My Third Novel: Problems – Part 1

Posted on October 3, 2019

My Third Novel…

Problems – Part 1

Problem. My third novel….
Realism, accuracy, historical references.
My first two novels (“Jeremy’s War” & “The Tuna Hunter”) (e-books on were, by comparison, much more straightforward. I slowly built the characters, frequently based in part on Life, Death, and my adventures enroute, too often (just) past the latter. They meekly spoke the words I gave them,  and performed the stupid-passionate-cold (& murderous) I ordained upon their walk. Nobody argued back. Over 100,000 words later, in each case, a story was molded.  Bestsellers they are not, and that minor detail worries me not in the slightest.  I wrote the bastards. Wrestled though many an all-night session. I often drank the bitter cup. Scratched a cruel, surgical pen into what remains of my dark & brooding soul.
That’s what matters. For me.  You may sneer, and call it vanity press if you wish. Or you may condescendingly mock self-therapy. What-ever. If judgement is your forte, and your insight and brilliance is par excellence, then read no further. I dare not waste your august time.

Now, for my third novel, I want to describe the emerging scenario in Europe today, and likely blood spilling & ‘premeditated culture annihilation’ (PCA) over the next decades.
Whole different kettle of fish.
It’s easy-ish to spin a good yarn. It’s much harder to chart, predict, forecast, the mindset of the emerging European Patriot Paramilitary.  I truly believe (and I am far from being alone) that ever growing invader arrogance, brutality & violence, and consequent Patriot push-back is inevitable.
One of the many problems we face is accuracy of PAST History.  And even remotely understanding same. Interpretations of events -even those we attend in person- are always subjective. The author Tim Pat Coogan did a very detailed analysis in his book “The IRA”, but there are areas in which I believe he is partly mistaken. In particular, the fact that some IRA members consented to interviews, and other did not, and would never do so, should be a red flag to the observer. It’s NOT a cross-section you are interviewing. The extreme and necessary paranoia of the true silent killer, (or enablers of killers), means that the fate(s) of some of the most deadly assets remain unknown, or barely known, to this day. The strange demise of one ASU, one of the absolute deadliest, to this day smacks to many of flat-out betrayal. By their own side. A politically expedient price to pay? For what? Betrayal by whom?  Which Judas? How many pieces of silver? Ah, no certainty there, but much speculation. And lasting bitterness.  The fact that every one was killed, and not one taken alive, or even seriously wounded, further suggests ‘planned execution’. We know the British Government had its reasons. But maybe not just the British Government. Somebody else also had a vested reason to ensure these men could never tell their stories. Or threaten the Peace process?

It is easy for academics and journalists to assume that all aspects of IRA activity are ‘open book’ and that, as the cynical saying goes, ‘more books have been written about the IRA than the number of members they had’.  That is a mistake of complacency.
A small example: I was present in Dublin at the burning of the British embassy. I have yet to read a fully complete report of what truly transpired that night. And what those ceremonial coffins really contained.
That is History, allegedly, well documented and understood. I query both conclusions.
But… What of today? When the Official Media is officially long gone JOT? Jew Occupied Territory? When dis-information is not just common, but rampant? When a European populace often is all too  quietly fearful, but compensates by furious mockery, (it will never happen), and by being illogically in favor of endless appeasement?  Where the messengers of bad news are themselves, shot, or, worse, labelled Far-Right extremists? And viciously persecuted? Fined, libeled, incarcerated, & silenced?

Try and wrap a believe-able story around that lot.
No PC, instead, be honest about the PCA.

Without furiously offending lots and lots of people.

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