‘Critical Mass’ in Holocaust Skepticism

Posted on March 20, 2021

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‘Critical Mass’ in Holocaust Skepticism

Somebody wrote this, on the subject of Holocaust Skepticism, and it set me thinking:

“The critical mass will come. Then the real numbers, the real story will reveal the human lives turned upside down by war, bad policy, and post event opportunists.”

And I wonder, to myself.
Post-event-opportunists, indeed.
Will we one day reach ‘critical mass’ in Holocaust Skepticism? 'Speaking'
Where ‘the three stages’ are so amply in evidence, that ‘Holocaust Defenders’ will start feeling (for the first time) that they are being pushed backwards, onto the defensive?

To wit, an abundance of evidence of these ‘three stages’ becoming  the norm, not the exception?
1. Basic Questioning
2. Doubt
3. Denial
I don’t know. I ask you the Question.

The sheer ‘scorn’ with which Holocaust Defenders RAIN withering belittlement and condescension on their Questioners? Seems to me to belie their cocky swagger.
It was Shakespeare, was it not, who put his finger on the tender spot? Remember?

Thou protesteth too much…

I see a multitude of pertinent questions, piercing in their intensity, going right to the heart of the ‘Great Doubt’, that defenders of the ‘Six Million’ simply WILL NOT address. Hell, no. Run-run-run.

Tactic Number One? Dodge it, dodge it, treat the Rational Questioner with putrid contempt.

Tactic Number Two? Roll in yet another tear-jerker Holocaust ‘Survivor’, and interview the old dear (or, we strongly suspect, the lying old bat), with some toady interviewer playing to the gallery. The violins?  Oh, just SO, bud. Weepy-weepy.

I mean?  Come ON, Moshe. How long are you going to keep ‘the Grand Shoah Bluff’ going?
Are you really that confident? Or are you secretly worried as hell the dam is about to burst?

Of all the most mild-mannered, inoffensive men I ever encountered in the Holocaust Truther Brigade, one of the absolute most mellow and super REASONABLE birds -ever- was Ernst Zundel. I was watching a video of him trying to give a street interview, and a Jew with a ghetto blaster BOOMBOX insisted on playing it super loudly, utter gibberish, mere feet away, to deliberately disrupt the interview. All PROUD of himself the Boomboxer was. That delighted, sticky grin.
It was as if he was saying:  “Look at what I am doing here to combat HATE.”

Excuse me?

How rude and ignorant and, errr…. HATEFUL is that? I’d have been sorely tempted to clock you one right in-the-mouth. But no, Ernst Zundel just took it all in his stride. Never reacted. All in a day’s Holocaust Truther Work.

Then, after he passed away? This busybody know-it-all lady with a microphone, standing outside the house where Zundel formerly lived. The camera panning up the facade of the house, like you might still see old blood stains, or discarded torture devices. Some used manacles, thumb screws, an Iron Maiden with nails on the inside. In you pop, and the door slams shut.
But that’s not enough drama, eh?
So, guess what?  Down the sidewalk there just HAPPENS to walk…
A happenstance passing pedestrian.
Right. I believe that. Fix, fix, fix.
Crisis actress, conveniently arriving.

So now they can together stare up at the building front, marveling.
“Do you know WHO lived there??”
(shudders) (unspeakable horror)
The personification of HATE in Canada!  Oh-my-GOSH!  Ernst Zundel!  Can you BELIEVE that? He lived HERE? He organised his HATE campaign from THIS house?? Corrupting Canada??

Oh! We really need to tear it down. Burn the timbers. Bury the drywall.
Say a prayer. Maybe conduct an exorcism. Let’s petition the town Fathers!
Oh, woe is me!

What did he DO? That Zundel HATE monster? Did he deal drugs? Did he rape girls? Torture them?  Did he catch young men?  Subject them to hideous experiments, electrocution, and then bury them under his foundation? Did he have sex with the corpses??

No, worse. Much, MUCH worse.

HE DARED ASK BASIC QUESTIONS about the Stupid Shoah Grand Shekel Shakedown++++

Whaaaaaat……………….????    'Steam'

Burn the HOUSE down! And him too!
(You can’t. He’s already dead)   'Grin'

Seriously? You Jews? Grow up.


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