Cosmic Wanderer August 8th, 2019 "The Sink"

Posted on September 19, 2019

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Cosmic Wanderer  August 8, 2019

The Sink

If you hunt around Gab, not even that hard, you can always find interesting-stimulating ‘thinks’, and even quite different ‘thunks’. Thus, this morning, I find my tiny mind playing fluff-ball, & toying with the whole concept of ‘alienation’ of people. Fill in the causes, of course. Better have a long piece of paper.
To me, and I of course am a nobody, the concept of ‘balance’ often trundles through the dark & murky swamp, what I cheerfully pass off as my ‘mind’. Not that anybody is fooled.
The world quite fascinates me. I’ve seen quite a bit of it. Heli-whopper flown over lots of it too. But it can be like a plug hole. If you stand over the sink, and watch that drain… and imagine yourself going down it… you can slowly really get in to the going-down-the-drain bit. The room around you steadily disappears. The kitchen… disappears. Just that…awful…drain. Gurgling. Sucking you down.
And now. It’s Dark.

Bleh. Same with life. Yes, some stupid muther-Fufufu- (people) are always saying and doing the dumbest sh*t.  Truly, daft. Chucking young mothers and their children in front of oncoming trains. Politicians talking out of their…elbow. Demagogues stirring, pseudo-religious types bumping their gums, and lots of Allahu-Akbar and death to other Homo Sapiens. Shalom, Holohoax & Shekels.
A passing Space Traveler I’m sure would shake his head (or tentacles, whatever) and wonder what moronic race of sentient beings gets gifted such a NEAT planet, and promptly proceeds to make such a hulking big buldering MESS of it.  Humans, eh!

I, elsewhere, fulminate against it. I stand on my wobbly soapbox, and rabbit away with the best (or worst) of them. But my search for balance also (aha!) leads me to carefully back away from the stupid sink.  Now I can see the kitchen. The house. The paintings on the walls. The poetry books on the shelves. The sun outside. My daft pooch, Madame Lucy, noisily trying to…. hump the driveway??

There’s just a whole ‘nother world. A quieter place. Full of amazing vistas. And before you say, with a sneer, that I’m talking ‘escapism’ and ‘Denial of Reality’ let me suggest that many who live online, become alienated, embittered, radicalized, despondent… are maybe in far greater danger of falling into ‘Escapism’. And denial of Truth.

The truth, I submit, is that we are small creatures. Very limited in our knowledge and understanding. Mathematics suggests there are eleven dimensions. We simple ones only have access to four.
Many have long since gravitated away from anything spiritual. They are not interested. If it can’t be bought, sold, invested in, eaten, devoured, drunk, f*cked, or abused… no interest.

Others are gravitating back towards the spiritual. Faster, and faster. And there are many more of us, than the Jews-stream Propaganda & Indoctrination/Exploitation channels would ever lead you to believe.

I love the quiet Puzzling. The Search.


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