Splashing. In the shallow end.

Posted on April 30, 2020

April 29, 2020

Splashing. In the shallow end.


       They remind me of spoiled children, splashing far too noisily, at the shallow end of the pool. Aggressively claiming space. Always elbowing in front of the cameras, clamoring for attention. Some are astoundingly d-u-m-b. Truly. Causing many of us to shake our heads, in amazement. How can you even get AWAY (or be let off) with such factual, gibbering nonsense?  Even re-writing History?

The answer is that it suits our Dark Overlords & Masters. And too many devoted fans, groupies at the rock concert, are eager to swallow the warm, soporific, propaganda pap. Other politicians are maybe 'clever', but in a pejorative sense of the word. Think 'cunning' & 'sly'. 'Manipulative', and, behind the false, beaming smile, the eyes… cold. They hold us privately in contempt, although, often enough, (like the Ice Queen in her leaked emails), they flat out SAY so. Too often they are greedy, traitorous, and their motivation is NOT our welfare, or of the country. Are you kidding? They serve strictly their OWN interests, and that of a small, far-too-powerful CLIQUE.

      The impact of all this? Is that our ancestral homelands are continually rocked by unseemly passions, and divisions, that are artificially created.  Worse. They are then continually, super-cynically, SUSTAINED by a biased & bought Media Empire. That makes us, poor Patriot slobs, the casual targets of a handful of super rich Jews.
That just sticks in my throat. Damned if I'll swallow.
Meet the #TalmudicMafia, brazen, ever manipulating.  At your dis-service.
Tactic? Divide & Conquer.
Then divide some more. Weaken the Nation State. Brown out those pesky Whites. Bury them in guilt & pornography, Somali Doctors and Congolese Nurses, Muslim women's right advocates, and ISIS Pacifists. Vilify Patriotism. Opposition to Muslim Child Rape gangs? Those racist White extremists again! You want to fly your FLAG!? From your (foreign-owned) condo? Oh! Far Right extremist!

       It's sad when only a (growing) minority can see through this Zionist circus. Can see the damage being done. Can understand that politics is not won by convincing the intelligent. Or consulting the people via plebiscite, (ha!), on the future of their country. Never! It is won by money, and cynically bamboozling the dumbest, in sufficient numbers. By arousing them into passions, even hate, against the 'enemy'. Their brothers…
At times, I shut off the computer. I take my poetry. And wander the fields and hills. For hours. Even weeks.
I travel the Universe, I travel Time. I dream of Greatness, and our re-Birth.

What will it take?
Votes? Reasoning? Persuasion?  Wisdom? Vigils? Sad songs?
Teddy Bears?
Or Gun fire? Bomb blasts? Targeted assassination of traitors? The emergence of armed & furious Patriots from behind their civility?
Is Transformative History EVER made by the meek & reasonable? By persuasion? By plebiscite?
Or by the Dark, Brute Forces, so evident in our lives today?

You tell me.

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