JOT this down #1 (Brontosaurus)

Posted on September 25, 2019

JOT this down:  #1  (Brontosaurus)

Of all the 'Jew Occupied Territories' (and there are many) the Media JOT is really vexing to those of us who:
*** value the Truth,
*** love our race, and
*** wish to proudly cherish our traditions and
*** our ancient ancestral homelands.

The endless warm propaganda pap that gets shoveled down our gagging throats,  alternates only with discourse that is so inane, so off-the-wall contrived, that many objects have been flung through TV screens. Accompanied by much uncouth, indiscreet screaming. Not to mention fifty caliber bullets. I GAVE my TV's away. My sanity was on the line. Between the garish advertisements (white girl, randy black stud, ooh-la-la, much fukky-fukky happiness) and the illogical plot lines (White man always dumb, Brown man WAY-much smarter) , and the screamingly one-sided political indoctrination  (Democrats pure as the driven snow, Orange Man bad, White Man even more wicked, Religion dead, greed is good, Jews love you, sea levels rising – pay lots more taxes or die) …. between all that garbage, I quit watching. My house is somehow much more peaceful, without all the sound effects. Good thing nobody ever recorded me in full song, rendering gentle admonitions to the TV screen.
“Maxine! You daft, ugly, corrupt BITCH! F**k off! Shut up! Drop dead!”
“Pelosi, does us all a favor! Go and DIE! Screaming!  I know your plastic surgeon will go bankrupt, not to mention your local liquor store, but WHO CARES?? Croak, baby, CROAK! FFS.”
(dog hides under bed)
“Damn and HELL, Donald! Less yarmulke, and more WALL! I don't CARE who your daughter married, I don't CARE who bailed out your stinking casinos, I voted for a WALL, muthaf**ker! How long is that going to take? Three centuries or a millennium? My grandkids are going to be drawing what's left of Social Security, enough for a flat beer, and your piddley short non-WALL-fancy-FENCE is going to be an object of Historical Comedy-hour BANTER! Who the f**k RUNS this country? Our President, elected by US the people, or the ever-hovering, shekel-shekel, Talmudic MAFIA?? Are you in their POCKET? Are they in BED with you? Is that them kissing you goodnight? On the lips? Where? Gawd! KICK 'EM OUT!!”
(Whining noise from under the bed)

Ah. Peace in the house. No TV.
(Happy mutt, asleep on my lap)

It follows that the only avenue I see open to us Trouble Makers, is a Free and Open Internet. If that gets robbed out from under us (and they are trying MASSIVELY hard), we are going to be up sh*t creek. Never mind the paddle. Where's the bloody CANOE?
I believe we should fight tooth-and-nail to preserve the Internet. And we should build up many, many more subversive gofer holes. Shut one down? Up pops another. Shut that one down? Guess what?
Another Mastodon, Gab type, Caddyshack style, gofer hole thing, anti-shut-down device,  can be set up starting at only $299 a month. So says Master Rob at Epik. He should know. He knows the tech blarney.  

I don't have the hoompah-hoompah, tech savvy, bells & whistles who-is-your-Daddy knowledge, and I can't tell a 'Mastodon instance' from a Brontosaurus with screaming-hot-trots indigestion, but I can be relied upon to annihilate any innocent keyboard with a constant flood of verbal Semtex.  

I might just be the man to help a syndicate of like-minded souls, to get another Save-the-Internet Brontosaurus off the ground.

And charging.

I know. There goes the China Shop.

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