How long will I love you

Posted on October 31, 2019


How long will I love you

      Thoughts, of no particular significance, sometimes, just flow. Harmlessly.
Very gently, unforced, with no hidden agenda. Seeking no reward. Or recognition. Like raindrops, working their way, patiently, zig-zagging, down a large window pane. Occasionally bumping into one another, and then, suddenly, skooting along hurriedly for a while.
Above us,the thunderstorm moves on. The sound grows less. The intensity of the lightning, still seen, grows dimmer. But the raindrops, on the window pane, mosey on, obeying only their own sense of direction. Following invisible, crooked pathways.
       My simple thoughts, too, careen along, unstoppable, bouncing off others. Sometimes moving more quickly, because of an unexpected encounter or input. Other times, seemingly arrested, my  thunks stall out, waiting. For the next. Thunderstorm.

       I am struck today, not by lightning, but by the sense of different perspectives. As I dream, or move in a reverie, I gaze down from one of my favorite perches. I'm just hanging out here, at about two Lunar Distances from Earth.  About half a million miles. I like it here, especially with my back towards the sun, so I am not dazzled by the brilliance. I just love watching planet Earth come gliding serenely along, with her companion Moon patiently doing the Lunar Slow Waltz.

I like reflecting on seven billion minds, sprawling everywhere on that Pale Blue Dot. With their passions, their jealousies, their hatreds and their obsessions. Their romances too, their great loves, for family and friends, their God or Gods, their music and their song.
It's hard to imagine them all, sharing that brilliant pale blue orb, sometimes peacefully, more often not.

I like reflecting on Time.
Thinking about the age of the Moon helps me a lot. You see, it is thought that the moon was once closer to Earth, and, from observation, we know the Moon is slowly moving further away. This is happening at the smoking rate of 3.8 centimeters per year. The conundrum here is that opinions vary. Some say the Moon in the Precambrian Era was only about 215,000 miles from Earth. That would have been a short while ago. About 2,500 million years Before Present Time. Calculations along those lines would mean the Moon was not 4 billion years old, as held by some. It would actually be just a cheeky young squirt, about 1.5 billion years old. Fancy that. Oh, and don't forget, it is predicted that the lunar distance will continue to increase until (in theory) the Earth and Moon become tidally locked. This would occur when the duration of the lunar orbital period equals the rotational period of Earth. The two bodies would then be at equilibrium, and no further rotational energy would be exchanged. However, models predict that 50 billion years would be required to achieve this configuration, which is significantly longer than the expected lifetime of the solar system.

Fifty. Billion. Years. To wait.

I guess I'll just hang out up here a while longer.

And marvel.

The way I do.

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