7. Previous False Claim of German ‘Gas Chambers’ in WW1

Posted on March 1, 2021

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7. Previous False claim of German gas chambers in WW1

‘Cigpapers’ wrote:

“It was widely reported during World War One ( 1914 to 1918 ) that the Germans, and their allies, were using gas chambers to kill thousands of prisoners. However after the end of the War Stanley Baldwin admitted in Parliament that it had been propaganda and no such gas chambers had existed. He also apologized publicly to the German People for this racist slur on them. ”

Our take-away from this can be that ‘there has always been’ the same old, same old ‘gas chamber BS’.
The difference between the end of WW1  and WW2 has been that there was nobody on the side of the curiously mis-named ‘Victorious Allies’ who was big enough to do what Stanley Baldwin did.

I.e. apologize to the fine German people.

And the #TalmudicMafia certainly were not going to apologize. They were just getting going. The abysmal FARCE of the ‘Nurnberg Trials’ was just the very start of their systematic vilification and shameless extortion of the Germans. Drawing on David Irving’s work, and Benton L.Bradberry, I was always impressed by the utter ruthlessness of the Jewish sub-humans.

Devoid of troublesome empathy, (genetically, it seems), and pathologically convinced of their intellectual and spiritual superiority (over the despised goyim ‘cattle’), they set a LOW standard of treachery nobody else can plummet to. Cheerfully prepared to endow themselves with some ‘divine’ right to systematically destroy other races & cultures, if they could? They would destroy everybody on the planet, if they could, and keep it only for themselves. Indeed, they flat out say so…!

Bradberry and Irving both refer to the fact that the Jews (ironically) found SANCTUARY in Germany, after their initial failed attempt to take power in Russia, in the revolution of 1905. They were therefore, initially, seemingly very grateful to the Germans. Since a number of other nations had been most reluctant to take in this known band of congenital trouble-makers.
But treachery is a virtue in this breed.
My reading makes me suspect that the Kaiser was in some respects winning the war in 1916. This is hotly disputed. But in terms of territory, Germany had the upper hand. It was the Kaiser who offered Peace negotiations. In 1916…! This could have saved TWO full years of mechanized CARNAGE.

Enter: the #TalmudicMafia. And the rest is Blood and History. They saw the opening, offered to switch sides, stab their German hosts FULL in the back, and use their Media Empire to bring America into the war. In exchange for?  Quid pro Quo?  Palestine.

Balfour Declaration, etc.

My own reading makes me strongly suspect that if only the ever-conniving Jews had just for once butted THE HELL OUT in 1916, that the exhausted British WOULD have entered Peace Negotiations.
Zionist Wikipedia, of course, disagrees with me there. So do many folk on GAB. Who say Germany was being strangled by a blockade at sea.

I offer you my suspicions. 1916 could conceivably have ended the whole stupid thing. If you ever read my WW1 novel, “Jeremy’s War “, you’ll pick up on my intense loathing of the whole insane mess. That novel had its origins of standing alone in an overgrown, poorly kept WW1 cemetery in Orkney, on a wet, rainy day. FULL, FULL of 18,19,20, 21 year old well-meaning young men, slaughtered in the trenches.

Rain, pouring down my face. Tears, too.

Coming back to the lies about ‘homicidal gas chambers’, and evil Germans killing POW’s en masse, in said ‘homicidal gas chambers’, you will see the same putrid garbage they floated (and exploited) after WW2? Was already in vogue during WW1.
Same old, same old.
Along with lurid stories in the American Jew-owned Media of brutal Huns bayoneting babies, raping nurses, etc.

Makes me angry.

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