The Spiritual Struggle in Europe today (Pt. 1)

Posted on September 20, 2019


The Spiritual Struggle in Europe today   (Pt 1)

Even as I write the audacious (“Come all ye faithful, and FIGHT me”) in-your-face title, a voice in my head is barking furiously.
“There you go again! Irishmen rush in, where angels won't be seen DEAD. Go on, bite off more than you can EVER hope to chew. Light a fire. Get shot at. When-in-HELL-will-YOU-ever-learn-Discretion?”
But… another voice is there, too. My laid-back, dry, 'aw, fukkit, anyway' voice. The one that gets me into trouble. Re-li-a-bly. Every-stupid-time.

I believe. Very simply, that there is MUCH more going on around us, than we simple creatures even BEGIN to understand. We know little to nothing, I say. Steady on with the puffed up pride, men. We are the fat & lazy valley mud worms, gazing up, pondering a leisurely weekend 'picnic break' on the top of Mount Everest. We are the blazing matchstick, telling the super massive GIANT star 'Betelgeuse' to kindly bog off.
“Thank you, little star, but We have plenty of MY light,” intones the matchstick proudly.

There is HELL coming to Europe. Mini Hell is already strutting his stuff, proudly, (and poorly opposed), but Big Demon Daddy is just itching to make his grand entry soon enough. If you want to convince me everything is going to work itself out just fine, with the ballot box, goodwill and common sense, then save your breath. I'm not even listening anymore.
I predict (PREDICT) that the INVASION will inevitably be opposed by armed paramilitary Nationalist groupings. That's because EU Governments have gone full-on Quisling, and the EU Putrid Oligarchy has gone full-on, totalitarian-communist. The 'will of the people' is not just being ignored. It is been mocked. Made a caricature of. The Puffed Up Gaggle-at-the-top (I refuse to dishonor the term 'elite') cannot make it more clear:


And what's the biggest obstacle to challenging these traitors head-on?

Patriot Dis-unity.   'Steam'

Endless infighting. A house divided against itself, cannot stand. There is a tremendous consensus that the Mass Invasion of military age men (often experienced rapist-killers) is BAD. It was never VOTED on. It was INFLICTED. IMPOSED. HANDED DOWN FROM ABOVE. Between all the murderous 'blessings of Multiculturalism', you would THINK a united front would be opposing that. Nope.
skyrocketing property crime, assaults, mugging, vicious rape, pressure on housing, pressure on Benefits funding, pressure on Pension funding, pressure on Health Care…
the Putrid Oligarchy will not budge.
Muslim Hate Preachers and Radicals OPENLY advocating for an Islamic Caliphate, and OPENLY burning your country's FLAG, you, dear Citizen, still sputter & fizz & grumble, but, in effect, you tolerate same. Islam is above the Law. Or certainly acts that way.
The Talmudic Mafia, the (not even behind-the-scenes) movers & shakers, funders & enablers of the Mass Invasion, still maintain overwhelming ownership of Europe's choke points. Central Banking, the Media & Film Industry, a retinue of bought-and-paid for, soul dead, political puppets… yet, in too many countries, just utter ONE syllable, against them, their absurd Holohoax blackmail & extortion scheme, or their sacred Lies, and it's hey-ho, off to the Pokey YOU go. They are allowed to and able to, maintain, not just their outrageous lies, but  their standing. That's a puzzle to me.

I predict, (PREDICT), based on the lessons of History:

1) that the emergence of paramilitary organisations in Europe is already happening, and will only accelerate. We have already talked about this at great length in this group, CECW.

but, now another aspect..

2) I predict that a crucial spiritual struggle will also massively intensify.

What do you think of THIS post I saw?
Judge Dread@judgedread said:

“Christianity is diverting 99% of right wing energy into an enemy system.
To the degree your presence in church generates a wholesome facade you contribute to the problem, providing cover for the denominations refugee settlement and third world aid work”.

What do you think of my reply?


Christianity does NOT mean Jesus-meek-and-mild.
It's often interpreted that way, and a route towards spiritual comfort, and smug sit-back complacency, but REAL Christians -I submit- WILL FIGHT.

A huge subject, but an important one.
Note that I have SOME considerable sympathy with his post. I think I know where he's going with it.

We should talk about this subject.

I know. Shudders. Difficult, yes. But let me try.

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