On Parasitic Marxism

Posted on November 16, 2019

On Parasitic Marxism

There is a huge, ongoing problem with regards to the parasitic invasion of Marxism (overt, or prettily dressed up & disguised) into movements that nominally or fundamentally espouse Patriotic, Ethnic Nationalism.
A true Patriot is proud of his unique culture, and zealously protective of the defined boundaries of his ancient ancestral homelands.
The Marxist on the other hand seeks to blur & mock those unique cultures and boundaries, as a prelude to doing away with them entirely.
Marxism is fundamentally incompatible with our aims to honor and cherish individual Liberty, and safeguard the independent Nation States.  Yet we see their undermining, parasitic influence at work all the time, hijacking noble causes, and even -outrageously- laying claim to the words and deeds of long dead founding patriots.  
(Which patriots, incidentally, if they could speak, would furiously demur).
Why is this parasitism?
In part, because of the weakness of Patriots, who fail to recognize the snake.
In part, because Marxism is a glue trap for trendy, lightweight fools, who don't want to take the time & trouble to do the research. Study. In a few simple answers, they have their one-size-fits-all world view. And now, our comrades are built up to a sense of Narcissistic grandeur,  able to go forth, unaware of their puppet status of (expendable) 'useful idiots'.

Patriots, beware.

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