Patriot's Diary 4/3/19 "Cotton Wool Christians"

Posted on April 14, 2019

Patriot's Diary  4/3/2019

Cotton wool Christians   

We seek the truth, to understand the world around us, and our humble role in unfolding events. I quietly marvel at the quiet realization that I have slowly come to the absolute conviction that the Bible is -simply- true. That's not to say that I don't often prefer the intellectual company of intelligent Atheists and Agnostics. Compared with an all too common form of Absent Christian. Absent from what?

The world, dammit.

I met one the other night. And I listened. And listened. And got to listen some more. As he revealed amazing knowledge of biblical verses, and an ability to quote from memory endless passages. I could agree with much that he said. How Fallen Man endlessly manages to dishonor his own mind, his own body, the Creation, and the Creator. From all manner of sexual and ethical perversions, to self mutilation, to reckless disregard for Nature, to a snooty, pseudo intellectual, curt dismissal of all that can not be easily seen, measured, and preferably, owned, bought, or sold. For profit. I could agree with him on the interpretation of much of Paul's writings. However, you know there is a 'but' coming, right?


How in f**k's name can you NOT even have HEARD of the New Zealand mosque massacre? And, when informed, casually dismiss it with a grand wave of the hand? How can you be totally disinterested in what is happening in Europe? What is happening in the US? The deliberate collapsing of the old Order, the systematic usurping of Power, the strategy of cynical flooding of voter boxes with known-to-be illegal votes? Driving licenses first, (for 'safety') and then the automatic enrollment as a voter? No border wall, just flood 'em all in, regardless of massive repercussions? In terms of crime, the dilution of Americans' votes, communicable diseases, pressure on welfare and housing budgets, to mention but a few crying concerns?

Answer: easy, it seems. Let's paraphrase the long sermon. That I listened to. In silence. (couldn't get a word in edge-wise, mate)

“I am saved. I love Jesus. Man's intellect means nothing. The mind of God is so far above the mind of Man, you can't even draw a comparison. I am saved. Are you? I have my doubts, Francis. You are working in the flesh. Out of your own efforts. relying on your own works. Are you saved?  Truly? Do you understand the blood on the cross? It's about time, you know! How old are you?”

The polite guest, I held my tongue. Maybe a benefit of age, scars, and some experience..What MIGHT I have said?

How about:

“Dude. Your mind is so far up in the clouds they need to place a warning on the aviation charts, in case some airliner full of passengers runs smack into your swollen head. Could be nasty. You are floating up there, deliciously saved, all wrapped in cozy white cotton wool. You are so securely comfortable, that you have disengaged from this world. Well, guess what. Some of us believe there is no glory, no purpose, no possible gain, from allowing ourselves to be steamrollered over. We see what will happen to our children and our grandchildren, if we just float about singing psalms. God gave us hands to offer our neighbor in peace, and a fist to clean his clock, and knock his lights out if he touches our daughter. God gave us compassion, for sure, but he also gave us courage and determination. I'm sorry, but I shall NOT go meekly into the night. I shall NOT sit idly by, and watch my ancestral homelands over run and destroyed, in the blink of an eye. By a diabolical three-way combination:

*** that alien, sick, genocidal, often brutish sham-religious cult of Islam,

*** a supporting element of International Talmudic Jewry, ranging from ruthless secular financiers to religious apocalyptic fruit cakes

*** an effeminate Home Front, full of Historically illiterate players, whose every 'pitifully naive' feel-good PC utterance makes us cringe. Get a GRIP.

I, wretch that I am, shall advocate for furious resistance. Intellectual, philosophical, and if necessary, militarily.

Let the paramilitaries, who we shall something else of course, (more nice), arise, re-arm, and prepare for what is obviously coming. Did you see the photos of those stockpiled weapons seizures in the German mosques? Never mind my etchings, wanna see my CNC computer-mill home manufactured fire arms?  

I think Jesus (remember the money-lenders in the temple?) will approve.

I'll bet my eternal life on it.”

Francis M.

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