Moggy and Mordechai, a Debate on the Holocaust Part 1

Posted on March 4, 2021

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Moggy & Mordechai, a Debate on the Holocaust

Part 1:

(A conversation between a Gentile, and a Jew)

Based on David Cole’s Zyklon-B Questions, numbers 1 through 6        Click HERE

Moggy:   “Mordechai, I have been reading up on the Six Million. And the Zyklon-B issue. ”

Mordechai:   “I am very pleased, Moggy. So you should. ”

Moggy: “And I have decided you Holocaust guys are full of sh*t. ”

Mordechai:  (sighs patiently) (smiles sweetly) “Why is that, Moggy? ”

Moggy:   “Because the walls in the alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz show only minute traces of Zyklon B and no blue staining. So they were never used as ‘homicidal gas chambers’. It’s all a pack of Jew lies. End of story. ”

Mordechai:    “Who told you that, Moggy? ”

Moggy:   “David Cole and others, took physical samples, and had them chemically tested in laboratories. The results are well attested to, and beyond dispute. ”

Mordechai:    “You have those laboratory results? ”

Moggy:   “Yes. Right here. Would you like to see them? ”

Mordechai:   “Later, maybe. But you do know those results have already been challenged, right?’

Moggy:   “If you mean by the Polish Institute, yes, I know that. And THEIR refutation has ALSO been refuted. ”

Mordechai:    “Let’s move on. ”

Moggy:  (mischievously)   “I thought you might. ”

Mordechai:   “There is a real simple explanation for what you describe. ”

Moggy:    “Let’s hear it. ”

Mordechai:   “Weathering. This is 2021. Eighty years later. Of course the passage of time, wind and rain will erase such evidence. ”

Moggy:   “Then how come the de-lousing chambers, where they de-loused the clothes, to PROTECT the prisoners, show heavy Zyklon B blue stains on the INSIDE, but also on the OUTSIDE walls, as well. How come THAT evidence was not also erased, by ‘the passage of time, wind and rain’…?? ”

Mordechai:  (smiling) “Oh, that’s also easy to explain! ”

Moggy:    “Try me! ”

Mordechai:    “The de-lousing chambers had to use a heavier concentration of Zyklon-B, to kill lice! ”

Moggy:   “You mean to tell me… you’re saying it takes a TON more Zyklon-B to kill LICE than it does to kill HUMANS? ”

Mordechai:   “Precisely! That explains everything! ”

Moggy:   “I think it is SO far-fetched, the truth is you’re just clutching at straws. Making it up as you go along.  I’d say it’s FAR more plausible that those ‘alleged homicidal gas chambers’ where the Nazis allegedly gassed hundreds of thousands or millions of Jews, were simply NOT ‘homicidal gas chambers’. And I’d say it’s a FAR more plausible explanation that the reason there is ‘only minute traces of Zyklon-B and no blue staining’ is that those rooms WERE in fact SHOWER ROOMS. ”

Mordechai:   “No, no. They were homicidal gas rooms, and millions of poor Jews died there. ”

Moggy: So you’re saying you see no problem with known, accepted, ‘clothes de-lousing chambers’ leaving heavy Zyklon B blue stains on the INSIDE, but also on the OUTSIDE walls, as well, but ‘homicidal gas chambers’, where hundreds of thousands or even millions of Jews were supposedly gassed to death, leaving only minute traces of Zyklon B and no blue staining??

Mordechai:  No, no problem at all. That neatly explains everything.

Moggy:   “That explains BARKING SQUAT, as far as I’m concerned. It seem stretching the imagination really, really far to believe that the clothes-delousing chambers would leave one set of chemical & physical trace results, and an alleged set of ‘homicidal gas chambers’ that were in business almost round the clock, non-stop, on a massive scale, amazingly, would leave an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT set of results:  to wit, NO SIGNIFICANT Zyklon-B chemical & physical trace results.

Mordechai:   “Well, that’s what happened, Moggy. ”

Moggy:   “You don’t think it’s WAY more plausible, WAY, WAY, WAY MORE, that those rooms WERE just SHOWER ROOMS?? ”

Mordechai:   “Oh, no, Moggy. Millions of poor Jews died there. ”

Moggy:   “Well, here’s another problem:  Lice. Lice were known to cause Typhus, sickness and death, right?”

Mordechai:   “Yes, Moggy. Those awful Nazis really neglected those poor Jews. ”

Moggy:  (choking)   “Excuse me! I think they actually spent a TON of money and effort trying to control the problem! WHY would they do that if it was just a DEATH CAMP anyway? An EXTERMINATION Lager? Doesn’t it sound a whole lot more plausible that it was simply a much needed LABOR CAMP?  For the massive WAR EFFORT?

Mordechai:   “No Moggy, you are sadly deluded. All they wanted to do is KILL everybody. ”

Moggy:   “But then why not let the bloody LICE do it….?? The killing? Oh, never mind.
I need a stiff drink. Your logic is driving me nuts.

Mordechai:   “I am truly sorry, Moggy. ”

(to be continued)

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