Posted on January 20, 2008

King Tutankhamen
the youngest and famous
Egyptian Pharaoh
no doubt…
His tomb was found
not touched by anyone.
King Tutankhamen
at his early age
was the most powerful one.

Boy Emperor…A son
of Amenhooptep the King
His residence in Memphis
Now Cairo…
He was very young
when the War broke down.
The youngest Emperor
suddenly died.

They buried him
in the Valley of the Tombs.
Some say near Luxor.
His tomb was not found
for a long time.
People believed…
The place of his rest
was a sacred one.
These were the story
of Tutankhamen Pharaoh.
He was the youngest of rulers
of the Egyptian Land.

Ancient Egypt that fascinates:
The oldest World History.
And Archaeological sites;
Five Thousand year’s old culture
Still inspires
and draws many tourists,
to this unique Land.

© 2008 Zuzanna

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3 responses to KING TUTANKHAMEN

  1. "Ancient Egypt that fascinates:"

    Yes, I agree, it does. I like anything that reminds me of "timelessness".

    The voices of the ancient Egyptians still comes down to us, over the
    centuries, through their monuments and their massive works.

    It should make us humble.

  2. (Oops! Stars….again!)

  3. Francis
    Absolutely true!



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