmudicMafia? Do you know the famous movie, “SWindler’s List’ is based on a novel that the Australian writer flat out admits is a work of FICTION? It’s not a documentary? Just cynical Jewish propaganda? Stephen Spielberg (of course) left that bit out?

You know nothing. Just what you THINK you’ve seen ‘in a few photos’ and a video or two. Do you know Alfred Hitchcock was there in the camps? Staging the whole movie drama? Allegedly using the bodies of Dead German POW’s, murdered in Eisenhower’s Rhineland Death Camps, as props? You know nothing…! And the reason you know nothing? Is that you don’t make the slightest effort to learn or study anything. You think you already know it all…!  From ONE BOOK!

If a man goes to drive-operate a skyscraper crane? He studies the manual. A pilot, believe me, studies endless Flight Guides. A surgeon spends years reading and learning. A real Historian like David Irving, unlike the trendy Mutual Repeat Parrots, spends years digging through damp basements and old box files. And writes voluminous HISTORY BOOKS. But you? Oh, no! You don’t need any of that! You’ve got the Bible! And your happy-clappy fellow super-holy, saved believers! In your sub-atomic world view, you can intimately understand planes, cranes, Galaxies, Quasars, helicopters, and the Holocaust…!  Oh, but not the evidently flourishing Art of self-inflicted LOBOTOMY.

You know everything. All with just ONE BOOK!  No, don’t get excited. I’m not knocking that book! It’s extremely revealing. In many ways it has totally changed my little life. But good luck swinging twenty tons of steel up fifty-three floors, with only Proverbs and Job ringing in your ears!  Good luck yelping MAYDAY-MAYDAY-MAYDAY, and dropping collective when your turbine melts into a solid mass, and then referring, for urgent guidance? To David and Goliath!

The Creator of the Universe in his Wisdom gave us a brain. Discernment. Use it. We are obligated to admit our frailty. Our innocence. Our naivety. And use God’s gifts to learn to see. You and yours do not do so. And worse, you thereby actively enable Forces of Darkness to inflict upon this poor, suffering world, an ever tighter, killer, choke hold. YOU are permitting and enabling tyranny and genocide.

Coming back to the Holocaust? My repeated question was if you believed that ‘six Million Jews’ were murdered by the Germans? What was it you so grandly wrote?

Quote:   I absolutely do. Was I there? No. I’ve seen the photos and videos. But – more important – I read God’s Holy Written Word. 

You studiously ignored my personal study notes I posted for you. The “Holocaust Normie Challenge List”. There are MANY such, better than mine, easily available on the Internet. You haven’t bothered to look at one single one of them. I invited you to pick ONE SINGLE ITEM from that lengthy list of massive Holocaust sticking points. That expose the whole thing as a crude extortion scam. But I already knew, no, you wouldn’t do it. Your type never do. Millions of you. You don’t have to. You’ve got the Bible. Don’t need History Books. Bring on the skyscraper crane! Twenty tons?  Pah…! I’ll swing that steel! And more importantly, I’ll tell the stupid crane driver how to do it, ‘cos I READ THE BIBLE.

I’ve listened to you and yours and long realized that you are intellectually bone-lazy. You are the classic mole, myopic, slow, and comfortable down a deep, dark tunnel.

Do the Historical research! And before you, all hoity-toity, from the heights of your spiritual magnificence, tell me:

Quote:  Do what “you” want – but – if I were you? I’d be pondering if my hatred for Israel was really worth my being destroyed by Christ Jesus.

I respectfully suggest you learn from the (admitted), hulking big beam that hangs out of this Sinner’s eye. Relentlessly dragged about, like the fool I admit I am.

You might however consider? If your own tiny splinter, hanging from your eye? Is indeed just a fractional blip.

Or a magnificent tropical rain forest, complete with cascading waterfalls, and Piranha infested, broad Amazonian tributaries. Hanging out of YOUR EYE.


I say all this with kindness and compassion, of course, and I remain your servant,



Moggy Meyrick




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The Judaic-Pavlovian Reflex

October 3, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

The Judaic-Pavlovian Reflex

It’s not that so many millions start helplessly slobbering. In the physical sense.
Like Pavlov’s dogs, obediently, when the (dinner) bell starts ringing.
With the Judaic-Pavlovian Reflex, the ‘slobbering’ (on cue) is purely mental.
It is triggered not by a BELL, but by KEY-WORDS.
To wit:
“Jew” (the slightest criticism thereof) BEEEEP! (mind goes to neutral)
“Hitler” (the slightest praise thereof) BEEEEP! (mind blinks off, run-run-run away)
etc, etc.

This phenomenon appears to be inextricably linked to an obsession to get to Heaven, cost what cost, with the minimum of discernment, intellectual effort, or the (tedious) consulting of apparently boring History.

“Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest. How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man. A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth. He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers.”

I respectfully submit to my fellow believers, that there is ‘meat’ in knowledge, and ‘food’ in intellectual and spiritual reflection…
Not to mention salvation for your beleaguered people and Nation.
About which? You (and I) profess to care so much.

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A creaking of the heavy, oak door

September 29, 2022 in Investigation & Articles


A creaking of the heavy, oak door

Occasionally, on special occasions, you will meet, in Life, stout, heavy, oak, doors, that tend to start to creak open (or sometimes, shut).

They do so at a time, seemingly, of their own choosing. Not yours. You might, in that distant, far-back Time, have thought they ushered in a chink of New Light. Fresh Understanding. It is only later in Life, perhaps, that you reluctantly start won-de-ring, if that creaking door?  Ushered in, not Light. But, in fact, a whole New type of Darkness. And Doubt. It’s hard to say.

Ah, maybe you don’t follow me. Perhaps, some examples, a select handful, might help.

Thus, in youth, many folk (by no means, all), pass into a state of Soaring Idealism. University students are classic examples. They may mean terribly well. In terms of kindness, charity, empathy and, dare I use that tarnished word? Love. They may study fine philosophies & religions. They may become quiet erudite, in their own way. Puffed up with it, even. Oh, how many of us admired Mahatma Gandhi. His philosophy of non-violence? How many of us maybe read “The Prophet” by the Lebanese poet-philosopher, Kahlil Gibran? And soared away into a gentle, kind, meaningful, lyrical world? How many of us, brimming full of love for humanity, rushed out and volunteered madly in all sorts of good causes? Determined to help create, a better world.

I was one such, soft, fool. I worked with alcoholics & drop-outs, mentally and physically handicapped children, I hugged and I cuddled, and I taught little bastards to build model airplanes. I listened patiently on a suicide hot line. I tilled and I sowed. I meant so well, poor fellow. And then…?  One of those damn, stout, oak doors, creaked, slowly, open.

Discretion leads me to omit the Troubled Time and Place. Suffice it to say, there was a sudden explosion of astonishing, brute violence, and that people were getting hurt, badly. There were young people present, even children, caught in a dangerous volley of fire & rain. And I, the committed Pacifist, lurking in the shadows, off to one side, not immediately physically affected, looking on in surprised horror. My first instinct was to leap into the middle of the fray, and plead eloquently for peace. But that stage was already taken. At least three such folk had rushed forward, and were already bravely placing themselves in harm’s way, lobbying back, not bricks and bottles. But fine words, and the best of intentions. I wondered if they would get hurt, and nobly crumple before us, as martyrs to the Cause. And, as before, we could visit them in hospital. Gangs of us. All concerned. They, wrapped in bandages, black eyes, and blood stains. So noble, so brave! And us, almost wishing that it was us lying there, the object of such hushed devotion. The pretty girls, tears in their eyes, their voices quivering. Fluttering about.

And then, alas, that damn oak door. Creaked. Open. And I thought to myself, I thought.


I picked up a billiard cue, and went to work, unashamedly busting heads & knee caps. Sorry, Mahatma. However, Guess what? Smack-in-face, boot-in-nuts, under certain circumstances, works much better than bloody poetry. Broken bottle beats iambic pentameter! And thus was born? The Realization that many people, maybe invaders, in the final analysis, only respect, Strength, and/or PAIN. Everything else, however well-meant? Is misinterpreted as weakness. A frailty. An invitation to take further, full advantage. And I might ask? Is that a MIS-interpretation? That it’s just weakness?  Decadence? Or is it a CORRECT interpretation…  Applicable to our rapidly crumbling Western Society? Today!

Life was never quite the same after that. I look back on it, knowing I would never again be an honorable, accepted member of that particular troupe of good-hearted, wide-eyed, innocents. In the fullness of Time, I learned to shoot and fight. But more was to come, and a reinforcement, if you wish, of the emotions I felt when first that damn oak door, creaked open. The reinforcement happened when an Old Soldier, one day, seeing my post-conflict silent distress, bade me go with him for a private walk. I initially refused. I wanted to be left alone in my silent, bitter thoughts. But he outranked me, and I had no choice. That above mentioned, heavy, oak door creaked open further, when he spoke words to me I have never forgotten since. I was in my twenties, and he in his fifties. But how right (or wrong?) he was, when he stated an awful truth, (or a terrible lie) in a few, well-chosen, words.

“In war, you cannot see the individual. Only the uniform. Otherwise nothing ever gets done.”

And of course, that ‘uniform’ may not be a formal ‘military’ attire. With rank, insignia, specific color and medals. The innocuous civilian attire may hide behind it, a 5th column enemy soldier more deadly, fierce and pitiless than any. Such soldiers are not Identifiable by a recognized military uniform. But by creed & cruelty. Perhaps a ruthless power ideology, dressed up in the tinsel & glitter of the ‘Divine’. A pseudo-religion, in other words. My Old Soldier friend?  Now long dead.  Would have instantly recognized many of the stealthy -enemy- players today. And the not-so-stealthy. He would bid me go for a walk, and I can hear his accent, still. Admonishing me not to waste futile, pretty, words. I might add four little words. I shall do so, in italics.

“In war, you cannot see the individual. Only the uniform, or the common thread. Otherwise nothing ever gets done.”

He was right. The West, today? In existential crisis? In a war to the Death, with most STILL not even realizing it? Still fast asleep?

Might do well, as a first step?

To heed the Old Soldier’s words.



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Six Quotes from Six Men

September 26, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

Six Quotes from six Men









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The ghost of Rich Mountain

September 25, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

On one of my many, long, solo, Harley motorcycle treks, away, far away, musing on quiet thoughts, I too, softly, walked this ancient cemetery. It is a beautiful place. The wind was soft that day. Just breathing Life Precious, through eager leaves. And my mind, already knowing the story of the little girl, moved back to ancient times. And the pioneer folk who, grieving, buried her there.
I find such moments far from morbidly depressing. More, uplifting. Soaring, even.
A moment in Time, when the often obscured Truth of our Human Existence? That strange mask that we (or others) impose upon our sight? Is gently peeled off for us mortals, to see, clearly, at least for a brief moment.
We are so small. So finite. So very limited in our capacity to grasp our frailty. How easy it is for men to float off the cardboard stage, puffed up with vanity, and Narcissistic hubris.
I read statements by our politicians, I read their body language, I sense the haughty condescension in their gaze. So often, these days, their cruel perversions not even disguised.
At times they make me angry, and I launch my too wordy, possibly futile, tirades. They make me cross.
At other times, I just feel sad. And I wonder, how can I even begin to communicate, how millions of us, lowly ‘cattle’, feel and think so vastly differently. Which doesn’t make us any less. Or make us into an expendable ‘herd’, that may be culled and medically experimented upon, to these haughty would-be owners satisfaction?
For we, hundreds of millions of us, are opposed to Judaism. Their Communism, their awful Talmud. Their terrible record of blood & murder, genocide and cruelty. Their insidious, blatant nepotism, and demonic power-seeking.
We are simple, deeply respecting men and women. We maybe conceive of our God in different ways, but we are united in the love for our people, and the Search for our heavenly Father. The Creator of the Universe, we sense, and hold in awe. It is not permissible for a small, tiny, ruthless tribe, to seek to brazenly impose its vision and will upon the rest of humanity.
What manner of Man dare solemnly claim:
“Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on Earth, the Jews have the right to subordinate to themselves the rest of Mankind, and to be Masters over the whole Earth.”
Yet ‘Rabbi’ Harry Waton makes this claim, proudly, in his book??
I am not a ‘hater’. I could lose myself in a mountain cabin, surrounded by books, poetry, a well-ridden Harley, and the stars at night. But in my own way, I love my people. And I shall fight, if need be, tooth and nail.
That little girl, so long ago, who bravely went out into the storm, trudging through the snow, to fetch water. Her family so sick. And then she encountered the wolves?
She lies there, buried, in a perfect place. And we, pilgrims, tread softly.
We think of the tales told, of strange lights, and the figure of a little girl, glimpsed, briefly, running through the trees.
And I, as a mortal, puny man, in awe of my brief Existence, in awe of my Creator, in eternal search of meaning & truth?
I wish she would appear to me, hesitant, and shy. Just for a moment. And I could drop to my knees, hold out my arms, and encourage her to run into my warm embrace…
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Galloping Jews

September 18, 2022 in Investigation & Articles


Galloping Jews


Funny how the keenest Joos
positively, hate to lose
a discussion on the Truth or Nay
of the ‘Six Million Jews’ affray.

Whenever I would like to see
(polite and very sensibly)
their answers to my simple quest
they seem to quickly shirk the test.

Whilst demanding that I must believe
(and wail and sob, and deeply grieve
’bout all those Jews who all went ‘Poof!’)
none will ever show me proof.

Instead, with haste, they gallop off
then at my questions, they all scoff
they claim ‘no interest’ to discuss
an issue ’bout which they all fuss.

I believe there’s at least a little bit
of flat-out, honking, chicken shit
I believe they’re simply all too scared
to see their Hollow Hoax all bared…

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A change in tactics

September 16, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

Where the Holocaust is concerned?
There has been a change in tactics of the ever-lying, ever-spinning #TalmudicMafia on GAB.
I’ve noticed it this last while, and it’s centrally orchestrated & coordinated. The Tel Aviv massed ranks of basement dwellers. And the Bible-belters, with their Schofield Bibles, and their lobotomized, pro-Israel, frazzled-nuked minds.
1) they used to argue back, and claim the Holocaust was ABSOLUTELY TRUE, and bring up the weirdest reasoning and fake facts. We, collectively, in this group, would shoot ’em down. In flames. The ‘six millions Jews’ is logically indefensible, anyway.
So what did they do then?
Start claiming that they were “Not interested in discussing the Holocaust.”
Chick-chick-chicken. Run-run-run.
They’d still make outrageous claims. Post fake photos. Post false quotes.
But if we’d challenge ’em? They would just say they were “not interested” in discussing the Ho-ho-thing.
2) So we would then simply QUOTE their fake photos, wild statements, fraudulent facts, mis-quotes, etc, and STILL shoot ’em down. That worked quite well for a while, but now, collectively, ‘they’ have taken to instantly blocking whoever quotes their lie. And exposes it.
It’s instant. So that leaves you with:
“This quoted status is unavailable because the author has you blocked.”
And it sometimes is hard to tell what’s going on, because our refuting the lie? Doesn’t make sense without the text of the quoted lie.
It’s still classic Chick-chick-chicken. Run-run-run.
So, here’s our response:
A) Quote their lie IN THE BODY of what YOU write. You can still ‘quote’ their lying nonsense in the usual ‘quote’ manner, but ALSO include it INSIDE YOUR own protected text. That way, if they quickly block you? We can still figure out what it’s all about.
B) Because so many of us are now blocked by these extortion-scam cowards?
Help us out by posting-quoting their cr*p into our group. Preferably inside the body of your own protected text! That way we can reply, expose the lie, and THEY can’t do diddley squat about it.
That way we can keep the battle for Truth going. Most of these folk are flat-out lying. It’s a minority, real naive & uninformed, who still sincerely believe that ‘six million Jews’ WERE in fact gassed by the ‘Nazis’ in homicidal gas chambers, bla-bla-blah, disguised as shower rooms.
Keep it classy, have fun, never quit.
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One pickled pork sausage

September 15, 2022 in Investigation & Articles

One pickled pork sausage

I quote from another GAB member’s post:

New Canadian Law: “Two Years In Prison If You Downplay The Holocaust

I don´t think people understand how sick this is.

 This new law says that if you condone, deny or even downplay the holocaust you can be sentenced to [up to] two years in prison. People are turning on the Jews all over the world. But make no mistake. This is the Jews panicking.

To which, I replied:

Well, then one of the first things we might do, is respectfully point out that the Jewish management of Auschwitz seriously “downplayed” their own pet Ho-ho-HollowCaust, when they did THIS:

The Numbers that were quietly changed (overnight, in 1995) on the Auschwitz-Treblinka Monument
From 4 million deaths down to ‘approx’ 1.5 million.
See the attached before and after images of the Auschwitz-Treblinka monument AFTER ‘one famous night’ in 1995.
But the TOTAL WW2 Jewish deaths? REMAINS SIX MILLION…
The amazing Jew Abacus.

We might also point out that the International Red Cross (despite massive pressure from Israel) (we wonder why) “downplayed” the Ho-ho-thing, when they finally (2008) released War-time documentation, that indicates with crystal clarity, that the IRC had open access to all the German WORK camps (unlike the Jewish-Bolshevik Gulags), and NEVER OBSERVED ONGOING German genocide of anybody. Fancy that, eh.
Now check out the Jewish-Bolshevik Gulags. And Ukraine. The Kulaks. Armenian genocide. Katyn. Bio-Pharma. Eh?

The Numbers the International Red Cross (who had open access!) quotes for deaths from ALL causes in the camps.
(emphasis on: ‘ALL’)
272,301. Not ‘six million’. Or even 6,000,000.
Small difference?
Seems really suspicious that Israel moved heaven and earth to keep these documents SECRET for decades. Until 2008.

I could go on, but suffice it to say, Drama Queen, wannabe Julius Ceasar, Justin Castro-Trudeau, and his WEF minions, will all have their grubby hands full prosecuting Jewish dissent, and the International Red Cross.

And a million other perfectly upright, honest, studious researchers, respected Historians and archivists, who ALL say the Holocaust is as bu-bu-bogus, as a pickled pork sausage at a Jewish wedding.




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