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Holocaust witness & ‘author’ Rudolf Vrba, crashing, in flames

Posted on March 20, 2022

Holocaust witness & ‘author’ Rudolf Vrba, crashing, in flames
Well, old Slovak Jew Rudolf here, he went one further. He’s been prominently featured in various movies, such as the hyper emotional ‘Shoah’, directed by Claude Lanzman. He also published an autobiography. “I cannot forgive”. I looked it up. Thousands of gushing 5-star reviews. Dramatic Excerpt:
April 7, 1944–Alarm sirens announce the escape of two Slovak prisoners from a heavily-guarded camp in Nazi Germany. The escapees, Rodolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler, succeed and flee more than one hundred miles to give the first graphic and exact descriptions of the operations at Auschwitz, which up to that point had only been heard about as unverifiable rumours. Their report, first published in Swiss and then in the western press, made the reality of Nazi annihilation camps explicit and unequivocal to Pope Pius XII, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt.
‘I Cannot Forgive’ gives a masterly portrayal of the human factors behind the initial report of the terrors of Auschwitz. Few will able to read this account of the gigantic and inhumane machine of death which the German Reich set up without feeling profound emotion. Many have found in it a remarkable and deeply personal story of heroism and determination in the face of seemingly hopeless odds.
Rudolf Vrba
Pretty good, huh? There’s just ONE teeny, wee, lil’ problem.
In the words of Robert Faurisson:
“Everything went well for him until the day at the Zündel trial in 1985 when he was cross-examined mercilessly. He was then shown to be an impostor. It was revealed that he had completely made up the number and location of the “gas chambers” and the crematories in his famous 1944 report. His 1964 book opened with a purported January 1943 visit by Himmler to Birkenau to inaugurate a new crematorium with “gas chamber.” Actually, the last visit by Himmler to Auschwitz took place in July of 1942, and in January 1943 the first of the new crematories was still far from finished. Thanks, apparently, to some special gift of memory (that he called “special mnemonic principles” or “special mnemonical method”) and to a real talent for being everywhere at once, Vrba had calculated that in the space of 25 months (April 1942 to April 1944) the Germans had “gassed” 1,765,000 Jews at Birkenau alone, including 150,000 Jews from France. But in 1978, Serge Klarsfeld,

in his Memorial to the Deportation of the Jews from France , had been forced to conclude that, for the entire length of the war, the Germans had deported a total of 75,721 Jews from France to all their concentration concentration camps. The gravest aspect of this is that the figure of 1,765,000 Jews “gassed” at Birkenau had also been used in a document [11] at the main Nuremberg trial. Attacked on all sides by Zündel’s lawyer, the impostor had no other recourse than to invoke, in Latin, the “licentia poetarum,” or “poetic license,” in other words, the right to engage in fiction. [12] His book has just been published in France (1987); this edition is presented as a book by “Rudolf Vrba with Alan Bestic.” It no longer includes the enthusiastic preface by Alan Bestic, and the short introduction by Emile Copfermann notes that “with the approval of Rudolf Vrba the two appendices from the English edition have been removed.” Nothing is said about the fact that those two appendices had also caused Vrba serious problems in 1985 at the Toronto trial.”
Verdict: Impostor, liar, fake. But his book and ‘report’ are still touted TODAY, as the GENUINE HOLOCAUST Jew’s knees. How sad is that.  “The right to engage in FICTION”. 
Reference: pages 19 through 21, downloaded from “Did six million really die?”

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