Moggy and Mordechai, a Debate on the Holocaust Part 2

Posted on March 5, 2021

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Moggy & Mordechai, a Debate on the Holocaust

Part 2:

(A conversation between a Gentile, and a Jew)

Based on David Cole’s Zyklon-B Questions, numbers 1 through 6        Click HERE

Moggy:  “Mordechai, I have been reading up some more on the Six Million. And the Zyklon-B issue.”

Mordechai:  “I am very pleased, Moggy. So you should.”

Moggy: “in our previous conversation, you expressed no concern at something that totally alarms me. Namely that the known ‘clothes de-lousing chambers’ left a TON of Zyklon-B residue, and associated blue staining, and the alleged ‘homicidal gas chambers’ left virtually NONE.
To quote David Cole: “when we factor in the Zyklon B traces still existing in the camp barracks and offices, we see that infrequent gassings will still leave SOME traces. Thus, we have the traces in the camp offices and barracks, which reveal what levels of traces would remain, fifty years after the fact, in rooms which were gassed infrequently.”
Now, Mordechai, listen up: Surely to goodness the trace levels of Zyklon-B in the alleged ‘homicidal gas chambers’ (Krema 1, 2 and 3), where allegedly hundreds of thousands or millions of Jews were gassed around-the-clock, SHOULD be WAY the HELL HIGHER than the trace levels left in the BARRACKS and OFFICES. Surely?? But here is the KICKER. They are NOT any higher. Suggesting, I submit, that the Revisionists are damn and right when they say THAT suggests (even ‘proves’, FFS) that, as David Cole says, “the traces which DO exist in Kremas 1, 2 and 3 come from the same fumigation routine that all the other buildings went through?”
In other words, the barracks and the offices??? Trying to kill damn LICE and not damn JEWS??”

Mordechai:  Moggy. You need to listen to me. I have already explained this to you.

Moggy:  Well, explain it again, then.

Mordechai:  The passage of Time. This is 2021. After 80 years, you cannot expect these chemical traces to have survived. All these allegations are long since discredited and silly.

Moggy:  Discredited?? A lot of this testing goes back to the nineties. They took samples. They literally chipped small pieces out of the walls of the alleged ‘homicidal gas chambers’. Then they sent those samples to top notch laboratories. What’s ‘alleged’ about it?

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