10. The Concentration Camp Crematorium

Posted on March 2, 2021

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10. The Concentration Camp Crematorium:

‘Cigpapers’ wrote:

“One of the main problems with the 6 million Jews being murdered claim was disposal of the bodies. It was claimed at Nuremberg that they had been disposed of in the camp crematorium. There were crematoria in each camp, but they simply didn’t have the capacity.
Each crematorium oven could burn a body in about one and a half hours, meaning a maximum capacity of 16 bodies every day or just less than 6000 bodies per year per oven.
The camps had between four and twelve ovens each giving 24,000 to 72,000 bodies per year maximum at each camp – this still wouldn’t be possible as you can’t run these ovens non-stop without the metal fracturing. Even double or triple loading wouldn’t help as this increased the time to three hours for two bodies or four and a half hours for three bodies. Also bodies aren’t totally reduced by this process and usually leave the pelvis and thigh bones which need crushing with special machinery – no such machinery was found at any of the camps. There is also the problem of fuel as each body would need about 40 kilograms of coke to burn – there is no record of the massive amount of coke required being supplied.”


We might also add that such a ‘massive amount of coke’ would be an even harder supply headache during this time of intense war.
The calculations quickly become very complicated, and contentious.  You can search the Internet, and find widely differing estimates for the amount of coke supplied. And wood.
But any amount of calculations I have done, factoring in oven down time, comes so FAR short of ‘six Million Jews’, that it’s hard to take anybody serious that maintains those “millions” with a straight face. Factor in that Auschwitz Memorial management quietly (overnight, no fanfare) changed their monument. 1989, if I remember.
From FOUR Million down to:
“Approximately” 1.5 million.
That, um, ‘Quiet revision’ of 2.5 MILLION alone accounts for a 41.66% DROP.
(Ignoring the fact that they were not all Jews, but included other nationalities)
But STILL, REGARDLESS, they want to maintain “Six Million Jews Gassed”…!!    'Headshake'
The mind boggles the way these people reason.

It simply can’t be done. Not-even-close.

I can’t even reasonably arrive at successfully cremating half-a-million Jews, never mind ‘six million’. Much as I tried. 'Grin'  But then, I remind myself, the #TalmudicMafia really don’t care if a minority (albeit, steadily growing) of informed souls can see through their pathological mendacity. As long as the vast majority, including millions of ‘useful idiot’, terminally naive, ‘American Evangelical-Zionist ‘Christians’ swallow their porridge? Who cares about the Truth? Or that which is remotely plausible? Possible, even?

Truth is for Goyim losers, they reason.

If you think that’s a little harsh? Towards those poor, oppressed Jews? Excuse me. If today, March 1st 2021, THEIR tame ‘Mass Media’ can calmly portray the recent Presidential Election as a model of probity? A triumph of openness and integrity? And label as a truly Fine President, THIS batty creature, now grinning comically at us, trying to remember his few (short) lines? Salute the Marines? Senile as a doddering old sailor, tinfoil hat and parrot, stomping along? Fondling all that come within groping distance?
If ‘they’ can not bat a public eyelid, at this relentless gallop down the road towards totalitarianism? Supreme Court and Judges tucked-in-pocket?

Then what’s a trifling matter of burning ‘six million Jews’ in German ovens, in the middle of a war, with wood & coke materials in short supply, and war production laborers in even shorter supply?
No problem! It’s a wonder ‘they’ don’t have ’em all burned with shrunken heads, experimented on by Dr Mengele, and their hands swopped over, just for added drama.

The only thing that has been proven thoroughly burned to ashes? Is any last shred of hope we might have that the Jewish Reality Rapists are ever, one day, going to do a “Stanley Baldwin’, and apologize publicly to the German people. Like the British did, for lying about the ‘Homicidal Gas Chambers’ during WW1.

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