Christianity is….(fill in your opinion)

Posted on April 25, 2020

April 25,2020

"Christianity is…. (fill in your opinion)"

       At times I wonder if the term "Christianity" has much continued practical usage anymore. Or if it brings much clarity on views cherished. Sure, it should. It ought to insist on several fundamental steps of belief. But so much is getting watered down. The fact remains that within that label, to be complete with your list of those denominations & factions who all claim it? Why, good luck. You would have to gather a vast collection of different interpretations & flavors.  And some of these, to further confuse us, are pretty close to being at war with one another. Or have been, in the past. I should know.

Nonetheless, we can deduce a trend, and an oft repeated behavioral effect. Which I submit, is injurious to the vitality, defense, & viability of the White Race. And therefore merits derision and mockery.
That is a tendency, when the going gets tough, and survival becomes questionable, for far too many Christians, (not all) to cast their gaze adoringly heavenward, and become morbidly passive. Oh, it's called something else (far nicer) by the faithful, of course, but to those of us who are cold observers, it appears a bizarre, fatalistic resignation. Going so far as to accept one's own injury or demise, with barely a murmur. Or even that of one's own people.

I struggle to reconcile what burns inside my simple mind. On the one hand, a deep sense of awe, for what I dimly sense, as through a mist. For I am no Atheist. I believe in something amazing, and worthy of my deepest respect.

On the other hand, I'm damned if I'll be used, abused, trodden on, never mind replaced, by the twin venomous snakes, slithering in ever closer to the heart of our White Civilization. To wit: the nonsensical cult of Islam, with its 1400 years of bloodshed & misery, and, the sneaky snake, the viciously poisonous one, the usurious predator, the ardent & OPEN promoter of White Genocide, the #TalmudicMafia.

My respect for 'that which I sense' is sincere. But at no stage do I feel a consequent imposed inability to defend myself, my people, my culture, from the ceaseless agitation & undermining, orchestrated by said twin crawlers. I shall resist. With armed resolution, and measured lethal violence if need be. Far from feeling an imposed duty to meekly accept these destroyers, I feel an obligation to resist – furiously.

I know I shall continue to be told, as I have so often in the past, that I'm "doing/practicing my Faith wrong".  Thank you, but I'll do it my way, and believe it my way, and I will brook no pulpit-thundering imposition of your beliefs. Try me.

But here's a thought for you, dear Jesus-meek-and-mild, turn-the-other-cheek, love-your-enemy-and-thank-f**k-I'm-saved,  Pacifist Christian. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe your well-rehearsed spiel is just a sophisticated excuse for cowardice? A cop-out?  A dodging of responsibilities? No?

Well, I know I have.
Get with the program.  Sh*t's getting serious.


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by Mark   @parsoma

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@FrancisMeyrick The white males of the current generation–and white western males have traditionally been the backbone of the church–are dis-spirited.
Some of the reasons:

raised by single mothers. in the Christian view (and in my direct experience) it's very rare for women to be capable of having a moral center, to get beyond self-centeredness…Except through child-birth & rearing, & finally letting go. This is needed for a woman to complete the spiritual evolution. Furthermore, Satan perceives woman to be the proverbial honey-trap, to lead men astray. Witch-craft, the occult, etc., usually DO benefit women, who then can lead men astray.

next, "diversity"–diversity gives status points to Anyone, except Straight White Males. On the diversity scale (now implemented in white western cultures) from kindergarten to graduate school, to the career market), the Further you get from Straight…White…Male… (and don't even think about Christian!), the more value any individual has…This is before anything is ever contributed. Furthermore, even churches will shame whites for seeking their own company in a congregation, but no other minorities experience the same shaming. And universities and even jobs will punish whites for seeking same-race fraternization.

Not to mention, all of this is re-inforced in entertainment, media, 90% of journalism, etc.

Also, the prevalence of porn, social media addiction, growing up without positive same race male role models…all of this is just devastating to the well-being of young males.

Consider:  one of the number 1 teaching books in high schools and universities is "into the wild," about the young man who tried to survive in Alaska without any training or equipment and starved to death in the bus. That is NOT an affirming story.
The boy in question, Alex McCandless, was traumatized by a deeply dysfunctional family (NASA engineers mother & father, extremely wealthy, Virginia lily-white suburban upbringing), but who witness dual parent alcoholism, suffered physical violence, as well as sexual abuse & witnessed sexual violence….the guy had PTSD for goodness sakes…and he literally burned all his possessions, cut off all family contact, and self-destructed by starving to death in rusted out school bus in Alaska. WTF? And the teaching materials for that book don't address these issues at all. He's held up as a role model, a romantic figure! Of course, read about the privileged white male turning his back on his privilege and killing himself to spite his family…

The only positive outcomes I'm seeing is through the military–these single-mother raised children get in the military and at least get a little edge to them.

Otherwise, they're totally…and unable to lead the Church, which is now being over-run with gays, women preachers, and people with little understanding of the Bible, prayer, healing, forgiveness, etc….well, you get the picture.


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@FrancisMeyrick I agree. Being Christian doesn't require passively being victimized. The Bible says that God judges us according to what's in our heart. That would apply here. Furthermore, the Bible says that God hasn't given man the spirit of Fear. I would check my heart to consider whether my actions are driven by fear, or by something else more noble. Understanding when one is acting out of fear, or some other motivation, is important. Also, Islam is fundamentally incompatible with Christian civilization, regardless of race.
As for the cult of Multi-culturalism, having lived overseas for an extended period, I've learned from direct, first-hand experience, that nearly any other race / culture, besides the white-western type has a STRONG racial & cultural in-group preference. Multi-culturalism, in fact, has more or less guaranteed that whites will have to deliberately seek each other out:  Multi-culturalism has influenced all non-white races to stand defiantly outside of the white norms, and values. The result is even white people seeking same-value individuals will only find other whites.
Lastly, the Bible warns against half-heartedness, half-measures.
To discern the presence of Satan. to speak out against it, & defend oneself against it when it threatens to encroach up one's natural rights is not a sin.

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