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Posted on November 4, 2019


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I will tell you this, all through our conversation, you were really open-minded, and stayed throughout the entire time, rather than blocking me,
which is totally unusual for Christians, in my experience, whenever I share these things with them they come back with foul languages or just block me even without a conversation.

A very recent example, I never knew who is this @RetiredNow, but I think you tagged this user in our conversation, I never even spoke to this user, but it seems she got my message and blocked me even with giving any counter-argument.



Francis Meyrick
Posted in The Coming European Civil War(s)
@LordBalfour @RetiredNow

I get that a lot. From many people. For many years.
The possibility exists that maybe I'm 'open' just because I'm a gormless simpleton.
I'd like to think (cough) it's not that.

At some level, I'm very comfortable in my skin. Meaning, I am oddly grounded on certain core beliefs.  
1)  Life is short. Death stalks us. Constantly.
That's okay. It's the way of the world.
If you ever read my stories “Eyes of Dead Man” (on www.chopperstories.com) or “Running the Gauntlet”  (Blip on the radar series) you'll probably see I had no illusion how serious a deadly pickle I was in. With it comes a quiet acceptance of the way my life will end one day. No problem, hopefully it's just a door, I shall noisily kick in.
But here's the point:  I suspect THIS existence is just a small ante-room of a very big palace. A waiting room, or a coat room.  Why should we lie, dissimulate, pretend, crave being 'right' or 'block' those who disturb the peace of our musings?
I don't see it that way. I see my thinking essence as a work-in-progress, a sculpture of sorts, and the chisels and hammers and drills and sand paper, and All-sorts-of-painful-stuff, that comes raining down on top of me… is what makes the sculpture.
Welcome, hammer!  Welcome, chisel!

At boarding school, we were taught debating. Same topic, one week, argue this side. Next week, argue the OTHER side. Guess who was the school debating team captain. No greater giggle than having fellow students afterwards openly grumble, and wonder how the bloody hell I convinced them my side was RIGHT, two weeks running.

2) I am utterly convinced of the existence of much that is beyond our immediate view. Hidden from us. The spiritual, the demonic.


3)  If I'm WRONG on 2), then that's fine too. Then we just have to pick up the fallen pieces of my fine theory, accept that 'no help is coming from outer Space', move on, and try and figure out how mere MAN, on his humble own, poor fellow, can best approach the mammoth task of running this beautiful, breath taking little planet, kindly and well, for future generations to enjoy.

So, I have no axe to grind. I'm open to your hammer & chisel.
My thoughts are often:
“Oh, good. A well articulated, opposing view. Yummy. Let's see what he/she has to say…”

Running the Gauntlet

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