Making whoopee on GAB

Posted on October 8, 2019

On GAB.COM you can always find the derelicts, making whoopee and holding forth. Good fun.

Biela Rasa@bielarasa said, speaking to Johann Cater @Titanic_Britain_Author

“One of the least talked about Scientific facts is Bell Theorem or Non-Locality of the Universe. It has been tested by the “Aspect Experiments' yet Scientists don't want to accept it in their heads because it clearly demonstrates that there is a God and he is in control. When they discovered the Higgs Boson, they said there was an error because some Photons arrived at the destination before they left the point of origin. God is not subject to Space and Time and all they want to do is ignore or explain away that their view of the Universe is no more than a description of an illusion. They miss the point that God does not have to comport to human understanding. When he demonstrates this, they ignore it.”

Johann Cater @Titanic_Britain_Author replied, quite reasonably i.m.o.:

“A lot of very weird things happen at quantum level. Particles appear to come out of nowhere and then disappear. A particle can be in two places at once. Effect comes before cause. Particles appear to know in advance that they're being observed and change what they do. Paired particles act in unison even if physically separated by 1000s of miles. All this points to the existence of other dimensions they can access that we can't, not necessarily to God.”

And then some derelict vagabond that the cat dragged in, stuck HIS oar in, uninvited. Three guesses who, eh?

“Entertaining exchange between you two guys.
I agree with Johann that it does not necessarily point to God, and that it could point to the existence of multiple universes, extra dimensions, etc.
One can add that many suggest the field of mathematics point to the mathematically-possible existence of ten to eleven dimensions.
Open mind is good.  But…
Nonetheless, for my grubby money, @bielarasa nails a tendency of Arrogant Man very well. Arrogant Man's foolish pride, where he sets out with the preconceived idea that there is no God, hell no, and simply flat out & pompously IGNORES anything that disturbs or threatens that pre-erected temple of human prejudice & obstinacy.
Small example:  how many people totally ignore the fact that the moon perfectly eclipses the sun?  I mean just spot-on perfect, thus permitting truly wonderful observation from the Earth? Most everybody! But the chances of that happening? Absolutely minuscule. As I understand it, no other moon in the solar system comes anywhere close.
Sure, it doesn't prove the existence of God. But I strongly, strongly, bordering on certainty, suspect the existence of a Good God, who is not devoid of a mischievous sense of humor.   I suspect it would be just like HIM, to have placed the moon beautifully where he did, knowing full well Arrogant Man would pooh-pooh that as just a freak chance.  
I'll be amused if one day we found out that HE was at it again with all the weird stuff that happens at the quantum-level. Basically, pardon my descent into the vernacular,  “f**king with our tiny minds”.  Knowing full well that no matter how much He produces 'clearly observable' evidence of His Wonders in this world, just like the scorned Bible says, that all these silly little critters with their puffed up opinions will mock anything that doesn't fit the preconceived disdain they have for anything that challenges their vastly overblown opinion of their personal (cough) exalted knowledge & WORTH.  
I'm a nobody, guys, no authority, and certainly no fount of wisdom or claimed insight. But from where I'm sitting, and dragging on a weary cup of coffee, first thing in the morning? I'll bet you we are just tiny match sticks, full of our own 'light', trying to explain away the star Betelgeuse as nothing but a blip.
Mud worms, arrogantly peering through the fog, bumping our gums about things we know absolutely nothing about.   
I'll just quietly say my prayers. And marvel.
One day, I hope to find out for sure, that which I strongly suspect, bordering on absolute certainty, to be true.

Buckle up chaps. It's gonna be a helluva ride.”

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