The Spiritual Struggle in Europe today Pt.3

Posted on September 20, 2019

The Spiritual Struggle in Europe today    Pt.3

       I could tell he was annoyed. But trying to place a cover of decorum over it.
His eyes were dangerous.
I, for my part, carefully put my face to neutral (bordering on the inane), and merely raised my eyebrows questioningly. I can do a real good 'stupid-harmless' act. That, and dumb luck, has kept me out of Russian, Polish, DDR, Irish and English jails. So far. Admittedly, it's been super close a few times.
He cleared his throat, and let rip.
“Francis”. His gestures appeared to indicate an effort to maintain patience.
“I just can't believe that a man of your world traveling pedigree could write such…”
He pretended to be struggling for words. I pretended to help him. I filled in the blank:  
He looked at me. Again, the eyes. He was annoyed. I looked as dufus-moronic as I thought appropriate. Like Father Moriarty once said. “When running guns, never over-do the act”.
He plunged in.
“What's with this spiritual stuff? It's a nonsense. A fabrication. You don't HAVE an invisible friend-in-the-sky. I don't have one. Nobody has one. The world would be SO much better off if we could put this superstition, and make-believe hocus-pocus to permanent rest once and for all.”
I said nothing. There's was more coming. Let 'em shoot first. Count their guns. Aim yours.
“I mean, listen to this. What you wrote.”
He tapped on his screen. And read my words, with a slight hint of the deliberate-pompous in his delivery.

“I believe. Very simply, that there is MUCH more going on around us, than we simple creatures even BEGIN to understand. We know little to nothing, I say”.

He paused, and looked at me, questioningly. The quote was clearly being advanced as 'Exhibit A' in my interrogation. I thought it would be tactful for me to smile guiltily.
He continued:
“How can you even write such drivel? Man has split the atom. He has landed men on the moon. He is developing gene-splicing techniques. We peer through space based telescopes at the furthest distances in the visible Universe. Einstein and others have explained the Universe in large part. Men can travel at speeds that would defy the understanding of the ancients. We are advancing on every frontier. And you are saying we know little to nothing?”
I nodded, quite happily. “Yes.”
He sat back in his chair, and sighed demonstratively. An obligatory head-shake. He wished to communicate that I was testing his patience. Almost as an after thought, he added:
“And WHAT has all this to do with the alleged crisis in Europe, pray?”
There. The floor was mine. My turn.

I reflected on my approach. Softly, as usual. I'm a scorpion, you see. I'm totally harmless, until. I'm in position.
“I accept the advances in Science and Technology, and I am an enthusiastic follower of same. Don't forget I flew helicopters and airplanes. I've always followed Elon Musk and the fortunes of Spacex & Tesla. But my sense is different…”
I put a slight emphasis on the simple word 'sense'. It was my way of referring to something greater than could be captured by mere words. The sum of Life's meditation and experiences, as it were.   
“One small example, by no means fundamental, but intriguing, is that Mathematics has shown the probability of the existence of ten or eleven dimensions. We know and live in only four of them. What else is going on around us? We don't know…”
He snorted. He was not impressed.I carried on:
“There is a huge amount of information available as to what happens at the cellular level. We know that Darwin and his colleagues saw the human cell as filled with a sort of living soup. They had no idea, simply no clue, as to the massively complicated cellular machinery, busily engaged in producing Order out of Chaos, against all the odds. For we know, mathematically and from observation, that Chaos always leads to more Chaos, not Order. If the hurricane blows through the scrap yard, even for millions of years, the probability of a flight ready Boeing Triple Seven spontaneously emerging, is non-existent. It's even more non-existent in terms of probability, that said Boeing triple Seven would take off on her own, perform a double vertical roll, a hammerhead at the top, and then gently land back in the same scrapyard. The sequential workings of a 'simple' human cell,as it turns out, are WAY more complex and sequence critical, than the assembly of a hum-drum, boring old Boeing Triple Seven.  Bill Gates has said words to the effect that nothing that Man has ever produced, comes anywhere close to the simply marvelous CODING in a 'simple' human cell…”
He interrupted.
“Why then are the majority of Scientists Atheists or Agnostic? Who believe in Evolution?”
I smiled. It was a favorite question. For me.
“Good question. I'm glad you asked. FAR greater minds than mine have suggested that it takes MORE 'religious' Faith to still believe unquestioningly in the Theory of Evolution, than it does to suspect an all powerful Creator. But Men are proud. They find it hard to accept their place in the scheme of things is reduced to squeaking from the back of the peanut gallery. They wish to drone on sonorously from Center Stage. Under the floodlights, and surrounded by admirers. They would much rather place their own presumed Intellect and claimed Understanding on a lofty pedestal, than admit to themselves that the never ending supply of Questions still totally outweigh the supply of Answers.”  
He shook his head.
“Francis… where are you going with this? And what on earth relevance can any of this have to what you say are the coming European Civil War(s)?”
“The relevance is fundamental. If we even remotely have to suspect the Presence of a Creator, then we might prudently ponder many issues that flow forth from that. Such as our relationship with that Creator. And, if there might just be a Creator, a Master of Light, the so-called Alpha and Omega, then ought we not also to allow for the lurking Presence of the often mentioned Demonic World? A dark world, that hates Man?  
His look betrayed his contempt.
“A devil? Horns and forked tail? A smell of sulphur, and gallons of Holy Water?”
“Maybe. I think it's the eyes that give him away, however.”
“What do you mean?”
“I had the experience, many years ago, of being in a very tense situation with a man who utterly hated me. If he could have, he would have killed me. And my feelings towards him were not terribly chivalrous either. We were staring at each other, momentarily rooted to the spot. And all of a sudden, what looked out at me, though his eyes, was not him. It was a Presence that was soundlessly laughing at me, whilst hating me with an Intensity I had never experienced before. That Presence was totally comfortable inside his body. His eyes went red. Blood red…”
“You imagined it.”
“Maybe. I never mentioned it to anybody, for years. Then I met up with a suicidal Afghanistan veteran. We talked for hours. He… had experienced the exact same thing.”
“So that was the devil.”
“I think it was a Demonic Presence, inside him. Very comfortable inside him.”
“What happened to that fellow?”
“He died a year later. In a knife fight in a bar in Mexico. Stabbed to Death.”
There was a pause. He shook himself.
“So from that experience, and others, and a Life lived often on the ragged edge, I am left with the strong suspicion that the Demonic World is both real, and that it hates us. That the Demonic World delights in Man dishonoring himself, and thus his Creator. Whether man dishonors his body, such as through perversions and pornography, or whether he dishonors his mind, through the endless pursuit of Mammon, is immaterial. The Demonic rejoices, when Man chooses ways that are not of God.”
“Meh. It's too off-the-wall.”
“Every man must walk that journey for himself. And choose from among the beckoning shadows. We have been gifted Free Will. I've made my choice. I am small. A minuscule speck. A pebble on the beach. A second in Eternity. A butterfly's wing beat. But I believe that, despite everything, I am deeply loved.”
“And Europe…?”
“Europe is under terminal attack. Europe will fight, or whimper, and die a pitiful, lingering death. What will replace it will be a whole new Dark Age. For the fight against this abomination to be successful, Europeans must learn, or rather re-learn, ancient Wisdom. Ancient values.”  
“Such as…?”
“Such as self sacrifice. When men -unwisely- see themselves at the center of the Universe, and their one life as all they will ever have, they fall quickly into the ways of Mammon. They seek pleasure, material comfort, and security only for themselves and their immediate loved ones. They seek fame, notoriety, recognition and reward. To give their lives freely for their culture or their country, appears to them to be foolishness.
“You want people to get themselves killed for their country?”
“I want people to give their everything in the coming fight. I want them to live, but be willing to die, if Fate so demands. In the knowledge that Life is but a short sojourn. A room, in which we spend some Time. Then, the door opens, and we move on, further and deeper, into the Good King's Castle.”
“I don't think many people will buy your vision, Francis.”
“I'm not selling anything. And I suspect you're mistaken. I think many of the best and the brightest people in Europe, are busy waking up. They see what's coming. They're no fools. They know their culture HAS to re-discover the Ancient Roots once more, or perish. They know the spirits of their Ancestors are stirring. The know the future of their ancestral homelands is on the line. Many are young, passionate, and see the moral weakness of the generation that has gone before. They sense the Demonic, and its willing agents, bearing down on Europe. They SEE the epic lies in the Talmudic Media”.
He was thinking. Eventually:
“Well, it's not my fight. I'll watch. I'm interested as to how it goes.”

I smiled.
“Not yet it isn't”, I said.

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