Greetings, Pilgrim!

Posted on September 19, 2019


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Greetings, Pilgrim!

GAB seems to be gravitating from 'Topics' to 'Groups'. The advantages of 'groups' for sure are Mod ability to delete spam, porn, abuse, etc. The 'group' also implies people working together, problem solving, issue pondering, etc. That second aspect should be very much encouraged, I'm thinking.
So for a number of these reasons, and others, I'm going to set up a GROUP called “The Great Cosmic Kindness”. I'm guessing the TOPIC can stay as a collection of more serious, thought out, longer articles?  And GROUP can be more ideas-spouting, off-the-cuff, hey-ho-Silver and here we go…?
We'll see how it goes. Anything to stir the thunking process.
A fellow Gabber has pointed out to me something that resonates: people are often just not that really interested in…. what some of us are quite fascinated by. I know that can apply to a host of subjects, from the mating habits of the common earth worm, to the chemical composition of the blue glaze commonly found on fourteenth century Ming Dynasty porcelain. So, in trying to be just a tad more specific, let me suggest for your quiet deliberation this troublesome critter:
The Great Cosmic Kindness
And I sense the 'hidden eye' of many glazing over. Interest vam-mooshing. Oh, Lordie, he's a…. (fill in the label).
And that exactly is what kinda bugs me. There is a terrible tendency to want to stick labels on anything and everything and everybody. You can almost sense the clacking of the traditional mental mechanical typewriter… the label…. then the stuffing-into-a-dusty-drawer process. And…
The drawer slides shut. Amen. Onward to the next…
Yo! That's not thinking, brother! That's just taking the easy waltz around the ballroom. It's much more fun to stretch the emotional-spiritual elastic bands, twang 'em, let go, and see if you can bull's eye day-dreaming Theresa smack on the cheek. (and then run like heck).
So what is the Great Cosmic Kindness? I'm glad you asked. I dunno. Got some ideas. Which gives us a discussion maybe. And it's perfectly reasonable to propose that there is no such thing. Which is what I will do, mischievously, some of the time. Whilst at other times, volubly pointing out that not only does it exist, it's a really cool area for thunking.
People have often observed of my rambling verbal doodles, that they are infused with this-that-and-the-other. Yep, you guessed it: more labels.
I'm leery of labels. When people come marching along with “Laws”, I get a bit antzy. Learned, well studied, sincere folk have invested vast amounts of energy in an attempt to bring the esoteric down to simple laws for the ragged, unwashed plebs. Here's an example:

Law #18:  The Law of Intention
When we hold our intentions in the mind and our physical actions do not follow false impressions are created. By carrying out acts of kindness we are allowing ourselves to grow. Good intentions make a difference.

Sigh. You know, whole books have been written along these lines, whole schools have been set up, and whole legions of wonderfully sincere people have wonderfully followed in the steps of wonderful masters.
I'm… not one of them. Duh.
I'm the nut who spent night after night, for months (years) on end, lying on his back on the rubber float of his helicopter, just gazing up at the stars.
In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, far away from industrial and urban light pollution, the stars are beautiful. And our folly as men, and the scars we carry, is judged and condemned with a silent, unspoken, sad head shake, from a million tiny points of light.

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