The coming European Civil War (2) Strategy

Posted on January 22, 2017

The Coming European Civil War(s)   


The development of the ideology of a hypothetical, deadly, pan European para-military force, we shall name “Sons of Wodan “. (SOW).
Let us try and get into the mindset of a hypothetical, mid-ranking Commander in the emerging SOW. Let's look at his challenges, in philosophical, emotional, spiritual and ideological areas. For ease, we'll call our patriot Gustav.

       Gustav is a young man.
A career professional with a comfortable, affluent life style. He is soft spoken, unassuming, and highly intelligent. He is a student of History. But above all, he is an ice cold Realist. He has seen the organisation graduate from regular street patrols, dealing with petty thieves, thugs, and violent rapists, to an organisation capable and willing -where necessary – to carry out acts of arson, sabotage and mass civil disobedience. He has at his disposal determined young Patriot men, with muscle and courage, who love their country, and who are determined to fight the Great Merkel Betrayal to the bitter end. There will be no surrender to either the Islamic Invasion, orchestrated and sinister, or a capitulation to the Quisling Forces of appeasement. To those elected officials, and members of a cowed and broken, soulless Media, whose sole mission in Life up to this point has been to facilitate Islamic conquest as rapidly and speedily as possible. The welcoming of Sharia Law, the welcoming of a Muslim caliphate, the welcoming of cultural dilution of the Native Peoples. Cultural dilution initially. But after that, he strongly suspects, in a few short decades, cultural annihilation. De facto enslavement and subjugation to a violent, foreign, misogynistic, pedophile, sickeningly perverse 7th century cult.
He stands up from behind the flickering computer screen. Walks over to the window, and stares at the late evening sun setting over his beloved home land. How many generations of his forefathers have lived and died there? Too many to count. Going far back before recorded History even began, his ancestors had lived and toiled, worried and fought, bled and died, but never -ever- voluntarily surrendered their heritage. But now…
Now he had countrymen willing, eager, falling over themselves, to usher in their nation's permanent cultural demise.
He shakes his head. Time to plan ahead. Not wallow in the recent past. It is time to reflect. Plan. Plan. Plan.
The analytic, cold part of his mind took careful control. He silently listed their problems, one by one. Cogitating, meditating, reflecting.

A) They had to continue to swell their numbers of street soldiers, and organize them into effective, rapid reaction, fighting formations. This was easier said than done. INFILTRATION was the chief worry. Infiltration by agents of an increasingly hysterically repressive Government. The left Wing Government, dominated by so-called 'Liberals' who seemed to have hijacked a word and a value to which they intended only terminal harm. The last thing the Government desired was the 'Liberty' of its citizens, Free Speech or Self Determination. On the contrary. It was their way, or the High Way. Translated increasingly into long prison sentences.

B) After infiltration, the problem was INTERNAL EFFICIENCY, SECURITY AND RAPIDITY of COMMUNICATION. In just his local area, he counted over one hundred and fifty dedicated Patriots. Arranged in 'cells' with six to eight members in each cell, SOW relied on a complex and somewhat cumbersome methodology of 'trickle down' commands. They referred to it as “Descending The Pyramid “. Instructions would be passed down from the tip of the pyramid, the top echelon, and be distributed only to the Cell Leaders (also known as Commanders) on the First Step Down. There were eight such cells. Eight leaders. Commanding 57 men. Of those eight cells on the First Step Down, five cells had at least one further Internal Cell. One even had Four Internal cells. These were again cells of six to eight men, arranged on the Second Step down. Headed up by a Cell Commander, who was a dual rated individual. Acting both as Cell Commander for his Internal Cell, situated on the Second Step down, he also was an ordinary foot soldier reporting to HIS Cell Commander on the First Step Down. In this way, the Pyramid was being being constructed steadily from the top down. However, the design factored in hostile penetration of cells anywhere in the Pyramid Structure. No matter which cell was compromised, no matter which Step/Tier that cell was located on, damage limitation was regarded as paramount. Units were expected to exercise a high degree of autonomy, making flexible, local command decisions in accordance with their overall Aims.

C) After INFILTRATION and INTERNAL SECURE COMMUNICATIONS, the next issue was COMMITMENT & THE LEVEL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL PREPAREDNESS. It was one thing to ask Patriots to patrol their own communities with the safety of their own kinfolk in mind. Especially that of the women and children. Most volunteered for that enthusiastically. Armed with fists and feet, clubs and courage, such patrols were effective, and sent a message. The very weight of numbers lent the patrols courage. But Gustav knew that more challenging, pro-active action would be soon required. Taking the fight to the enemy. The psychological profile that matched with a Patriot using his fists and feet, did not necessarily extend a preparedness to use Force of Arms. Never mind, Lethal Force. That need was approaching quickly.

Gustav the patriot, stands at the window, and ponders these fundamental questions. He contemplates overall STRATEGY, and the resultant TACTICS to be used on the short term, local level.

His brow is furrowed.

In the distance, a bell tolls.

(to be continued)

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