When you bury your face

Posted on January 27, 2020

When you bury your face, in quiet despair        Jan 25, 2020

Oh, the Holocaust. And the grip it has on humanity's collective consciousness.
It's tarnished soul, if you like.
Is it because it was so bad?  SO evil? So unparalleled in terms of raw evil, incarnate, compared with anything that had ever gone before?
This terrible guilt… is what has been thrown at the feet of the German People. Das Deutsche Volk. It seems forever. They cannot escape it. And must pay, and pay, and pay. Reputation. Honor. Oh, and Billions.

Is. It. True?

I am not German. I don't wear Swastikas, or ever practice the goose step. I'm just a very simple fellow. I confess I spent years thinking it was, well, true.  I never really looked into it. Then, one day, I read that the gloomy Auschwitz gas chamber chimney, often photographed, sticking up into a grey sky, like an accusing finger-of-terrible-death, pointing to the angry, ever-judging sky…
… was built AFTER the war. By the Russians. in 1946. And wasn't even ATTACHED. And that the memorial, that until 1990 had stated “Four million killed”, suddenly, quietly, overnight, was replaced with “One-and-a-half million”.
And I, the simple one, thought:  “How do you suddenly, after 45 years, after all that shrieking & hollering, quietly lose two-and-a-half million BODIES?

I still remember that moment. The crack in the stained glass pane. The dull sound of a penny, slowly, dropping off the table, onto the cold, marble floor.  And I started wondering if the penny should have dropped YEARS earlier. But some sneaky bastard had GLUED the thing there. It was never meant to have a fair chance to drop, for the honest observer. That penny and that table was RIGGED to hell and back.

I've continued down that journey, and it leaves me sad. When I got yelled at by a family member for a few casual comments, that hurt.

I'm on-goingly shocked by what I now see as a colossal, absurdly cynical fraud. A libel, a lie to end all lies.

But you, dear Gabber, must judge for yourself.  I could be a lying toe rag, a secret goose-stepping Nazi, a pretend gormless Paddy, who is actually a die hard German Nazi.

January 27th is going to be great big huff & puff global Media blitz-extravaganza, commemorating EITHER 'six million Jews', who suffered uniquely compared with anybody else in World War Two, and therefore should be commemorated (and, cough, compensated), FOREVER…


It's a SICK JOKE, a monstrous lie, a voluminous barf bag, a ruthless extortion by a small, way over-powerful criminal clique, who just happen to own most of the World's Media, Banks,  and all of Hollywood. Who are obsessed only with earthly power and wealth. Who have no soul, no integrity, no conscience, and should be roundly exposed for the global criminals they are.

I call it the #GreatShekelShakedown.

The #TalmudicMafia, the world's biggest international crime syndicate, that make Al Capone and the Mafia look tame, owe Germany a…


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