JOT this down # 2 (Kalergi Waltz)

Posted on September 25, 2019

Posted in The Holocaust – Fact, Fiction, or a Mix of both?
JOT this down:      #2   (Kalergi Waltz)

JOT zones ('Jew Occupied Territories') are many.  Some are subtle, and others are more brick-in-your-face variety. Ask the poor Germans.

The brick-in-your-face ( & stomp on your spectacles) variety is typified by the BRAZEN Kalergi Waltz. The unabashed Jew-strutting that takes in the European (cough) 'Parliament'.  (Read: Seat of the Exalted Mighty). Flipping us, the common plebs,  the middle finger would be superfluous. They are giving it to us anyway, and not just the finger maybe. I mean, Holy Moly, check out this article:


This bit will give you a taste:

“Incredibly, one-third of all Members of the European Union (MEP) are paid directly by George Soros Open Society Foundations. Still think your votes matter, think again as your votes are worthless against George Soros Euros, which you in the event pay anyway. Enjoy the pantomime.”

Just look at the photo. When George Soros, widely REVILED by Native Europeans, the man most likely to be wished an acute case of chronic diarrhea by the Working-Man-in-the-street, can coolly pomp around like he owns the joint, (he is, admittedly, well on his way) and be photographed with (hic!) gimme-another-shot Juncker, like they are about to get married. Optics? They don't care! Brexit vote? Democracy? It's all a sham! The European Seat of the Exalted Mighty has long since gone JOT.  Jew Occupied Territory. That's if it ever wasn't, eh?  They want YOU to feel despair. To give up. Surrender. Will you? I think not.

But clearly, we need to turn it up a serious notch.  I predict once-peaceful folk are sharpening pitch forks. Looking up recipes for fertilizer bombs.
Getting, really, really mad.

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