I will always believe

Posted on March 2, 2021

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“I will always believe”

Background:  a group visitor (who was obviously disappointed/displeased in my skeptical Holocaust views) politely 'Applaud' (always appreciated, believe me) pointed out that she had first been struck by the horrors of the Holocaust at age 12. Which happens all the time in American High Schools. Seeing some terrible images. She then added the statement, that I have turned into the title for this short article.

“I will always believe”  (in the truth of the Holocaust)

I posted this reply:

I sigh.
When somebody says, on the subject of the alleged ‘Holocaust’, “I will always believe”, what does that statement even mean, I ask myself.

I submit it is straying perilously close to THIS:
“Don’t bother me with pesky facts.
Don’t bother me with evidence.
Don’t bother me with scientific analysis of chemistry samples from ‘gas chamber’ walls.
Don’t bother me with scientific analysis of ground penetrating radar, showing undisturbed soil below, where (allegedly) millions of bodies lay buried in pits.
Don’t bother me with any of that stuff.
I will not make any effort.
My mind is made up.
I do not wish to be disturbed.
And if, Moggy, you dare disturb my made-up mind?

Then YOU are ignorant!”

I sigh again. I changed MY mind. After decades of ‘believing’ in the truth of the Holocaust. I didn’t change my mind on a basis of “Faith”. Like “I believe”. I changed my mind on the basis of MAKING AN EFFORT to weigh the factual evidence, DO the Research, READ and THINK.

In other words? I was willing to get out of my comfort zone, and ADMIT that maybe I had been flat WRONG for decades.

Who… is the ignorant one?


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