2. Aerial Photos – do not corroborate the tales

Posted on February 26, 2021

2. Aerial Photos – do not corroborate the tales

The Allies flew constant, round-the-clock aerial, photographic, reconnaissance flights.

Tens of thousands photos were thus taken, not just assessing bombing damage. But also looking for minute traces of military activity, concealed manufacturing facilities, underground storage bunkers, pipe lines, conduits, electrical supply systems, etc, etc.  An entire army of technicians were employed, meticulously going over every photo, literally with a magnifying glass. No traces of all the many, off-the-Holocaust-wall, tall tales were ever found. Jews lie. On an epic, grand scale. Nobody lies with such wounded, shrill hurt and anguish, as the Jew. The Holocaust ‘Survivor Stories’, carefully stage managed by the well funded US Holocaust Museums, are pushed on the ever-gullible American public with all the massive tax dollar support they can possibly muster. On a daily basis.Good-hearted, compassionate, often sincerely devout, God-fearing Americans?  Just lap it up. Can’t get enough of it.  Oh, those poor Jews!

There is just one problem:  there are NO aerial reconnaissance overflight photos to support this heart-rending, tear-gushing narrative. If there were? You can rest assured they would long since have been produced, framed, blown up, celebrated, and carried around in triumphant Talmudic procession. Holy relics. All bow!

And we are NOT talking about concealed pipe lines. Hard-to-see, subtle clues of underground bunkers. Two foot wide and twenty foot long. Hell, no.  No, we are talking about, supposedly MASSIVE open air funeral pyres. Tens of thousands of bodies being buried, day and night, for weeks and months on end, in massive communal graves, that would have had to stretch over DOZENS of ACRES. Then, depending on which Holocaust survivor story you like, which flavor, they were all (hey-ho) dug up again, burned, and the remains buried again. WITHOUT A SINGLE AERIAL PHOTO. It’s hardly something you can manage quickly overnight, on a tennis court-size plot. And human bodies do NOT burn easily. Just ask MODERN crematorium designers. There are stories out there that once you light a few, well, just chuck the rest on, and it all burns up nicely, thank you. That’s just another absurd lie, these supposed eye-witness people who tell this Holocaust garbage were not there, and their descriptions of events are scientifically impossible. Laughably so. You would need a VAST amount of coke to support such a body burning caper, and the documented consumption of coke supplies was NO DIFFERENT between all camps. In other words, camps in the West, liberated by the Western Allies (where NO homicidal gas chambers were found) used the same amount of coke as the so-called Death camps, which, (coincidentally, of course) were only found by those nice Bolsheviks.

NO AERIAL PHOTOS.  NONE.   Fancy that.


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