Cosmic Wanderer Aug 19, 2019 Spit, hiss & Sputter-in-the-Dark

Posted on September 19, 2019

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Cosmic Wanderer    Aug 19,2019

Spit, hiss & sputter-in-the-Dark

For as long as I can remember, people who confidently claimed to ‘know’ God, and ‘know the will of God’, and who seemed to get that dangerous, fanatical glint in their eye, well, they made me nervous. It’s back to that matchstick-pondering-a-supernova problem. How the f**k can a match stick even BEGIN to comprehend the red Giant Betelgeuse going super nova?  Let alone confidently describe the nuclear & sub atomic details? A MATCH stick? A spit-hiss-sputter in the Dark? Here-one-second and gone-the-next? And that big Betelgeuse basket has been around for MILLIONS of years? And that’s just ONE star? And there’s Billions of GALAXIES out there? And this cocky MATCH STICK is going to explain, in 30 minutes, neatly and succinctly, how it all works? ‘Cos he’s got a book?
How many times have I listened to some bombastic preacher, all a-hammering and a-thundering, building himself up into a right uptight tizzy, and had these sneaking questions nibbling at the back of my mind? I mostly kept them to myself. But then, the next week, or the next Bible study group, there he’d be off again, hammering at some verse or chapter, presenting himself as sitting at the right hand of God.
And, I confess, it would tick me off. So sometimes I’d start an argument. Just to try and wipe that smug, judgmental, superior smile off his face.

I sigh. Hell, the quarrels I got into. What was I driving at?  I, the outcast, who shocked many a congregation?
I think it’s the sense that there is something around us, that is SO huge, SO massive, so jaw dropping, so breath taking, that it should move us to Quietness, not bombast. Move us to Silence, not Noise. Make us aware of our tiddley matchstick status, not fill us with hey-ho, I-know-God, and if you just all listen to ME, you TOO can sit on the right hand of God! (Below me, of course)

I keep thinking “we know nothing.”   And that thought is an immediate causal factor that inevitably leads some religious Gigolo jumping up, waving the Bible at me, and yelling that HE knows it ALL, ‘cos HE’S GOT THE BOOK.

Dude. I’ve got the b*stard too. I’ve read it. many times. And I still think we know nothing.

On our tiny match-stick quest, we are entering a Great Hall. It is empty, and our foot steps echo eerily. The hall stretches for miles in all directions. Black-and-white square tiles. High ceilings.

Just the echo of our own small mind.

Pondering.  Groping. Searching.

I shall not preach. I shall not shout. I shall not pretend I know something that you do not.

I shall be quiet.

And, breathlessly…


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