8. Amounts Of Zyklon-B Used At The Camps

Posted on March 1, 2021

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8. Amounts Of Zyklon-B Used At The Camps:

‘Cigpapers’ writes:

Zyklon-B was the trade name for of a cyanide-based pesticide  invented in the early 1920s. It was used in Germany, before and during the Second World War, for disinfection and pest extermination in ships, buildings and machinery.  Zyklon-B consisted of diatomite, in the form of granules the size of fine peas, saturated with prussic acid. In view of its volatility and the associated risk of accidental poisoning, it was supplied in sealed metal canisters. One of the co-inventors of Zyklon-B, the chemist and businessman Bruno Tesch, was executed by the British in 1946 for his role in the alleged Holocaust.

In the concentration camps it was used for sanitation and pest control. There were disinfectant chambers, in all the camps, where inmates clothes were disinfected to combat typhus and other diseases. When you break down the amount of Zyklon-B used in all the camps, those not alleged to have gas chambers and those alleged to have gas chambers, the amount per inmate is very similar. This means the alleged death camps would have had to have had a secret supply for the “gas chambers “.


The more you study the epic theater that was played out, straight-faced, at the Nurnberg circus trials, the more you wonder if there was even ONE Jew among the three THOUSAND Jews staffing those ‘Trials’, who did NOT know that the Germans were being transparently set up. This was simply a brutal, gloves-off revenge party.

There is a HUGE amount of information on the Internet about Zyklon-B. Whole books and research papers written.

Here is just one article, dealing with the debunking of the elaborate myth:


I was not able to find a clear comparison of deliveries of Zyklon-B, broken down by different camps. I suspect it exists, I have just not found it yet. So I bow to ‘Cigpapers’ assertion here. Without seeing his sources, I can’t comment usefully on what he says.

In the article I quoted, I was impressed at the sheer mass of detail. Thus even the total volume in cubic meters of all the barracks rooms, guard rooms, storage rooms, etc, has been measured. And the amount of Zyklon-B one would require just to routinely fumigate and de-louse these areas. It’s a huge amount.

Thus to triumphantly list deliveries of Zyklon-B to various camps, and draw from that the conclusion that there were ‘homicidal gas chambers’, is clearly a shallow fabrication.

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