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Posted on January 27, 2020

A Jewish Comedian    Jan 25, 2029

Well, I can't wait. The BBC, that citadel of unbiased News, will be showing a (Jewish) (wholly unbiased) comedian, pursuing the (unbiased) line of investigation, centered on the question:

Why does Holocaust denial exist?

Is it madness?  A form of neurosis? Can you catch it from playing too many video games?
A dirty toilet seat? Nope.
Apparently, the reasons are:

*** anti-Semitism ( “the oldest hatred “)
*** because the Internet spreads so many “conspiracy theories ” and “fake news ” stories that we now live in a “post-truth world. “

(Cue: more internet censorship)
(and I thought the oldest hatred was the tax man)
From the article:

“Notice there is not a single suggestion that it could be happening because of a failure of the 75-year-old Holocaust narrative to withstand honest scrutiny and the free exchange of ideas, largely due to the growth of the world-wide web. This wonderful invention has given the average person access to vastly more information from an immensity of sources. Of course, the BBC would have us believe this immensity of sources are mainly untrustworthy (post-truth), but Internet users have found out differently. It was networks like the BBC that in the past kept us in the dark about whatever they didn't want us to know, or else put their own spin on it.”

link to the article mentioned above:   Jewish funny man

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