4. The Leuchter Report

Posted on February 26, 2021

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4.The Leuchter Report

‘Cigpapers’ wrote:

One of the pieces of evidence Professor Ernst Zundel produced at his trials in Canada was the “Leuchter Report ” compiled by Fred Leuchter on his commission.
Fred Leuchter is the World’s foremost expert on gas chambers.

After inspecting the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz, Leuchter concluded:

they were unsuitable for use as gas chambers, due to:

their lack of airtight doors,
lack of a gas extraction system
‘general shoddy build’.

He also chemically analysed the walls for ferrocyanide ( produced when Zyklon-B reacts with brick walls ) and concluded there was NONE

the Auschwitz authorities took the same tests
with the same results
and now

… ADMIT there was no gas chamber in Auschwitz”.



A.   If you go to Cigpaper’s Blog (https://cigpapers.blog/2013/11/16/holocaust-or-holohoax-21-amazing-facts/) you’ll note that the attached Youtube video?  Has a broken link. User account has been ‘terminated’. Google (who own Youtube) systematically delete & purge ANY and all material in any way critical of the ‘six million Jews gassed.’
Quite blatant.

B.  Leuchter suffered a lot of abuse and persecution for his expert testimony.

C.  Link to the full ‘Leuchter Report’:    HERE


D.  CODOH   Link to the ‘Leuchter Report’:


A fascinating read, but just hard (for me anyway) to retain it all. I need to do a ‘summary of the main points’.

Personally, I think the ‘Leuchter Report’ is simply devastating for the Holocaust myth.

Having said that, there are some quite entertaining ‘hatchet jobs’ available.

E.  Wikipedia has been taken over by activists, who camp out on various pages, and instantly change anything back again to the approved Holocaust version. AND then they send you a love letter email. Kinda. Here is the LINK.


Wikipedia describe it as a ‘pseudo-scientific document’. ONE quick look at the qualifications of Fred Leuchter? I think will convince you to trust HIS word way ahead of some Liberal, Jew, activist, camped out on a Wikepedia page.

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