When Expats quietly muse. Of tales, unspeakable. (Part 2)

Posted on April 15, 2021

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When Expats quietly muse. Of tales, unspeakable. (Part 2)

Shutting down much-needed conversation

1. So much today strives to shut down conversation. Often, a much-needed one. Thus the cry ‘Racist!’, ‘Islamophobe!’, ‘anti-Semite!’, ‘Islamophobe!’, ‘Homophobe!’, sends most curious minds quickly scurrying for the (peacefully) silent hills.
2. These (often angry, even hysterical) denunciations are often wrapped in soaring morality. Positively drip-ping with it.
3. To back up the high plains of superior morality, we have the introduction of criminal penalties for offenders, with ‘Hate Speech’ being a fine catch-all.
A bit like cops, and their favorite ‘disturbing the peace’, one size fits all.

This shutting down of open conversation is not a good thing. As Andrew Torba so keenly sees. It’s crude, a major step backwards. Wrapped in fine morality, or not.
Unfortunately, it’s effective. It’s left for a relative handful of GAB fools, like myself, to cheerfully wade in among the hungry (virtuous) alligators.
I am totally against unrestricted Open Borders, and hence the insincere organisations that have furiously promoted this for decades. I point an accusing finger at the Jewish owned ‘Mess’ (with everybody) Media. I point an accusing finger at their bought-and-paid-for political puppies. Short-sighted, selfish Quislings, all.
The bottom line is firstly that they are not acting in good faith. Their intentions are not noble. That’s bogus. They patently wish to weaken White Western nations.
Secondly, it was never voted on in recognizable form. No plebiscite. No clarity.
“Ma’am, would you like to fundamentally (and irreversibly) change your country and culture forever? Open the Borders, and allow the whole world to immigrate into White Countries?”
Asked no-one, ever.
Thirdly, it’s just a flat-out, unworkable, bad idea. For a multitude of reasons.
Ask ANY Expat.


Immigrant gang Live-streaming armed gang rape… on Facebook (seriously)

I say all that, because I have no heart, right? No compassion?
(Cue the shut-down words mentioned above)
I’ll let the reader decide that, but let me wade in deeper. Into that alligator pond. You see, I wish to look deeper into all these (hungry) crocodile eyes now surrounding me.  I am interested in those eyes. Especially in their copious tears.
For, much like their feigned good intentions, their tears are not real.

Israel ferociously shuns immigrants into Israel. Harshly. They want their country peaceful, low crime, and homogeneous. But, talking out of both corners-of-mouth, their ‘Mess’ Media, messing with your head, Ma’am, furiously tear YOU apart for wanting the same for yours.
But even worse than that steaming hypocrisy, demonstrating flat-out Jewish bad faith, is a fact that the stunted conversation overlooks an important truth:

It’s not even good for Africa, the Middle East, and other people ‘exporters to White Countries’.
In fact, it’s a downright bad idea.

That is easily seen when their best and brightest, most qualified, most able to sort out their own countries, pack up for White Paradise. These are the MOST needed, and we damn Whites happily steal them? Bad idea. Terribly bad idea.
They are a small minority. Regardless of insincere Jewish Mess Media hoopla-lah, the vast majority go on benefits, welfare, and settle back to relax, enjoy, and breed voluptuously.  This is flat-out bad for everybody, and all countries involved.
You plant this idea that the party can go on forever. It can’t, and it won’t.
That the money will last forever. The high standard of living-without-productively-working is assured forever. Social security will always go up with inflation. Pension schemes will always be solvent. The Government loves you. They prove it by giving your hard-earned tax money to any and all new arrivals who will reliably vote for them.
You plant this idea that the (reckless) party can go on forever. It can’t, and it won’t.
And everybody, eventually, will cry.

So many once-White Countries, have (had) generous welfare. But the pot is steadily drying up.  If you pour in endless unskilled people claiming every benefit they can, and never or rarely contributing? With volunteer agencies ‘helping them’? Collect every last cent? Often staffed (or funded) by the Jewish 5th Column?  George Soros?  The man who flat-out declares he hates us? What do you think is going to happen? What does anybody (who thinks, ffs), think?
The whole thing is going to collapse.
And everybody, eventually, will cry.

But I’m a racist, Islamophobe, anti-Semite, Homophobe.

Who has no heart, and doesn’t care.

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