Demonic Darkness

Posted on January 27, 2020

Demonic Darkness                Jan 27, 2020

I never doubted the Holocaust, for years. Decades.
Never thought too much about it either. Didn't investigate. No need.
On the rare occasions I have discussed my NEW views with Holocaust believers, I have quickly sensed in their eyes, something I guess I myself must have radiated for many years.
A mixture of pity, contempt, even fear.
(“Boy! This guy is a whack job!”)

I have actually been kind of deeply hurt a few times.  
You want to blurt out:  “I'm not a monster! I have feelings! I'm not cruel!”
But instead, I just lapsed into silence.

Writing is an easier medium. It's less confrontational, or can be, and it's possible to quietly state what you sincerely believe to be the truth in a mellow manner. Under-stated. Avoiding the harsh, and the strident. The fanatical gleam in the Denier eye, that others seem to so quickly discern?

Here is just another de-bunking article I have read. It rings perfectly true to me. You? Tell me below, please. The Holocaust witness concerned here, Mel Mermelstein, garnered fame (and Shekels) with his book, but, in truth, he comes across as just a really terrible liar.
Just dumb.

I read it, and just shook my head. I've read so many like this. It's like a gigantic house of playing cards, built many stories high, and now the Internet is tugging at the bottom cards. The #TalmudicMafia is worried.
They know what will happen, if the Internet is left free (-ish).
That house is going to come tumbling down. It's tottering already.
Hence their efforts to purge the Internet, and criminalize even asking questions.  What a dead give-away that is. Their actions seek to mask a pitiful fraud. The world's biggest lie. And all those billions of lovely dollars in 'reparations'.

Mammon. Their only God.

I read the British Talmudic 'Daily Tale', and day-after-day, some Zionist teenager in the News Room pens absurd homages to the survivors of the Holocaust. All the world's 'leading lights & Royalty' will also gather and solemnly 'remember' the 'six million'.

It makes me both sad, and worry, that this world is being flooded with a terrible, Demonic Darkness. That hates the light, and those who shine it.  

Please feel free to lecture me, if you think I'm sadly misguided.

I remember my former state of innocent bliss was much more comfortable.  The way back, however?

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