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Posted on February 25, 2021

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THE HOLOCAUST NORMIE CHALLENGE LIST a.k.a. ‘Holocaust sticking points’

If YOU, my friend, see yourself as a calm, rational, open-minded normie, intelligently inquiring as to what the fuss is about over what you always assumed to be TRUE, i.e. the Holocaust and the ‘six million Jews gassed’, then I warmly applaud your open mind, and I respectfully submit TWO things for you.

A) a LIST of troubling issues, for you to peruse, that undermine the imposed narrative

B) a source, that painstakingly goes down EACH of those issues, one-at-a-time

What-you-waiting-for, bud? We just can’t chew it any finer for you. Now it’s up to yoo-hoo.


1. Red Cross Records showing only 272,301 died in these camps.

The International Red Cross was allowed OPEN ACCESS to ALL German labor camps. There is considerable documentation relating to that, and, in particular, the Red Cross monitored DEATHS, from All Causes. This documentation completely opposes the claimed ‘six million Jews gassed’.

Further reading? Click HERE. Suggested ‘Dinner Party’ Approach: Click HERE

2. US Air Force aerial photos of camps show NO evidence of extermination & atrocities

It is important to note that the US Air Force routinely conducted low-level photo sorties over the camps. And noted no evidence of mass killings, or mass burying of bodies.

Further Reading? Click HERE.

3. Western Allies never liberated ANY death camps with (homicidal) gas chambers

Amazingly, they were ALL found by the totally unbiased Russians. Who had NOTHING to hide.


Further Reading? Click HERE.

4. The ‘Leuchter Report’ by the world’s foremost expert on gas chambers.

Further Reading? Click HERE.

5. British code-crackers were able to monitor concentration camp deaths. And causes.

Further Reading? Click HERE.

6. French Resistance denied the Holocaust

Paul Rassinier, leader in the French Resistance, novelist, spent 19 months in German (alleged) Death Camps. You’d think he’d maybe know a bit about them. He denies the ‘Homicidal Gas Chamber’ fabrication.

Further Reading? Click HERE

7. Previous False claim of German gas chambers in WW1

Same old, same old. ‘They’ spun the same German ‘gas chamber’ myth during WW1.

Further Reading? Click HERE.

8. Amounts of Zyklon-B used at camps; no difference in quantity used between ALL camps

Zyklon-B was the trade name for of a cyanide-based pesticide invented in the early 1920s. It was used in Germany, before and during the Second World War, for disinfection and pest extermination in ships, buildings and machinery.

Further Reading? Click HERE.

9. Nuremburg Trials: a Jew-led farce, soap, shrunken heads & lamp shades. And TORTURE.
Further Reading?  Click HERE.

10. Disposal of bodies; crematorium capabilities, and the absurdly -wildly- impossible
Further Reading? Click HERE.

11. Liberation film of Belsen concentration camp is MISLEADING. Deaths due TYPHUS.
Further Reading?  Click HERE

12. No film or photographs of any gas chambers!
Further Reading? Click HERE

13. Winston Churchill, Ike Eisenhower, Charles de Gaulle, ALL never mentioned the Holocaust in their massive memoirs
Further Reading?  Click HERE

14. ‘star witness’ Elie Wiesel. Ha! A poor liar. Nobel prize my elbow.

Further Reading?  Click HERE

15. Fake photos & film, and the ever changing NUMBERS DOWN, but still total of 6 million??

15-1.  Fake Photos & Film; cutting edge technology at the time, now easily debunked

Further Reading? Click https://newwritersharbor.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=27161

15-2.  The ever changing component NUMBERS going DOWN; but still (amazing abacus) total ‘six million’

Further Reading? Click HERE

16-1. Balfour declaration, WW1, and… six million Jews! What, already in 1914?? Premonition? Magic? A holy number?

    Part 1: “6 million, 6 gorillion, 6 trillion, woe-woe-woe-is-me!”

Further Reading?  Click HERE

16-2. Balfour Declaration, WW1

    Part 2: Balfour Declaration, Jews switching sides, the Kaiser’s 1916 Peace proposal

Further Reading? Click HERE

17. Holocaust Denial Laws, and persecution for…. the asking of BASIC Questions??

Further Reading?  Click HERE

18. The Main Stream Media And The Alleged Holocaust

     The ‘truth-seeker’ Gathering & Presentation of News – or a blatant ‘truth-PERVERTING’

     propaganda tool

     Further Reading?  Click HERE

19) There’s No Business like Shoah Business.

    Center stage:  The Great Shekel Shakedown
    Further Reading? Click HERE

20) Census figures of Jews, including from JEWISH own sources! Contradict the six million.

21) Inmate facilities at Auschwitz; NOT what you might think, if you dig deeper.

22) Jewish Kabbalah Mysticism, and their obsessive manipulation of the Holocaust’s ‘Six Million’

     Further Reading?  Click HERE

B) Source of 1-21: Cigpapers     https://cigpapers.blog/2013/11/16/holocaust-or-holohoax-21-amazing-facts/


31)  Use of Ground Penetration Radar at Treblinka

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