Category: Poetry

  • A thought hovers

    Hm. A thought hovers precariously, like a dew drop warming slowly yet dangerously in the early morning light. We're not done yet chasing truth, scribbling, and wickedly promoting disturbance in the blog-o-sphere. “We shall see” he said grimly a hint of madness illuminating, stubbornly the one half seeing eye. Return to Index? (CosmicDrifter.COM)?   Last edited […]

  • Victoria

    Victoria I never knew you, little thing But I know you liked to sing Gymnastics in your Grampa's yard Your loving Grandma keeping guard. I know you laughed and felt the sun enjoyed a ton of simple fun A 'borrowed angel', for a while With such an honest, open smile. I never knew you, little […]

  • Clinton, Inc

    Clinton, Inc. in an unstable, dangerous world At times their noise and raucous din The screeching of their violin The shrill incessant howl of rage That seems to leap off every page The Clinton press corps, loyal hacks All bought-and-paid for maniacs In sycophantic, fawning mobs Prostrate their spineless jelly blobs Before their Ice Queen, […]

  • Suspended in a beam of Light

    Suspended in a beam of Light Suspended in a beam of light, So nearly tumbled out of sight A fraction of a pixel seen Where all my little life has been. Where all my tiny mind unfolds Where all my simple dreams and goals Have found a stage to yell and shout The few poor […]

  • An Ode to Erdogan

    ] An Ode to Erdogan So Deep down in my Muslim heart Right where my feelings proudly start Behind the smug and well fed jowl Right where my lust and ego prowl That’s where you’ll find a burning hate That wishes to wipe clean the slate There never was a genocide Armenians? They all just […]

  • To You Servants of Cruelty

    To You Servants of Cruelty Words cannot describe Our sadness. What Man has done to Man This insanity The best efforts of the feeling scribe Fail Utterly To convey In any meaningful way The intensity of grief The Dreamer feels When the cruel, heartless thief Steals What is precious beyond the written word. The Innocence, […]

  • I am the Pin Ball

    I am the Pin Ball I am the pin ball In the machine Paddled by forces Seldom seen Invisible fingers Plot my way At their mercy I ricochet.

  • Lin-hsia (to be in the woods)

    Lin-hsia (to be in the woods) I wish for ancient, solemn pines And whispers of the days gone by As underneath the patient spines I watch the changing of the sky. The forest knows the heart of men And in that knowledge stands aside No judgment echoes through the glen Save that we carry deep […]

  • The False Calm

    The False Calm (watching in awe as the small man, Obama-Chamberlain, repeats Munich, 1939 style, and Ukraine is fractured) (who is next?) The False Calm of a stricken night Fading away Sleepless and tossed In the struggling light My second sight Seems to be lost Vying only in decay With shadow filled dreams and unrhymed […]

  • To My Regular Readers (all two of you)

    So WHY scribble? And dream? Perhaps we just vent the soul? Click HERE Serious? Us two? Sure! Always! Got a pickle sandwich…? In regard to some well-meaning writers and other friends of mine, who seem vexed with my indifference to a whole host of things they seem to prize highly… To wit: advertise on my […]