The Night is dark, the Seas, stormy

March 8, 2022 in article about writing

  The Night is dark, the seas, stormy Who even thinks like this Rabbi? Never mind coming out, and flat-out saying it? We are all here for a tiny wander. A taster. That’s all. Then, with a soft sigh? We are gone. To seek only power, and wealth, and status in this little Life? Obsessively, maniacally, so? It’s like sailing your ship, at night, through fog, and torrential rain, past hidden ice bergs, and uncharted reefs. Posing, strutting, preening. Your chest all puffed out. Loudly proclaiming: “Full speed ahead! We are the highest and most cultured!” With the plastic lens caps still on your binoculars. You can’t see anything. You’re sailing blind. The wiser captain slows down. Peering intently through his binoculars, hour after hour, through the darkness. The windscreen wipers clacking time. Rain running down the windows. His heart? Humble. In love with the seas. His feet, sturdily braced, Read More

Twenty-two Questions for the honest man

February 27, 2022 in Holocaust Stories, Normie Challenge List

  “In the privacy, of your own mind? What do you think, of human kind? When it comes to truth or lies?  Which is written, in the skies?” Question #1. Why did Elie Wiesel and countless (tens of thousands?) (nope!) (100,000 plus??) of other Jews survive the Holocaust (and go on to collect fame & reparations), if it was the intention of the Third Reich to eliminate every Jew they got their hands on? Wiesel claimed (disputed – Ed) to have been an inmate at Auschwitz for several YEARS. Others claim to have survived even longer. Most of these “survivors” were ordinary people, who did not possess any unique expertise. That could have been uniquely exploited for the German war effort. There was no logical, pressing reason to keep them alive. The very existence of more than a million survivors, even today, sixty years later (written AD 2005 – Ed), flat-out, Read More

31. Use of Ground Penetration Radar at Treblinka

October 4, 2021 in Holocaust Stories, Normie Challenge List

Main Index – Click HERE 31.  Use of Ground Penetration Radar at Treblinka Being an old, life-long Chopper Jockey, and an A&P Aircraft Mechanic, I have the inevitable interest in tinker-things. Stuff that actually DOES amazing-what-is-it, when crudely beating air into (temporary) submission ought not to be remotely possible. But some twit decided to try it, and here we are. Mostly. Those who ought to be locked in padded cells, screaming, wearing straight jackets, now fly helicopters instead.   Occasionally, it has to be admitted, they still scream. (Cough) Moving on. Ground-Penetration-Radar. You’re kidding me, I thought. WTF. I’m used to ships pointing radar towards the horizon, to see other ships, or birds, like in the Tuna Fishing World. Who in his right mind thinks of pointing the stupid thing into the GROUND? Then I wondered about all those…. yes, those mass graves, right? Hundreds of thousands of Jews?  Millions, Read More

When Ex-pats quietly muse. Of tales, unspeakable. (Part 3)

April 20, 2021 in Holocaust Stories, Investigation & Articles

Main Index – Click HERE   Speak to me, fair woman, and tell me your story When Ex-pats quietly muse. Of tales, unspeakable.  (Part 3) Job taken by African I banked the helicopter gently onto final approach into Cabinda Airport, Angola. Listening to the often-emotional African Air Traffic controller. Who never seemed very relaxed, and was often seemingly in a state of near-panic.  Somewhere behind me, I had no idea how far away, an ancient old Boeing 727, battered and streaked, was laboriously clattering & whining its tortuous way down from the troubled skies.  Since those (Angolan)  pilots insisted in communicating almost exclusively in their own native language, we ex-Pats had little clue as to what the hell was going on. They were ‘somewhere out there’, Read More

Beyond the Garden gate

April 17, 2021 in Auto-biographical (spiritual quest), My Search for God and Meaning, Short Story (spiritual quest), The Great Cosmic Kindness, Why do I write?

A Chance Meeting

April 16, 2021 in The Great Cosmic Kindness

A chance meeting It is fine to wander staff in hand that long, dusty road and meet, once in a while, a rare event a fellow pilgrim. With whom we may converse deeply, satisfyingly yet mostly in silence. Listening to clouds the wind, the stars at night. And our own, soft hearts, beating. Return to GCK Main Index?   Last edited by Francis Meyrick on April 16, 2021, Read More

Great Cosmic Kindness

April 16, 2021 in The Great Cosmic Kindness

GCK – MAIN INDEX Great Cosmic Kindness One small soul's clumsily-tripping journey through the great puzzle of his tiny Life     Revealed Humanity Sailing the Stars Smoke, and lenses. Tiny spirit, thick fog. Beyond the Garden Gate Poetry A Chance Meeting Last edited by Francis Meyrick on April 17, 2021, Read More

When Expats quietly muse. Of tales, unspeakable. (Part 2)

April 15, 2021 in Holocaust Stories, Investigation & Articles

Main Index – Click HERE When Expats quietly muse. Of tales, unspeakable. (Part 2) Shutting down much-needed conversation 1. So much today strives to shut down conversation. Often, a much-needed one. Thus the cry ‘Racist!’, ‘Islamophobe!’, ‘anti-Semite!’, ‘Islamophobe!’, ‘Homophobe!’, sends most curious minds quickly scurrying for the (peacefully) silent hills. 2. These (often angry, even hysterical) denunciations are often wrapped in soaring morality. Positively drip-ping with it. 3. To back up the high plains of superior morality, we have the introduction of criminal penalties for offenders, with ‘Hate Speech’ being a fine catch-all. A bit like cops, and their favorite ‘disturbing the peace’, one size fits all. This shutting down of open conversation is not a good thing. As Andrew Torba so keenly sees. It’s crude, a major step backwards. Wrapped in fine morality, or not. Unfortunately, it’s effective. It’s left for a relative handful of GAB fools, like myself, Read More

Smoke, and lenses. Tiny spirit, thick fog.

April 10, 2021 in My Search for God and Meaning, The Great Cosmic Kindness

Smoke, and lenses. Tiny spirit, thick fog. There is much that I, a tiny mud worm spirit, fail to understand.  I step softly through new portals of thought, humbly, respectfully, as one always seeking a teacher. Or on the look-out. For a better, more knowledgeable man. I love to probe new questions. Or old ones, in the light of new experience, or different perspective. I am therefore always puzzled by the teeming legions. Who confidently kick doors open. With a resounding crash. Loudly, enter. With a flourish. Or is it a swagger? Intent to make their presence felt. Immediately. It seems they disapprove of silence. Acoustic, or spiritual. And feel instantly obliged to fill it. With their -magnificent- being. And I? It seems? Often offend them.  For which I am sorry. I can’t help it. It’s just not my way. I see life as a (very) short trailer. For a movie, Read More

When Expats quietly muse. Of tales, unspeakable (Part 1)

April 9, 2021 in Holocaust Stories, Investigation & Articles

Main Index – Click HERE When Expats quietly muse. Of tales, unspeakable.  (Part 1)     Routine-genocidal abomination I was working overseas, in a dangerous part of the world. The local town was strictly off-limits at night. Risky at best. I was glad to find the supplies I needed, and uncomfortably aware I was the only White Man in the ramshackle shop, as I had been in the filthy street outside. Where curious, long, in-your-face stares are the norm. I was therefore surprised to turn around, and behold a beautiful young Western woman, blond and curvaceous, with a wonderful, open, charming smile. She was, wisely, accompanied by an unsmiling, capable-looking, uniformed body guard. We chatted a while, and upon hearing that I was flying helicopters, I saw recognition of the harsh nature of our missions in her eyes. A momentary flash of hurt, disappointment, Read More