Getting a bit wound up

Posted on January 27, 2020

Getting a bit wound up             Jan 25, 2020

Here's an article that really got me a bit wound up, thinking about the screaming hypocrisy, opportunism, and the jumping-on-the-bandwagon mania that many so-called 'novelists' cannot resist.
This article features the novelist John Boyne, who penned the predictable tear-jerker “The boy in the striped pajamas”.
Dutifully made into a MOVIE.


If I understand the article correctly, he first of all denies his book is simply transparently EXPLOITING the Holocaust. He maintains that the work is subtitled 'a fable'. But the article author, points out that he could NOT find that phrase on any of the book covers he could find.
There is a STUDY GUIDE available for 4th to 8th grade kids available too+++  


In my view, you are now fully and shamefully taking the right royal p*ss, at the expense of the honor and dignity of the German people.
And there's lots more like this greedy creep. It's just one big racket.

Holohoax, indeed.

That's not right.
I'm a writer with two novels out. Working on a sequel. I hope I never sink to those lows.

link to article quoted above:  https://jan27.org/new-holocaust-fiction-is-as-low-quality-as-old-holocaust-fiction/

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