I'm an IDJOT – mock me

Posted on September 24, 2019

I'm an IDJOT – mock me

I sense that to some, I'm an i-d-i-o-t.
Actually, {they} make no bones about it. And sometimes, call me worse.
I can't say much sleep (a fleeting commodity, anyway) is ever lost over it.
I am aware, without caring much, of their rabid disapproval.
From their lofty peacock perches, supremely comfortably ensconced, they heap odium upon my head. And mock, my humble writing.
I cater not to the masses. I seek no approval. I seek the ONE voice, full-on from the peanut gallery, who can arrest my headlong race, and garner, my full, humble attention.
I don't care if I'm wrong. I care it be pointed out.That way, lies progress.

So correct me, Master? If I speak foolishness?

You see, friend, along the way, much, in the way of illusion, has been discarded.
Unnecessary burdens, weighing the dusty pilgrim down.
Wealth and property, off-to-the-side.
As long as I have survival basics, I'm good. Body and soul united.
I laugh. In a short while, as the Universe revolves, we are ALL long forgotten. A puff of wind. A small pebble on a beach. An exhausted ripple, coming, inevitably, ashore.
A tadpole, darting feverishly, in a small, cloudy pond.

Let no man attribute to himself such. We know nothing. Nothing, I say. Better a dry morsel, and happiness therewith, than a house full of sacrifices, with strife. Wisdom is judged by others. And, more succinctly, by the heavens, if they care.
I say, at this point in my journey, with knurled staff in hand, and blistered feet, that I have at last reached a small, rocky outcrop. It is windy here, cold sometimes, but I have a view. I can see some, if not all, my trail below. Winding, often crooked, through many a confusing fog. Past robbers, bandits, and many madmen.
But here I am, gratefully breathing in lung fulls, feeling alive. Above me towers the dark mountain, its top hidden in restless clouds, darting across a turgid sky. How high it goes, and how much further my journey, I have long since accepted as unknowable. As long as my feet can lift themselves forward, and my face can set itself against the hail, I am content.  
Am I an idiot?
Others may judge. And often do. But I affirm that I am, most definitely, an I-D-J-O-T.
An Idjot?
Because, my friend, (or my enemy), I have slowly (reluctantly) learned what did not come naturally. I have learned, sadly, to loath and detest.
I-D. I-Detest.
A pity, indeed, to have such feelings.
(An acid may destroy any container that tries to hold it. I remind myself of that constantly. I am at pains to take Time out, to admire and enjoy the magnificent works of the Creation. Which the Creator, in his wisdom, I submit, has made obvious to Man).
But I also, sometimes, have to leave the Mountain. The forest, and the sunset. The quiet, and the dreams. The visiting,soft memories. The old hand, still felt, on my shoulder.
Sometimes, I must slum it down in the noisy city. Gasp, not just on the fumes and noise, the rush and the lack of care. The inhumanity and the foolish ways. But choke, eyes bulging, despairingly at times, on the rabid worship of Mammon.
I detest.
Detest what?
I-detest what I see, and sense. The results of War, and massively unjust Peace.
In three words: The Jew Occupied Territory. J-O-T. Their unjust spoils. In their home country, and in every unfortunate nation where they plant their insidious viper nests.
In Commerce and Banking, Media and Movies, in Pornography and Filth, in Usury and Exploitation, in Pedophilia and blatant Cover Ups, in Political Murder and Mayhem.
Time and Time again. The trail leads unerringly back to the Jew. From the Lavon Affair to the US Liberty, from the World Trade center onward to the next False Flag Pearl Harbor. Where millions will die.
Can sordid facts be anti-Semitic?

I Detest all the Jew Occupied Territory.And I don't just mean lands.
It makes me a determined I-D-J-O-T.
According to the Diaspora Affairs Ministry's statistics, there are currently ONLY 14.4 million Jews in the world, with 6.3 million in Israel and the rest spread out over the globe.
Yet, like ravenous beasts, they have hurled themselves onto and into every pore and fiber of Western Man. And worse, his Value System and once-rich Spirituality. They, so stunningly few in number, have done more to warp & pervert, ridicule and devalue, mock and minimize, the spiritual Life of Billions, than any other human conspiracy.
The distorted values this world overwhelmingly holds dear today, have little to do with what native populations once wanted. Or previously held for self-evident.
And everything to do with the systematic brute imposition by the genetically ruthless Talmudic Mafia, of their perverted, rancid, coarse wishes.

And theirs alone.

They are carnal, they are infinitely greedy. They are roaring, staggering drunk with power, soaring arrogance, and they utterly despise everybody else. They are sly and sneaky. They have spoiled much, that was once so beautiful. Germany for one must not perish! The British people voted for Brexit! The ordinary people of Europe were never consulted, they do not want the invasion! But the diabolical Jewish wrecking ball, well lubricated, even now, cynically, takes aim yet again.
The Jews have stoked wars, financed wars (both sides) and prolonged wars. They have murdered tens of millions in cold blood. Their blasted 'Balfour declaration', far from a venerable icon, is a vile Judas document, dripping in more innocent BLOOD. No pieces of silver come even CLOSE to the price that was paid there.
Yet they have the gall, the unspeakable NERVE, the chutzpah, to claim waaaaaah…! VICTIMHOOD?
And the German people, so terribly wronged themselves, STILL give THEM Billions of reparations?? And the Jew-owned American Congress SLAVISHLY gives them whatever they demand…?
Jew Owned, did I say?  JEW-ISH+++  Dual Citizens my hairy elbow.
Bah. Only the Jew.

I see it now. Reluctantly. I was a slow learner. Too trusting.

But what once is seen, cannot be unseen.

I am, officially, an IDJOT.

Mock me. Or join me.

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