Posted on May 3, 2011

The Cold Rush In My Spine
Dangling my Tiny Mind
Chilling Thoughts Blinking
Inking my deepest memories
I Remember my tears
Sparkling with fear
The happiness or the smile
was replaced by a frightening frown
The hope that i found
just got ripped by the hounds
Oh! how i wish everything will be fair for me
Oh! how i missed my life
“Is this the end for me?? “
Just so i cried
A blinding flashing light
Awakened my entire mind
With the mightiest of the might
This new faith has raised me
From the depths of the underworld
To the heights of heaven
Was it just me or
It was getting too obvious
A Splash on my face
Was all i could remember of that wonderful dream

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One response to “Life”

  1. I wish more kids would enjoy poetry. Feelings… are so well expressed in this way.  Seems you got a good grip on how to post your first piece.
    Next step is to experiment with inserting images.

    Traditionally, we use a capital "I" instead of "i" for the first person, but I notice many people seem to deliberately omit this. I guess maybe that’s the new style.

    My comment would be to try and and recite your work out loud. Get a feel for the "music" of the words. Imagine a person who did not speak or understand English. Could you convey to him or her  a sense of your mood by the sound of the words?

    Good job. Have fun.

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