The Matchstick

Posted on September 19, 2019

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The Matchstick

You said:  “I am bitter.”

The Quiet Spirit, wandering around the dark planet, encountered a fervent, passionate soul, and smiled softly.
“And what are you”, he asked the Match Stick.
The Match Stick drew himself proudly up to his full height. All one-and-a-half inches.
“I am a Match Stick”, he intoned, solemnly.
“I strike a sudden, brilliant light in the Darkness, so everyone can see”, he added, importantly.
“Wow”, said the Quiet Spirit, keeping his face straight. “I’m very impressed”, he added, politely.
The Match Stick, suitably mollified, offered a faint trace of humility.
“Of course”, he said, “there are certain things even I do not fully understand, you know.”
“Really”, said the Quiet Spirit. “Such as?”
“Well”, said the Match Stick. “At night, when look up into the dark sky, I see this one really bright light. It’s just a tiny pin prick, among all the other dots. But I would really love to know what it was….”
He sighed, softly, and the Quiet Spirit was pleased to see his earnest longing.
“If you wish, Match Stick, I could take you there.”
“Oh, would you?  Really?  How would we travel there?”
“You may tuck under my wings, and we will be there in a jiffy. But close your eyes, for otherwise the journey might scare you.”
“Huh!”, snorted the Match Stick. But he eagerly crept under a wing. Shutting his eyes, just as a precaution.
There was a whoosh of sorts, a great strangeness, and then the Quiet Spirit murmured quietly:
“You can open your eyes now, slowly. It’s going to be very bright…”
The Match Stick did as he was told, and, astonished, he was silent for many minutes. Beneath his gaze, glowing fire danced in insane rivers. Whirlpools of incandescent heat radiated pure energy. What looked like entire continents of molten magma were in violent motion, alternatively expanding and contracting, and sloshing around. There were bridges of fire, and portals of fire. There were explosions that fired vast globs of burning matter out into the Universe.
The Match Stick was spellbound.
“What… IS it?”, he asked, at last.
“That is the star Betelgeuse”, the Quiet Spirit answered. “It’s a very large star, a red Super Giant, much bigger than your Sun. In fact, its radius is a thousand times bigger, and it puts out one hundred thousand times more light. It will go supernova in a very short while, maybe in a million years or so. Then it will be seen from earth, as bright as the moon in the sky…”
“Wow”, said the Match stick. “I feel very small.”
He thought for a while, and then said, sadly:
“My light is… nothing compared with that. The Time I go by, is nothing compared with that. My knowledge….”
He sighed.
“I don’t really know much.”
There was a long silence.
“Hell, I know nothing.”
The Quiet Spirit smiled to himself. And, protectively, tucked the Match Stick in closer under his wing.

For He, very simply.

Loved that little fellow.



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