An Amazing Greatness

Posted on April 27, 2020

April 27,2020

An amazing greatness

I find this hard to put into words, friend. I have thought long about it.  Bear with me.

It seems to me, a simple seeker, a small man, looking out wistfully over the Universe, in the few seconds of his brief existence, that a sixth sense exists within us all. And this odd awareness, although (sure, sure) so easily and cheaply mocked, leads many of us to sense, intuitively, even after the harsh disappointments of a turbulent life, that there IS a quiet, deeply moving greatness that exists outside us. An amazing greatness, that intrigues, inspires, and patiently raises Man up, and challenges him to strive unceasingly for NOBILITY of SPIRIT.  
Yet I, for one increasingly hesitate to even name or label this greatness I sense.
Does-it-really-matter!?  Who can even begin to know this mind?
What ant can describe the Universe?
The ATTRIBUTES of that amazing greatness, the inspirations good men seek to derive from it, the call to action that resonates within many of us, are/is more important than a limiting name, pompously affixed, by mere mortal men, FFS. Like some supermarket sticker. The attributes are way higher than Man's snotty insistence on a neat, word-driven, cold summary. Which inevitably devolves into pointless, endless theological debate, and interminable nit-picking. Fukkit. Tired of fruitless, divisive arguing. Those of you who agree, let's just say 'There is something amazing out there'. Those of you who resolutely deny any such thing, I fully respect your opinion, and mock it not. Please, return the favor.

I don't need or particularly want a name, a colossal screed, a book with instructions. A Head priest, a bunch of sub priests, church taxes, apostasy, intrigue, and the orthodox version. Self important, superior cretins yammering on from the pulpit, or the soap box, posing & judging. All indignantly insisting that their way (of course) is the only way. Fukkit, no. We have work to do. Understanding to build. Awareness to promote. Perils to identify. Soaring Naivety and cynical, raw corruption to assail. Outrages, like the child rape gangs, to ceaselessly publicize.

Dark clouds are descending over my race, and my ancestral homelands. I worry about my people. With good reason. I have traveled widely, and seen unspeakable horrors. I have been under fire, and returned it. If you will work with me, I don't propose to judge if you adore Jesus or Odin. Or the Road Runner. Just as long as you prove that you CARE. Deeply. About the continued existence of our people and our homelands. Our descendants and our culture.

And, lastly? As long as you are willing, if so called, to fight, fight, and fight again. Be it pen or sword, or both. Ferociously and passionately.

Until your last breath. Beside me. With no regrets.

I remain, quietly,

Your Comrade

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