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Posted on September 19, 2019

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Cosmic Wanderer   Aug 20, 2019  

“Wait,” said the pebble

I refer to the video below in the CECW group already. But in this scribble, I’m trying to work out something else. That I find disturbing. Click on this link:

Judaism, the ideology behind world domination

I guess my own outlook is just radically different. The Jewish speakers in this video, and this humble Goy worm , (created solely by THEIR God to serve them, of course) (my soul being lower than the animals), well, I guess we are just not on the same (Talmudic) page.
I’d guess we are merely…. ten thousand plus light years apart? Twenty-seven (and-a-half) Universes?
In a way they make me angry. Disgusted. Determined to fight the ruthless b*stards. Yet in another sense, they leave me sad. Wondering. How…
How does Man seem to so often corrupt something SO good into something so…. ugly.
Different voices clamor in my mind. When I scribble verbal doodles, I try to work things out. You have to be so careful not to float above your station. If you think of me as a pebble on the beach, washed round-ish by the playful surf, and a wise Wanderer, in the early morning light.
“Hey, Wanderer!”, speaks the tiny pebble.
“I’m special, you know! You need to pay attention to me!”
In reply, the Wise Wanderer (that’s you) smiles, and, surveying the miles and miles of pebble covered beaches, he replies, gently:
“Sure you are, pebble. Sure you are…”

My God (cough) is just not like the one ‘they’ paint at all. Let’s ignore the minor (?) fact that 85% of this Mafia are descended from a 9th century mass tribal ‘conversion’ to Judaism (no ancestral lineage at ALL to the people of Jesus’ time). Red flag right there, I’d say. But even without that, seriously, God works like that? Holy Moly. Basically a blood thirsty monster, who approves of HIS people slaughtering and ruthlessly exploiting everybody else?
Hardly the message of Paul and the NT.

I watch the video. The hard, stern faces. The mostly equally hard faces in the young Jewish audience. Lapping it up. What’s the message here? Go forth and plunder? Smile at the Goy before you roger him? Especially those dumb Zionist slave Americans? More billions?

I sense something totally different in the Cosmos. I sense a Great Kindness, that is well capable of Anger. But much prefers the soft word. A Great Wisdom, born of unimaginable Ages, matched only by an even greater Patience. Especially when dealing with noisy pebbles.

“Ah”, says the weary, passing Atheist. Not unkindly.
“‘Tis but a figment of your imagination.”
And I reply, as honestly as I can:
“I don’t think so. I accept yours is a valid caution. I accept the truth, that Man has crafted a God in the image of his dark thoughts for millennia. From Moloch and child sacrifice,  to the burning at the stake. From Salem to the Spanish inquisition, from Allahu Akbar to the Vatican, from….”

But the Atheist, tired already, strolled on by.

“Wait”, said the pebble. “Can we continue this?”

The Atheist paused. Sniffing the fresh, invigorating, sea air.

“Maybe”, he said.

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