Re my previous post on Christianity

Posted on April 25, 2020

April 25,2020

Re my previous post on Christianity.

Ok, so @X0L0_Mexicano piped up in emphatic protest.  I'll take that on, line by line.

” There is no multifarious Christian faiths, and definitely no multiple interpretations.”

Really? You're delusional. I'll give you ONE example: Salvation by FAITH as opposed to salvation by WORKS. Theoretically, the former applies. Per bible. In practice, when I look at the life style, efforts, opinions, and flat-out arrogance of so many loud 'Christians', I'd say they rely on, abide, for all practical purposes by their WORKS.  Have you looked at the Catechism?
Have you any idea of the historical sectarian divide in Northern Ireland?

“Christianity has never sold the ideal of saving nations of people for this world, but that the possibility of eternal salvation in the Heavenly Kingdom is the ultimate goal.”

I rest my case. QED. If that isn't an invitation to gaze adoringly to the heavens, whilst everything goes to hell in a hand basket on earth, then what is?

“This of course does not mean everyone should be a pacifist in their faith. Since there are many who are called to war against the enemies of Christ. For there is no greater love than a man willing to lay down his life for a friend.”

Lip-service. Window dressing. Most are living in pulpit-thundered fear of putting a foot wrong, and, oh dear,  losing their eternal salvation. Most aren't going to do squat, in terms of effective, if needs be, physical resistance, and that leaves the Church wide open to accusations of COMPLICITY in the brazen genocidal population replacement underway in Europe, and, increasingly, in the USA.

“There is a fact to be learned. That death is not the worst thing to happen to a Christian. To lose the faith, to fall into eternal damnation, and to deny God's loving care. That is a fate worst than death itself.”

That's medieval in its brow-beating, unyielding, oh-so-dogmatic fake purity. There's a LOT of us who have been close to violent death, many-many times, and, believe me, death we accept as inevitable. But needless death, pointless death, or a whimpering death, offering no resistance to the twin serpents?  Not going to happen, if we can help it.

“However, doing things your way is entirely the wrong way. For it will neither bring about the salvation of your soul. Nor will you bring about the salvation of those you love. But everyone nowadays does it *their way,* because repentance is something that is lost to all those outside the Church.”

A well-rehearsed little sermon, that brings you great, judgmental satisfaction. I never said I do it 'my way' to the exclusion of every other consideration. I never scoffed at repentance. On the contrary. You just assumed that.

To me, you come across as magnificently spiritually conceited.  Disconnected with the world. And, frankly, completely useless to the struggle for SURVIVAL going on right now.  

When I read of churches emptying out, I see you, terrifying your people into fatal passivity.

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