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Posted on February 25, 2021

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1.  Bless us. Few subjects are more prone to singular unpleasantness, than the 'Holocaust'. Not to mention hate, vitriol, even violence and physical bullying. Not to also mention persecution, prosecution, and imprisonment.
It appears almost impossible to have a calm, rational discussion. To simply look at all the different areas of contention, the so-called 'sticking points', and examine each claim on its merits.
That seems to me an awful pity.

2.  I therefore am trying to facilitate a more rational, calm, objective approach. Less heat and passion. More research, the weighing of facts, and the careful scrutiny of eye witness statements, the ubiquitous 'Holocaust survivor stories'. This latter category has, regrettably, been the subject of endless revelations of fraud and systematic, orchestrated lies.

3. In many ways, what follows are my personal study notes. What I have been slowly learning as I go along. I am absolutely NO expert. Just another small bear, trying to figure out this odd, but very interesting, experience we call 'Life'. I share these notes with you, gladly, not as the work of genius, authority, or insight. Rather, just another simple human, not terribly bright, put-puttering along, trying his sincere best to understand.

4.  I spent many years, several decades, never seriously questioning the Holocaust. I believed that it was an established fact that 'six million Jews' perished. I thought that people who questioned that, never mind the deniers, were low IQ, emotionally deranged perverts. Nasty critters. I started researching the Holocaust the better to be able to refute the arguments of those pesky deniers.

Oopsie. Look where that led me.

5.  The result of my own long journey from the assumption of my righteousness, via 'Oops!', to 'WTF!?' to eyes-slowly-opening?  Is that I have every sympathy with folk who become indignant with me.  Call me names. Who will rail against me on GAB.  Yup, I understand your feelings. I've been there, too.
( “Now, Missus, will you take a moment and look at this f-a-c-t? This historical detail? And this one? This scientific report? And this one? Please? “)  

6. We have a Holocaust Discussion group on GAB, see [url=https://gab.com/groups/2412[/url]
There are several technical problems there. Apart from wondering how long the 'establishment' will even allow GAB to continue to exist, the fact is that posts appear sequentially. It's practically impossible to find an older post, as you have to dig back through dozens or hundreds of other posts to find what you are looking for. The result? We lose information, and we also go round in circles. Meaning, yes, we actually DID discuss that exact same topic a while ago. However?  It's impossible to quickly refer people back to that discussion. Basically, if you like, because it's gotten jolly well buried.

7. Holocaust sticking points.
Assigning identification numbers to issues is a start. Then archiving those 'sticking points' in an easily accessible format is next. The numbering is not in order of importance.

8. Objectivity
It is quite natural for people to infer bias. Mine. I have been wondering how to address that. I honestly don't know. All I can do is to be sure to include reasoned, abuse-free arguments that wish to point out that I'm wrong. Silly. Uninformed. Or even ugly. I shall try very hard to encourage dissent. With the sheer volume of posts on GAB, I obviously can't include them all. But I think we can include plenty of Holocaust defenders' arguments. Some of those are actually really well written, even funny. I kind of enjoy good sarcasm, even if it's directed at me.

9.  Why bother? Why drag up ancient History?
We get that a lot. And there are certain parties who trot out that argument so routinely, that we wonder how much 'they' would LIKE us to 'forget'. We won't. There are several reasons WHY. This is actually a huge discussion in and of itself. I will go into greater length on this later. Suffice it to say that many of us believe the evidence clearly supports these disturbing conclusions:
9A.  A terrible injustice was committed at the Nurnberg Trials. An absolute mockery of 'Justice'. This was simply a lynching party.

9B. A terrible indictment of brutality and cruelty was laid at the feet of the fine German people. These indictments could, much more properly, be laid at the feet of the accusers. Who were guilty of far, far worse.
9C.  Reparations continue to this very day.
9D.  the legacy of the alleged 'six million Jews perished' has been ruthlessly used, and parlayed into a carefully orchestrated 'protected status' for Jews.  Jews are effectively immune from justified criticism. The endless shouts of “Anti-Semitism! ” are meant to shut us up. Coupled to the concept of the 'Nazi'. Basically, anybody who criticizes Jews today? Is a 'Nazi' who shares the guilt of the 'Holocaust'. Psy-ops at its finest.
9E. The astonishing events of January 2021, the COUP of the USA, was carried out at the behest of the SAME clique, who have long milked the 'Holocaust' for every last benefit.
9F.  If you expose the 'Holocaust' for the fraud and extortion scam that we submit it is, then you are also exposing the ruthless mechanics of the SAME clique hard at work today.
This could not be more topical, and relevant to TODAY.

10.  I caution everybody, especially including that arch dufus (moi), that there is a terrible trap that awaits us all. We seem as humans inclined to seek easy virtue, without the hard work. How many people do absolutely minimal research work, on any topic, then arrogantly proclaim themselves not merely correct in their assessment of the issues. No, in addition to that immodest assumption of their own magnificence? They also have to cover themselves, and their in-group, with glory-in-the-face of depravity. Only they are pure, wise, noble and SO morally enlightened. Everybody else? Low, lower, and abysmal. Oh, and by the way? That entitles them to FORCE you to obey them. You punk.

Look at the Talmudic-Democrat totalitarian, one-party state we are crashing headlong into.
I ponder my long journey from Holocaust believer to Holocaust Questioner. And now, tending much more to Holocaust Denier. Yes, bad things happened to the Jews during WW2. But compared with other people?  Other, unsung, MASSIVELY LARGER SCALE tragedies? Not feted by Stephen Spielberg type tearjerker movies? I submit the Jews should shut up. They had an easy ride of it. Plus a VERY unsavory background in ORGANISING and FINANCING so much bloodshed!  
But, again, pondering that long journey of mine? I believe I was terribly wrong, terribly blind, terribly uninformed, all of which made me terribly arrogant. A typical virtue-seeking, morality-posing, pompous ignoramus.

Having made that mistake before? I tell Moggy, my buddy, to occasionally pause, slow down, reflect.
Honest-to-goodness. You ain't that smart, Mister.  
Soyez prudent. Walk softly.
Learn, Mogster, learn. Listen occasionally, don't just TALK.

Fkn Irish…

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