Cosmic Wanderer Aug 26,2019 Kindness. Armed.

Posted on September 19, 2019

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Cosmic Wanderer   Aug 26, 2019

Kindness. Armed.

Kindness. It’s a great thing. I have many, many memories of kindness I have received from good and loving people. I’d like to hope I too, have contributed perhaps a tad, a wee bit, of loving, and care, and deep concern, to this blue dot, sailing through the black void.

But it’s not ‘kindness’ on my mind, as I try and arrange my thoughts -for what they are worth- for yet another scribble. It’s more the protection of that kindness. The nurturing of that kindness. The hardening of my heart, that has often taken place, without -I hope- long term, damaging effects.

I ponder this last paragraph. I believe it to be an accurate painting of the conundrum. You see, I can be a soft, sentimental, poetry-loving, box-of-chocolate gifting, love-sonnet-writing type of truly soppy lover. My website, and my books are full of such. Harmless, sweet, stupid, well-meaning. Idealistic. “Moggy’s Musings” has been cheered by family members as the best of the scraggy lot. I’m sure they are just humoring me. But you know what’s much harder to write about?

When it all-goes-wrong.

It sounds like a vain boast. A tough guy behind the keyboard. A cyber warrior. Also known as a bullsh*tter.  But the truth is I can be a cold bastard.  Very cold.

‘Lethal force’ and the ‘force continuum’ is a very in depth field of study. What is (fairly) clear is ‘when’ you can do ‘what’.   In the US. In Europe, well, that’s a whole different cluster f**k.

What is NOT so clear is what that exercise DOES to your heart.

Let me illustrate. I flew helicopters for many years for a company in Lafayette, Louisiana. A few miles North of their Head office, was a busy fuel station, where a bunch of our employees had been robbed. Or carjacked. Despite the security cameras.  It was for that reason, that I would go out of my way, to re-fuel there. You may ask why. Looking for trouble?

One night, past midnight, coming home from duty, I was half way through refueling my pickup, when a black gentleman, with a green camouflage army jacket, casually opened the front passenger door, and climbed in. Hoodie, of course. He closed the door, and made himself comfortable. I calmly finished fueling. Some other black gentlemen lurking in the shadows, watching. O-kay….

He turned to look at me, as I opened my door. And looked straight down the barrel of a Glock 23.  Forty cal. Hollow point. What turned him a pale shade of black, was not so much the unwavering muzzle. It was the quiet voice. And the cold, stone cold eyes.

“Take your hands out of your pockets, VERY slowly, where I can see them, and get OUT.”

He KNEW if he didn’t do exactly as I said, he WOULD be dead.
And I KNEW too, he WOULD be dead.

He started stammering about needing a ride, and paying me for it. He saw the eyes, and knew better. He scarpered. So did his buds.

That’s America. And that right is under threat with us.


Europe is F**KED UNLESS… citizens can carry again.


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