Holocaust Diary ‘First Solo’ Pt. 2

Posted on September 21, 2019

Holocaust Diary  Sept 21 2019  First Solo   Pt.2

So I’m quietly pondering the Auschwitz ‘mass homicide gas chambers’. And, specifically, the famous “holes in the roof, through which Zyklon B gas was poured…”
I’ve heard that one talked about a lot.
(Does that sound like typical German efficiency? I ask myself)  Let’s investigate.
To comes across as fair & balanced, let me first go to “Debunking Holocaust Denial”, (‘DHD’)(https://www.hdot.org/debunking-denial), and see what they have to say on the subject. Their website is one of the top search results, is translated into seven languages, and appears one of those highly regarded go-to authorities on all matters Holocaust.

Here you go:

“Precisely how and when the Final Solution (the murder of all the Jews under Nazi control) was decided is a matter of ongoing debate among scholars of the Holocaust. However, the process of turning Auschwitz-Birkenau into a systematic killing machine is well known. This process began in 1941 and proceeded through several stages. In late 1941, the morgue room in the Main Camp was converted into a small gas chamber. This was achieved by sealing the doors and creating holes in the roof, through which Zyklon-B was poured.[12] The small gas chamber in the Main Camp was used to murder the first Jews sent to Auschwitz from Upper Silesia, Slovakia, France, Holland, Yugoslavia, and the ghettos of Theresienstadt (ex-Czech lands), Ciechanow (Poland), and Grodno (then Poland, now Belarus).[13] The use of the crema/gas chamber building in the Main Camp was experimental. The Nazis discontinued use of this structure in fall 1942, when they shifted the killing activities to temporary facilities at Birkenau.[14]

By the end of 1942, the camp administration started converting Birkenau’s two large crematoria/morgue buildings (Cremas/Gas Chambers 2 and 3) into gas chambers. The Nazis undertook these adjustments to the crematoria in anticipation of a large influx of Soviet prisoners-of-war, which ultimately never materialized. The buildings are identical in design. In both, one morgue room was transformed into a gas chamber by cutting holes in the roof, through which Zyklon-B was poured…”

Pretty unambiguous, I’d say. They were killing hundreds of thousands of Jews by pouring Zyklon-B gas through holes they had punched in the roof. Right? Okay, so now, in a spirit of trying to be fair & balanced, what does the peanut gallery say? Let’s go to the ‘Holocaust Deprogramming Course’ (‘HDC’) for that.

There were “real gas chambers ” at all the camps. These chambers were not built, or used, to kill people, but were actually small, airtight chambers, usually no larger than big cupboards, in which prisoner clothes were deloused with Zyklon-B. Zyklon-B was used at the labour camps, not as a method of extermination but for the sake of maintaining hygiene among the inmates. It had been normal German technology since the 1920s. Typhus and dysentery were omnipresent problems at the camps where Zyklon-B was used as a disinfestant.

New arrivals would strip off their clothes and throw them into the Gaskammer, then have a shower and if lice was suspected they would have their hair shaved. After a couple of hours the clothes would come back, bug-free. This technology enjoyed two years of intensive use, from 1942, when the great typhus epidemics struck, until 1944, when DDT started to be used and largely replaced hydrogen cyanide for eliminating the body louse that bore the typhus pathogene. A typical gas chamber would have a floor-space of some five square metres. A disinfestation cycle could last from one to several hours, depending on whether it was just clothing to be deloused, or thick mattresses. The manufacturers were proud of their efficient and scientifically-designed functioning: “This design has the greatest significance on the mass application of hydrocyanic acid fumigation facilities for mass delousing since it is only with such an installation that dependable results can be achieved in unusually short periods. ”

What strikes me on reading this, is how very small (tiny) these delousing chambers are, and how obviously very sophisticated the technology is. There are many, many images available on our two Holocaust Rebuttal Sites (see www.holohoaxer.com). Now, if you CONTRAST that sophistication, with the picture of “holes crudely punched through the roof, through which Zyklon-B gas was poured”… then SOMETHING simply does NOT compute.

The allegation that these holes were (crudely) made by Russians, after the War, seems highly probable to me. Added to that, the famous chimney built after WW2, (that they forgot to even attach to the building) (can’t imagine the Germans overlooking that minor detail, somehow)
and I confess I do smell a rat. There is an aerial view of the (unattached) chimney on ‘HDC’ which I thought was really revealing. (Didn’t look like great brickwork either).
But what really impressed me was the really CRUDE holes punched through the ceiling. (down through which they allegedly poured Zyklon-B gas). Sorry, I don’t buy it. Those holes are just ‘props’ I submit. See what you think!

But I’m open to input. I might be severely misguided. Have at it.

I’m all ears.

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