Auschwitz-Birkenau: the Tour, the Moonies, and two voices

Posted on March 8, 2021

       (the Tour, the Moonies, and two voices)

Voice 1:

This is my voice to address those who sincerely believe. In the Holocaust. Very often, kind, intelligent, educated people. In this video you get some great views of Auschwitz-Birkenau. You also get probably THE worst possible portrayal of Nazi German cruelty, sadism, and genocidal blood lust. If you are looking for evidence of how unutterably wicked the Germans were, how terribly the Jews were treated? Look no further.
If your mind is wholly at peace with everything this tour guide says? No Questions?
Then don't bother going to my 'Voice 2'.

Voice 2:

This is my Questioning Voice. I'm sorry, but at first glance, I see SO MANY howler statements, I'm already going:
The distortions, if not downright smoking lies & fabrications, come thick and fast. I'd have to go back, sit down, and laboriously go though this video again, minute-by-minute, to give you a full summary of all those many points. Hopefully, YOU have already seen a bunch yourself. I'm not a beast, not a thug, but I respectfully submit:
     there is a LOT wrong with what he says.

One thought for now. Back in the 80's the Moonies were sweeping through London, the UK, and Europe. Remember them? Reverend Sun Myung Moon, from Korea. Jesus Number Two.
I became aware of several aspects of their, um, methodology, and my interest was spiked. I love playing along. I can act my bit part like you wouldn't believe.
I learned that… oh, another day.
I went along to some of their meetings. Slick, slick.
These 'followers' were not low IQ young folk. Many were bright, educated, terribly well meaning. Pitifully so. There was a whole bunch of young Germans there, I remember. Massive, shining sincerity in their young eyes. Poor, bewildered, utterly lost sheep.

And apart from all the many technical points in this video that raised my eyebrows? Not to mention my hackles? That's what I am left pondering.
Meh. This is ugly stuff. It takes place on a deep, deep, and dark level. Manipulative.

But you can see the objective? That time he passes the street sign? With the really crude red Star of David? With a black cross through it?
That came across as so 'staged' and 'pure fake'.
“Anti-Semitism is still alive in Europe. Still, today. Can you believe it?”
(lots of head shaking)
I submit it's easy enough to see that this leads to:

Jews have been terribly, terribly wronged.
NOBODY, nobody else, has been wronged like the Jews.
The world OWES the Jews.
You can't possibly CRITICIZE the Jews.
If you do? Oh-my-gosh. You're not one of THOSE Nazi Germans, are you?
Anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism! Wah! Wah!   'Steam'

This video leaves me massively uncomfortable. I also looked at the comments underneath. I don't know how many are sincere, and how many fawningly 'staged', which is easy to do.
But some, no doubt, are the real, sincere McCoy.
You sense the Birth of more 'Moonies'.

In this case, 'Holocausties'.


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