Voices, crying, in the Wilderness?

Posted on November 13, 2019

Voices, crying, in the Wilderness?

(The individuals don't matter. The voices, crying in the wilderness, set against already burning cities, and rumors of wars… do)

Voice 1:  

"One day you are going to die and you're going to wish you spoke your mind and lived an authentic life…

You won't care what people thought of you.

You won't care about your little failures.

You won't care about looking silly.

You'll wonder what impact you left on this world."

(someone shouts from the shadows:  "As far as the Bible is concerned "White Men" are the ONLY HUMANS down here! So there is no harm to our Souls for defending and claiming our HERITAGE! Bi-Pedal Beasts of the field are of no concern, just like vermin!")

Voice 2:  

The older I've gotten (and, admittedly, uglier), I've moved away from a ME-Cosmos-centered approach. There ain't sh*t revolving around me. I'm quite content to see myself as a tiny (albeit noisy) grain of sand, on the long beach of Life. I don't think the ego means much. It's only as part of a movement, a groundswell, that we can hope to make a difference.

With that comes a certain quiet peace. Meaning, I won't change the world on my own. Plus, my existence is a hiccup in Time. A tiny sigh, in the Storm of Life.

A single tear, in the river of Experience.

I don't find that depressing, or discouraging. On the contrary. It's liberating, because it's the quiet truth.

Hence, saying what I think (sometimes being quite wrong, called out, and frankly admitting it) doesn't worry me in the slightest.

So, to answer your final sentence:  it doesn't matter what impact lowly "I" (moi, dufus) have on this world. We may safely assume:  none.

But as part of a growing ripple, a groundswell of Good & Kind, well meaning people?  I'd like to think I could be 'part of' something gentle, yet firm, Compassionate, yet strong.

Something quietly 'good', that will last, and be handed down, eventually, to a wiser, kinder, more understanding race of men.

Voice 1:

That is nice…but.. The circle is closing. Darkness is closing in once again.

Western Man had a short period of freedom, had a period of prosperity. We came out of centuries of absolute rule by people who considered us nothing more than backwards peasants. By revolution & sheer will we overthrew that ..but.. misled by (here I could name them, but its contentious, so no matter) an 'elite' we again face slavery, this time of a far worse kind. We face a tyranny of a kind never before imagined. We again live in a civilization where the average youth cannot consider getting married, cannot consider raising a family & we are subjected to the will of a few handfuls of obscenely wealthy billionaires who hate us.

This 'society' that is being imposed on us cannot be resisted by a compassionate, good & kind, understanding race of men. No, this evil oligarchy must be rejected & destroyed by fierce, brave men of conviction. Men who are not afraid to sacrifice everything for their freedom. Men who will not be compassionate, but who will remove, burn & obliterate it by whatever means necessary, & by whatever means they have at their disposal.

Only then can we reflect & perhaps because of this become wiser, more resolute but above all more steadfast in guarding our freedom.

(multiple angry voices from the shadows:

  "when in a fight if not willing to go all the way you will get your ass kicked!",

   "I am on Board but Only if you are talking about Brethren!!")

Voice 2:

1)  Do not be fooled, by the meek guise of the wandering-wondering, airhead-poet.

I wanted to take away your slight emphasis (so it seemed) on our -individual- importance. As individuals, we don't matter. As a wave, rising, that's how I see it.

2)  Next, I am not unfamiliar with the exercise of lethal force. And the tools and mindset required therefore. Let's leave it at that.

3)  I have said, many, many times, that SO many people ONLY respect strength and/or P-A-I-N.  Everything else is misinterpreted as weakness, and an open invitation to take full advantage thereof. This sad aspect of human nature is essentially denied by wet-behind-the-ears, lovely Liberal Utopian theoreticians.

Their instant outrage reflects not their claimed superior intellect, or mores. It reflects their arrogance, their lack of wounds, battle scars, and comrades lost.

All of which is to say:  "Gear up, men. Fight coming."

4)  Why not name them? The enemy?  Because it's 'contentious'? Meh. It's also essential, bud.  I name them, all the time.


I suspect they are, however, merely the physical manifestation of the Dark Demonic.  That hates Man, more than we can even begin to understand.

Voice 3:

You sell yourself short.  We all make impacts.  We shape those around us, and they shape us.  It's a monumental thing to be a small part of, but in being a part you become the monument.

Voice 2:  

True. Important, as well. But note, we do not SEEK the monument, like so many (shamelessly) do. (that's my whole point above).

We seek the WAVE.

Voice 3:

Seek or not, we are its constituency.  Whether beneficent or malignant is of course up to the individual.  Social cohesion is what will help build your wave.  Discordant voices in a choir will sow confusion, but voices raised as one, or as many in harmony will ultimately create a mighty wave.

Voice 2:

I agree.  

I feel more and more that Washington's uni-party is (with a few notable exceptions) overwhelmingly aligned as one, to cheat, bamboozle, mislead and transparently deceive We, the People. To crudely enrich themselves, and their cronies. To bask in the limelight, virtue strutting and drama queen-ing, all delivered from the haughty, snotty, condescending, nose-in-the-air hauteur of a sense of career entitlement.

They despise us. Their transparent lies prove it. They don't CARE anymore that we KNOW. There is no greater contempt from the direction of 'career Government', for We the People.

I hope to live to yet see that mighty wave clean out the putrid swamp.  

Words alone won't achieve that.

Voice 3:

Indeed not.

Voice 1:  

This is more like it. I agree totally, so much so I could have written it myself.

Its the theme of a lot of stuff that I post, just in smaller, bite size chunks. There is a growing sentiment that reflect this in the dissident right. It just needs to be expanded & it will take root & bear fruit.

When it kicks off & it will, we need to be prepared & ready in our own locations & in our own countries to begin the fight. We must not make the mistake of all gathering in one area but instead tie down the resources in many areas so that all countries are contending with their own insurgency & cannot bring a concerted coalition to defeat us.

I'm not sure how prepared the UK is but the US, France, Germany, Spain, even Italy, Netherlands & Scandinavian countries are on the brink. This unrest must spread throughout Europe so that the undecided can sit up & realize something is happening.

This will be a long slow war, but it is one we will win. I have no doubt about it.

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