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Posted on September 19, 2019

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Cosmic Wanderer    Aug 22, 2019

On Gentle People

I love gentle people.

The soft spoken types, who somehow instantly convey a quiet, mellow sensitivity to another’s feelings. So often they are good listeners, very patient, and have this knack of using very few words to -exactly- nail the truth. My maternal Irish Grandfather, Francis ‘Frank’ Meyrick, was secretary of Agriculture of Ireland. He died when I was small, but I will always remember his huge library. And his surprised, but amused reactions, as i would come rocketing down the polished banisters. I would ambush him, whizzing past him unexpectedly, and there was never a frown.
I once accidentally jumped on his tummy, while he was taking an afternoon nap. There was this pronounced, raw, gasping-strangling sound, as he had the wind battered out of him, and I ran like stink out of the room.  “Bother. Now I’m really in TROUBLE”, I knew.
My Mum would not be pleased.
I waited for Mum’s lecture, which never came. And by and by, I figured out that the Old Boy had never even snitched on me.
Uncle Meyrick was quietly famous for all sorts of things, from preventing foot and mouth disease in Ireland, to meeting Mussolini. To not snitching on mischievous and over-active little boys. He made a huge impression on me, and his reported death bed, sighing farewell:  “We know nothing” has somehow stayed with me all my little, roaming Life.
We know nothing?  From the lips of that white-haired guru? Wow.

But maybe we just don’t. Maybe we delude ourselves with our perceived understanding. As those of us who are Christians, ponder our Faith -and Trust- in that which guides our lives, this renegade often cross examines himself.

Do I really have any clue what in-cotton-pickin’-tarnation I’m dealing with? Or Who?
And I close my eyes, and try and get out of the starting gate, on my ambitious quest to (you know) fathom the Creator of the Universe.  A million years to Him, is like a few days? He can keep track of seven billion minds, and seven billion beating hearts?  And, just for a cheeky encore, keep track of the (dwindling) numbers of hairs on my head??

“Hey, Holy Dude. Who wants YOUR job??”

Throw in a few billion stars, lots of planets that need keeping in their track, or maybe, hell, a few billion parallel alternative Universes?
Okay, I give up already.

God… is amazing.

I ponder this simple conclusion, as befits a simple mind, and then I ponder the famous “What if” question. “What if Holy Dude ain’t?”

We, simple things, would have to soldier on as best we could. Maybe invent one. A false Holy Dude, but nonetheless some belief that keeps everybody in order? Or just US down, and the tiny THEM on top.

It’s been tried. A lot. It’s being tried today. What was the definition of insanity again? Keep on trying the same failed experiment, using the same proven false assumptions, hoping it will turn out all right in the end?

I love gentle people. And the gentle, musing, soft pondering of warm,

beating hearts.

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